Who Makes True Craft Jeans? (Are They Good?)

Who Makes True Craft Jeans

If you’re a frequent shopper at Belk, you’ve likely seen True Craft Jeans. Have you ever wondered who owns and makes the brand True Craft? We are here to answer your most burning questions about the popular brand! 

True Craft Jeans is a private label owned by Belk. True Craft was founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner. There isn’t much information available about where Belk has their goods manufactured, however, we can assume that Belk doesn’t make these jeans themselves as this isn’t a common practice for private labels. 

In this article, we will discuss about the history of Belk, information about the True Craft brand, and private labels in general. 

What Is Belk? 

If you’re not located in the Southern United States you may have never heard of Belk! This department store was founded back in 1888 by William Belk in North Carolina.

Since then it has expanded to 16 different states with almost 300 different locations! 

Belk sells clothing, cosmetics, bags, home goods, and shoes. They carry a wide variety of brands, but included in these are their own private labels. 

Due to their widespread success, Belk was acquired by Sycamore Partners back in 2015. They have since continued to grow, expand their online presence, and although they did face some bankruptcy issues back in 2021, they have since recovered and are on the right track again. 

When Did Belk Release Their Brand True Craft? 

True Craft was created by Belk back in 2016. They sell a variety of items under this label, including clothing, bags, jewelry, and shoes. 

True Craft is widely loved by Belk shoppers. They carry versatile pieces that are known to be high-quality and long-lasting.

This line is for those who are looking for trendy pieces that won’t lose their appeal over time. 

Are True Craft Jeans Worth It?

True Craft jeans range from around $45-$65 online. They come in a variety of different styles for men and women, so you should be able to find a pair that appeals to you. 

Considering their lower price point we don’t blame you for wondering if these jeans are actually high quality or not, and luckily for us Belk lovers, these jeans hold up to the hype! 

True Craft jeans are known to be long-lasting, well-fitting, and reasonably priced jeans to add to your closet. 

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Can I Find True Craft Jeans Anywhere Else?

Since True Craft is one of Belk’s exclusive private labels it is not sold in any other locations. Of course the exception to this would be if you find True Craft jeans through a reseller, whether that is a local thrift shop or online seller such as Poshmark, we can’t guarantee True Craft jeans aren’t out there.

If you don’t live near a Belk you can find most of their jean styles online through their website

Does Belk Manufacture Their True Craft Brand?

Although Belk owns their True Craft brand as an exclusive private label, this doesn’t mean that they manufacture the products sold under it, including the jeans.

However, Belk does not provide much information to the public about their brand, which means it is fairly hard to determine who actually manufactures it. 

Unfortunately for those of us who like full transparency about our products, this is a common practice for companies that make private labels.

While we can’t conclusively say who makes the True Craft products for Belk, we can speculate that they likely don’t make them themselves. 

If you’re not familiar with how private labels work, we will discuss this next. 

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How Do Private Labels Work?

Many companies sell private labels under their store, and most actually carry multiple private labels targeted toward a specific category of sales.

An example of this would be Great Value from Walmart, Signature Select from Safeway, or Kirkland from Costco. 

This marketing practice has been in use for a long time, and for great reason. It allows the company, such as Belk in this example, to outsource most of the supply process.

They can have another company manufacture, source, import, and ship their products to them, at which point they will just have to label it themselves. 

So, whichever company Belk has created a partnership and contract with for their True Craft brand, would make clothing in adherence with what Belk requests and ship it to them to be labeled and sold at Belk locations. 

This gives Belk the ability to have multiple private labels without all of the work needed to find manufacturing facilities, designers, etc.

It is important for Belk to choose a company they trust to manufacture their products, as if they fail to do this and sell poor-quality products, their private label would likely fail pretty quickly. 

Why Are Private Label Manufacturers Often Not Revealed?

While you may find it strange that Belk doesn’t want to disclose the maker of their True Craft clothing, this is actually a really common practice when it comes to private labeling.

In fact, most contracts between the two companies actually include non-disclosure agreements to protect the identities of each one. 

This allows Belk to market a stand-alone product, such as their True Craft Jeans, without the public associating their quality with another manufacturer. 


True Craft jeans are a piece of apparel sold under the True Craft private label owned by Belk. Although we know that this is a private label exclusive to Belk, we don’t actually know who makes their apparel for them. 

It is unlikely Belk manufactures their jeans themselves, or any of True Craft products, however, they are just as unlikely to reveal their source. 

But, regardless of the manufacturer, True Craft jeans have been determined to be a high-quality and affordable choice for shoppers.





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