Who Makes Urban Star Jeans (All You Need To Know)

who makes urban star jeans

Urban Star jeans are a specific brand of denim strictly for men. You can find them at all the usual retailers like Amazon, Costco, and Wal-Mart. Many reviewers attest to how they fit well, are comfortable and they’re quite popular.

Who makes Urban Star jeans? By all appearances, it looks like Urban Star is the manufacturer, with factories in Pakistan and the United States. However, it’s quite difficult to find out any detailed information about this company. In fact, you wouldn’t know it exists except for its popularity on major retailers.

Who Makes Jeans for Urban Star?

It would seem that Urban Star manufactures their own jeans from factories based in the United States and Pakistan. However, there is next to nothing in regards to detailed information. One thing is certain, Urban Star used to come from a Dutch Company called “Star Men” during the early 1980s.

The only thing we can find is a trademark filing. This indicates ownership belonging to Roadrunner Apparel, LLC., which is a Canadian clothing company.

For the jeans you can find detailed pictures for online, the tag inside indeed indicates Roadrunner Apparel, Inc. with the country of origin being from Pakistan.

But we cannot find any that say USA. There is an Urban Star Clothing in Florida, but nothing indicates a connection to the jeans or them having a Canadian partner.

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Roadrunner Apparel, Inc.

Once again, doing an independent search about Roadrunner Apparel brings another dead end to some degree. We know their headquarters are in Montreal, Canada.

They deal in the shipping and manufacturing of clothing for men, women, and children. Roadrunner Apparel has 17 employees and has been in business since 1982 with an official business listing in 1997.

It seems highly unlikely that 17 employees would be solely responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of millions of jeans with hundreds of different styles. Therefore, this leaves Pakistan and there are some concerning issues with this.

About Pakistan Factories

Pakistan’s second largest source of income derives from their massive textile industry, comprising almost 9% of the country’s gross domestic product.

They employ 15 million people and makes up about 70% of Pakistan’s exports. 20% of the textile workers produce garments for international consumption.

One of Pakistan’s largest exporters of jeans is the Denim Clothing Company. The problem with this is that the workers are subject to horrific labor conditions that include low wages, abuse, and exorbitantly long work days. They rarely get vacations and do not receive any form of health benefits.

The Denim Clothing Company

While we don’t know if the Denim Clothing Company is who supplies Urban Star jeans, they do supply denim fashions for global retailers like H&M.

As recently as 2021, workers protested their conditions, specifically at Denim Clothing Company. Since this is a major supplier for denim worldwide, it’s not a far stretch to think they also supply Urban Star.

When you visit the company’s sleek and modern website, they state how they care for their workers and make every effort to be sustainable.

But reports by Human Rights Watch claim otherwise. The Denim Company does not say to whom they supply specifically, but they do mention they ship to places like Toronto, Canada.

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Are There Any Other Brands of Jeans that Are More Transparent and Ethical?

In the event you don’t like the idea of wearing a pair of jeans with questionable practices, there are many other brands out there.

These are ethical and socially conscientious while also being sustainable and eco-friendly.

The following list indicates denim companies that procure men’s jeans in a reliable and trustworthy way:

  • Asket: 100% organic cotton with a focus on lowering CO2 emissions
  • Bassike Denim: made in Japan and dyed with natural indigo
  • Bluer Denim: made in the USA and offers a jean recycling program
  • DL 1961: a family-owned factory using several eco-friendly materials like, lyocell, lenzing, tencel, modal and refibra
  • E.L.V. Denim: uses recycled and unused denim from manufacturers around London
  • Everlane: High-quality, transparent and ethical jeans that are very affordable
  • G-Star Raw: dedicated to sustainable denim men love; 100% recyclable materials
  • Levi’s: they have very sustainable and innovative practices to produce great jeans for men
  • Mud Jeans: 100% post-consumer recycled jeans that many men swear by
  • Nudie Jeans: responsibly produced jeans with 100% pure cotton and jacron
  • Outerknown: coming from Saitex, a B Corp-certified factory in Asia, it comprises 100% cotton and offers a full lifetime guarantee
  • Outland Denim: comprising organic cotton from Cambodia with water and energy saving techniques
  • Patagonia: 100% pure organic cotton with a ledger of transparency throughout their process
  • Taylor Stitch: Sourced from Turkey using 100% organic cotton with minimal water, energy, and chemicals
  • Unspun: robotic manufactured jeans with cutting waste turned into home insulation


While we don’t know who specifically makes Urban Star Jeans, we do know Roadrunner Apparel, Inc owns the trademark.

This Canadian company sources their garments from Pakistan, as is written on the label of the jeans. So, it’s likely that they procure their jeans from The Denim Company, a Pakistani clothier.

However, we don’t know this for sure, it’s an educated guess based on the evidence we can find.

Regardless of The Denim Company, Pakistan is not transparent in their sustainable factory practices. So, if this is a concern for you, look into companies like Levi’s or Patagonia.




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