Who Makes Axel Jeans (Men’s, Boys + More)

Who Makes Axel Jeans

Axel jeans are popular among customers for being long-lasting and affordable.

You can easily find them in various department and clothing stores across the US, and they can be purchased online as well.

If you’re a jeans enthusiast, you might have noticed them in major retail stores and wondered where they were manufactured.

So, who makes Axel Jeans? Axel jeans are imported jeans that are manufactured under the T.K Axel label. Like the majority of mass-produced clothing available at retail stores, they are most likely stitched and assembled in Asian countries such as China, India, and Bangladesh.

Are Axel jeans worth buying or not?

If you are considering buying Axel jeans, the most attractive attribute is the price point. Many customers prefer Axel jeans over more expensive high-end brands because they offer a lot of durability for a relatively lower price.

Although the quality will not be at par with expensive branded jeans that are three times the price, Axel jeans do perform well when it comes to having the right fit and being comfortable.

On Glik’s website, these jeans are praised by customers for being quite affordable and also true to size. Other customers said that the jeans lasted them a long time, withstood wear and tear, and looked good.

They felt it was a bargain and that they got their money’s worth.

But there were some negative reviews as well, mostly revolving around inconsistent sizing issues and, at times, low quality too.

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Which styles are Axel jeans available in?

Axel jeans are available in a lot of different styles and colors. The most common style is the classic straight-leg jeans, which give a neat look and go with most uppers.

Bootcut jeans that have a fitted top and slightly flared bottom are also in fashion.

These jeans are available in most sizes, with the waist-to-leg length ratio ranging from 29/32 to 40/32 inches.

The colors available are various shades of dark and light blue with faded and distressed patches on the front to give a fashionable look. Axel jeans are available in different fits as well, which include regular fit, relaxed fit, athletic fit, and slim fit to suit different preferences and body shapes.

Since the jeans are made of cotton and spandex, they are stretchable and comfortable to wear.

Most Axel jeans have light embroidery on the back pockets and silver stitching details throughout.

They may also have brass or silver buttons, and the total number of pockets usually ranges from 5 to 7. The back pockets come with flaps as well.

Which material are Axel jeans made of?

Axel jeans are made from denim and are available in different colors and washes.

The specific composition of the jeans is 99% cotton and 1% spandex which makes the jeans stretchable and ensures a comfortable fit. Other synthetic fibers might also be present.

On the website of Sam’s Club, the jeans are described as follows; “Axel denim is made of 99% cotton and 1% spandex for extra comfort and movement.

Light sanding on the legs gives it that lived-in feeling. Features embroidery detail on the back pocket.’’

Are Axel jeans available at Walmart?

Yes, Axel jeans are available in a lot of different sizes, styles, and designs at Walmart and are in stock at their online store as well.

Other stores that sell Axel jeans include Target, Glik’s, Sam’s Club, Amazon, and even eBay. Secondhand jeans are available at Poshmark.

You can find Axel jeans at many clothing retail stores across the US. Check online as well to find stores in your vicinity or shop directly from the store websites.

Axel jeans are known for being durable and not too expensive and have garnered many positive reviews online from customers.

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What other products does Axel make?

Axel is famous mainly for its denim jeans, but they do make some other products as well, like shirts and denim jackets.

Their jeans are also available in kids’ sizes at some stores. If you are trying the brand out for the first time, we suggest that you stick to their popular products, such as their slim boot jeans or their classic straight jeans.  

How do I take care of Axel jeans?

It is recommended that you either hand wash or machine wash the jeans with cold water and tumble dry. Make sure not to use bleach or other harsh detergents while washing the jeans, as this could damage the material and make the color fade.

Use soap or mild detergent and turn the jeans inside out to preserve the color. 

To ensure that they last long, do not wash them too frequently and repair any rips or tears quickly. In general, it is recommended to wash jeans every few weeks unless they become soiled or develop a foul odor.


Axel jeans are manufactured outside the US. Information about the exact country of origin is not readily available, but it is most likely that the jeans are produced in Asian countries and then imported by the US.

Axel is not limited to jeans and sells other denim products as well. Their jeans are most popular among customers for being comfortable and stretchable.

People have also praised them for their durability and quality, especially since these jeans are pretty affordable compared to other brands.

Axel jeans are available in many styles and sizes and will surely match different fashion preferences.





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