H&M Return Policy after 30 Days (What’s Covered + More)

H&M Return Policy after 30 Days

Do you know what H&M return policy after 30 days is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

H&M has decent clothing of reliable quality. But, sometimes we change our minds about certain garments and decide to return them. However, if it’s been longer than 30 days, you should understand what the procedure for that is.

So, what is H&M’s return policy after 30 days? According to the H&M return policy after 30 days, you can get an exchange. You cannot receive a refund or obtain a store credit. This is true for both in-store and online purchases.

Therefore, you will have to go to a brick-and-mortar H&M store to complete the transaction. Your best tip in this regard is hunt for an item online that you want to make for the exchange and physically go to H&M. The only catch here is that the replacement must be of equal or greater value.

What Is H&M’s Return Policy?

H&M has various return policies depending on if you buy your items online or in-store. What’s more, high fashion and designer items may fall under a completely different policy than the standard one.

Regardless, H&M reserves the right to refuse any return or exchange at any time.

Only Exchanges Outside 30 Days

However, for both online and in-store purchases, they will only honor an exchange outside the 30-day window.

They will not refund the money or give an in-store credit and they are firm on this position. H&M indicates that exchanges must be of equal or greater value.

Returns & Exchanges with Klarna Pay Later

Also, both ways of shopping with H&M offer Klarna Pay Later. For refunds made this way, you have to first report the return with Klarna on your account page. Your Klarna invoice will go on hold until the return is processed.

Klarna will then send a notification, and this may include a payment request if there’s a remaining balance.

Returns & Exchanges Made with a Gift Card

You will receive a new gift card for any refunds and exchanges made with an H&M gift card. In the event you combined your gift card with another form of payment, you will receive a refund first from your payment and then a gift card for the remaining balance.

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What is the Policy for In-Store Purchases at H&M?

H&M will accept returns and exchanges with an original receipt within 30 days of purchase for clothes, swimwear (as long as the hygienic seal is still on), and beauty products.

In the event you don’t have a receipt, all they’ll accept is an exchange for the last activity, sale, or current price depending on which is lowest.

Items Ineligible for Return or Exchange

They will not accept returns or exchanges for gift cards, fabric facemasks, undergarments or swimwear without the hygienic seal. Additionally, they will not accept a return by mail that you initially purchased in the store.

Conditions for Designer Items; Special Collections

In the case of designer items or special collections purchased in-store, they will accept the return within seven days of purchase.

But the items must be in mint condition, which means no washing, wearing or damage should be visible.

What is H&M’s Return Policy for Online Purchases?

You can exchange or return any online purchases in-store for free within 30 days. The acceptances and allowances for items are the same, however.

They won’t accept undergarments, or swimwear without a hygienic seal or fabric facemasks.

In-Store Returns

To make a return in-store with something you bought online, simply bring the e-receipt that came with your shipping confirmation via email. You could also bring the order form along. If 30 days have passed since you purchased the item, you will be eligible for an exchange.

H&M will issue your refund in the original form of payment, which will usually be a credit card. However, they will not refund shipping and handling costs.

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Certain Restrictions

You cannot return H&M’s line of home items in-store from an online purchase. Likewise, if you received items that were missing, damaged, or incorrect, you can’t bring them into the store. These returns must take place through the mail.

Making Returns via Mail

To make a return through the mail, you will have to initiate the return online through H&M’s “register a return” feature. But, these aren’t free, you will have to pay $5.99 for the return label. H&M will deduct this from your refund.

However, you can also use another carrier if you don’t wish to use USPS. You just have to provide a return tracking number for the package.

Also, if you do this, keep in mind they relinquish responsibility should the package get lost. This means you’ll have to get insurance or send it certified to ensure it gets there.

Once they receive your package, they’ll notify you via email. Also, you’ll be able to track your package through your account page.

The whole process usually takes about 14 days and then an additional five to seven business days to see the refund show up on your credit statement or bank account.

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If you want to make a return to H&M outside of their 30-day window, the only thing you can do is make an exchange.

You will have to do this in-store and it doesn’t matter if you made the purchase online or at the store. They are quite firm on their policy too, so you won’t be able to negotiate with a salesclerk.





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