Who Makes Artisan NY Jeans? (All You Need To Know)

Who Makes Artisan NY Jeans

Artisan NY Jean brand is owned by JS ADL, LLC. However, the manufacturers of Artisan NY jeans are not currently known, but it is likely that they are made by the brand’s owners, a company named JS ADL, LLC. Not much is known about the brand as a whole or its parent company, but can we assume that the parent company is responsible for the production of Artisan NY jeans.

In the following article, we look at everything there is to know about who is behind the manufacturing of Artisan NY jeans. 

Who makes Artisan NY jeans?

There is currently very little information about the manufacturers of Artisan NY jeans, so it is unclear who is behind the production. What we do know is that the brand is owned by a company called JS ADL, LLC., who owns many clothing, footwear, and accessory brands.

The company is fairly small, so it is possible that Artisan NY jeans are produced out of house by a private manufacturer.

JS ADL, LLC. is a production company based in Ohio. They hold trademarks for a number of brands offering a variety of goods. Alongside clothing brands like Artisan NY, the company also holds trademarks for brands that offer products in the categories of accessories, homeware, and pet clothes.

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Where are Artisan NY jeans made?

As Artisan NY’s parent company is based out of Ohio, it is likely they are made there. Although the name may imply some sort of connection to New York, there is actually no association between the brand and New York City. Instead, they are likely to come from a private manufacturer in Ohio.

Where are Artisan NY jeans sold?

Artisan NY jeans are unfortunately quite difficult to get hold of and finding them brand new is very unlikely.

As they do not seem to be in production anymore, it is very hard to find a new pair of Artisan NY jeans for sale. Instead, Artisan NY jeans are more likely to be available for purchase second-hand.

So, where can you find Artisan NY jeans for sale second-hand? The best way to shop for them is by checking websites like eBay, Poshmark, and ThredUp, where you are likely to find a pre-loved pair. They are also available for purchase from Walmart, where they can be found pre-owned through ThredUp.

Is it worth buying Artisan NY jeans second-hand?

If you are in the market for a pair of Artisan NY jeans, you are likely to find that shopping second-hand is your only option.

For a lot of people, this is an added advantage, as second-hand shopping is growing in popularity. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is also likely to save you some money.

If you are new to second-hand shopping, consider giving it a go if you are looking for Artisan NY jeans.

You may find a bargain for good quality jeans that you can’t get elsewhere, saving you money without having to compromise on quality.

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Why are Artisan NY jeans difficult to find?

One of the main reasons Artisan NY jeans are hard to find is that the brand does not seem to be in business any longer.

Following a trademark dispute, Artisan NY seems to have been closed down, which could explain why their clothes are so difficult to find and why they are only available to purchase second-hand.

This is also one of the reasons why we have so little information about who makes Artisan NY’s clothing, including their jeans.

There is very little information available on who is behind the Artisan NY brand, including where they were made and who made them.

Pros and cons of Artisan NY jeans


  • Artisan NY jeans generally receive positive reviews from customers in terms of wear. Many noted that the jeans have good stretch and are comfortable to wear. This can be hard to find in jeans, so many reviewers were appreciative of Artisan Ny jeans for this reason.
  • Artisan NY jeans are generally considered to be good quality and made to last. Many customers noted that the jeans lasted for some time. It can be difficult to find second-hand jeans that have retained their quality, so this is another reason why Artisan NY jeans stand out.


  • Artisan NY jeans are currently only available to buy pre-owned. This in itself is not necessarily a disadvantage, as many people prefer to shop second-hand. However, it can mean that their jeans can be difficult to track down. Many people are often left wondering where to buy them from.
  • As Artisan NY jeans are only available to purchase second-hand, the price customers pay for them can vary from retailer to retailer. Some reviewers did not appreciate that they might end up paying more for their jeans when someone else might get the same pair for much cheaper.
  • For a lot of people, it is important to know where the clothes they buy come from. When this information isn’t readily available, it can put people off from purchasing the clothing. As we know so little about Artisan NY, customers may not feel they want to purchase from the brand.

Final Thoughts

Artisan NY jeans are likely made by a company called JS ADL, LLC., the company that owns the Artisan NY brand and related brands.

There is very little information available on who is responsible for the brand, but most assume the clothing is outsourced to a private manufacturer. 





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