H&M Return Policy in Store (Full Guide)

H&M Return Policy Store

H&M offers a wide variety of clothing and home products to fit any style or household. Sometimes, however, you get home and realize that something you bought doesn’t actually work for you after all. Time to go back to the store to make a return.

What do you need to know about H&M’s in store return policy?

You can only return products bought at a physical H&M store to any H&M store location. H&M does not allow in-store products to be mailed back to their returns department. Present your receipt with the unworn or unused item in its original packaging to receive a full refund in the form of tender with which you originally paid.

In this article, we will review whether or not H&M accepts returns without receipts and what products are not eligible for returns to H&M.

We will also cover how to return merchandise bought from H&M online and how many days you have to return purchases to H&M.

Can I Return Merchandise to H&M Without a Receipt?

H&M will accept returns without a receipt. However, you will not be issued a refund. Instead, you can make an exchange for any product that is of equal or lesser value than the last sale price of the originally purchased item. H&M may also choose not to accept a non-receipted return for any reason.

It is best to hang on to receipts, that way you can obtain a full refund in case you find that a product you purchased does not meet your needs.

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What Items Are Not Eligible for Returns to H&M?

Certain items cannot be returned to H&M for various reasons. Gift cards and final sale items are not eligible for returns because these items cannot be restocked and resold.

Other items that are ineligible for returns include those that may pose a health risk to future customers that may buy them.

These items include underwear, swimwear that does not still have the original hygienic strip in place, and face masks. Also, keep in mind that H&M can refuse to refund any purchase for any reason even if you have the receipt.

So do your best to keep your purchases as intact as possible so that there is little chance of return refusal when you take it back to the store.

Can I Return Items I Bought at H&M Online?

H&M does allow returns for items ordered through their online website. For clothing and beauty products, you can either mail them back to H&M’s returns department or return them to any physical store location. Home products must be shipped back because of restocking issues.

If there is an issue with your online order beyond not wanting the product, these returns should be shipped back to H&M’s returns department.

For example, if you receive damaged items, products with broken or missing parts, or your order had been incorrectly placed, you need to ship these returns back.

Online returns that are shipped back will be charged a shipping fee. You can use the prepaid shipping label included with your order. You must also go online to start the returns process. Alternatively, in-store returns for online purchases are similar to returning in-store purchases. Simply provide your email confirmation or packing slip as proof of purchase.

How Many Days Do I Have to Return Merchandise to H&M?

Most H&M products need to be returned within thirty days of purchase with a receipt in order to receive a full refund.

Designer products have a shorter return window with only a week to return them for a full refund.

If you choose to return any item to H&M outside of the allotted timeframe, you can only exchange the unwanted item for another of equal or lesser value.

Be sure to save the receipt so that the price you paid for the item is honored instead of a lower sale price.

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How Do I Return an H&M Item I Purchased with Klarna?

The first step to making an H&M return paid with Klarna’s buy now pay later system is to report it to your Klarna account.

Follow the steps to see what information they require to be eligible to receive a refund. Most of the time Klarna purchases can only be made when ordering H&M products online, not in the store.

Returns must be shipped back to H&M, regardless of product type. Once the request has begun to be processed, you should not have to make any more payments to Klarna for your H&M purchase.

Once it has been fully approved, Klarna will reach out to obtain bank account information so that you can receive your return. They may also inform you of any balance that you still owe.

H&M handles the actual return of the products themselves, while Klarna is responsible for the refund. If you have any questions regarding the nature of your return or refund, be sure to contact the appropriate help support team.

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H&M has a lot of great products and they also have a fairly simple return policy if you find you’ve acquired something that doesn’t quite match your taste. You can return merchandise purchased in-store to any physical H&M location, but you cannot ship it to their returns department.

Online purchases of clothing and beauty products can be shipped back or returned to any physical H&M store, but home products must be shipped back. H&M will honor returns made without a receipt, but you will not receive a refund.

Instead, you may exchange the item for one of equal or lesser value to the last sale price of the originally purchased product.

Likewise, any product returned after the thirty day return window is only eligible for exchange. In order to receive your full refund, be sure to return your unwanted merchandise within thirty days with your original receipt.

H&M products purchased with Klarna require special return instructions that can be found on your Klarna X H&M account.




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