Who Makes Chaps Jeans? (Quality, Review + More)

Who Makes Chaps Jeans

Chaps jeans are known for their comfortable fit and rugged construction. So who is behind the famous brand name?

Chaps jeans are made by Ralph Lauren. This subsidiary of Ralph Lauren was created in 1978 to provide classic men’s clothing including jeans that are stylish, affordable, and durable.

In this article, we will cover where Chaps jeans are made, what stores sell Chaps jeans, and what styled Chaps jeans come in.

We will also address what materials Chaps jeans are made of and how much Chaps jeans typically cost.

Where Are Chaps Jeans Made?

Even though Chaps jeans are designed by an American company, the products are manufactured overseas. India and Vietnam are two of the countries that make Chaps jeans which are then distributed to stores all over the world.

The parent company of Chaps jeans, Ralph Lauren, is headquartered in New York City, while the headquarters of Chaps is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The American company prides itself in providing American style jeans. However, in order to sell Chaps jeans at an affordable price, they are manufactured overseas in various Asian countries.

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Who Sells Chaps Jeans?

Chaps jeans are sold by various retail chain stores across the United States including Belk, Hudson’s Bay, Meijer, Boscov’s, and Walmart. Kohl’s used to sell Chaps jeans as well; however, they have recently decided to discontinue the brand.

Additionally, Ralph Lauren partnered with the OVED group to increase the distribution of Chaps jeans.

Thanks to this beneficial partnership, Chaps jeans will be available at more retail stores than ever before. Chaps jeans are also available at many online retail websites.

Walmart’s online store, as well as Amazon, are two great places to find many different styles of Chaps jeans.

Online consignment and resale websites also have a lot of Chap jeans. Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay are particularly popular resale websites that sell new and gently used Chaps jeans.

What Styles Do Chaps Jeans Come In?

Chaps jeans were originally just made for men; however, the company now also makes women’s jeans as well. The men’s line still remains the most popular and there are a lot of styles from which to choose.

Relaxed fit, straight leg, and boot cut are the most commonly found men’s styles in all different washes from light wash to dark wash, stone wash to black wash.

Chaps also offer a great variety of different women’s jeans styles. Most of the jeans Chaps makes for women are very basic and highlight comfort and fit over snazzy designs.

Whether you like the boyfriend cut, slim fit, mid-rise, skinny jeans, or flared cuffs, Chaps jeans have the style that fits your needs.

The women’s jeans also come in different washes and different colors from the natural denim. You can find Chaps jeans in white, burgundy, black, pink, and more.

Chaps jeans come in a wide range of sizes for both men and women so that everyone can enjoy the comfortable fit of their denim pants.

What Are Chaps Jeans Made Of?

Chaps jeans are made of mostly cotton and a little bit of elastane to help them stretch. The cotton denim Chaps uses to make its jeans is especially durable and helps hold up over a long time.

The elastane provides extra comfort by allowing the jeans to stretch to fit all different shapes and sizes.

Chaps jeans also pledge to use materials and participate in manufacturing that is ethically sourced has a low environmental impact and comply with appropriate animal welfare laws. Chaps jeans are dyed with Ralph Lauren’s cutting edge dyeing technology that boasts zero wastewater output from the process.

Although Chaps jeans do not contain any specialized materials, they are eco-friendly and Ralph Lauren ensures that its brands lead the fashion industry in helping to protect and restore the environment.

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How Much Do Chaps Jeans Cost?

Chaps jeans are very affordable jeans for the quality of the product you receive. The pants usually range from $15 to $40 depending on the distributor.

Stores such as Belk and Walmart may have slightly higher priced Chaps jeans because they will sell brand new pants with new styles every season.

Classic styles and staples of any wardrobe usually cost a standard price and are very affordable.

You can also get some really good deals on resale websites like Poshmark and even used Chaps jeans on Walmart’s website from prices less than $20.

Chaps jeans are a durable and dependable brand and their price is usually a bargain. Ralph Lauren is known for its expensive clothing, so they wanted to be able to produce a product that is high quality but more affordable.

Chaps jeans may not be as fancy as some other brands, but they are comfortable, stylish, and affordable.


Chaps jeans is a subsidiary of Ralph Lauren and have been making popular jeans since 1978. Chaps originally started out making men’s jeans but have since expanded to women’s pants as well.

While the company is headquartered in the United States, manufacturing takes place overseas in countries such as Vietnam and India.

Chaps jeans are sold at a variety of large retail stores such as Walmart and Belk, as well as online at resale sites such as Poshmark and Mercari.

Chaps is committed to making quality products and maintaining a low environmental impact to better the world of fashion.





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