Who Makes Arizona Jeans? (Are They Good)

Who Makes Arizona Jeans

Do you know who makes Arizona Jeans? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’ve been in a department store before to do some clothes shopping, you’ve likely seen the brand Arizona Jeans. But, have you ever wondered who makes these jeans, or if Arizona is a stand alone company?

Arizona Jeans is a private label started and owned by JCPenney. This means that JCPenney manufactures Arizona jeans using their own factories in countries such as Vietnam, China, India, etc. 

In this article we will discuss the origin of Arizona Jeans, what we know about their manufacturing, and where they can be purchased. 

Is Arizona Jeans Co. A Standalone Company?

JCPenney started the Arizona Jeans Company back in the ‘90s to replace their older “Plain Pockets” brand. It was created with a more modern and stylish look in mind.

It only took a few years for the brand to start gaining success among JCPenney shoppers, which prompted them to expand the jeans options. 

They offered a wider variety of colors and styles, which resulted in sales of over $800 million the following year. Arizona Jeans Co. is considered one of JCPenney’s most successful private labels. 

Due to their success, they did attempt to make their own website back in 2008 and sell the jeans there, however, this didn’t prove to be successful, and reports showed that it was out-of-use as soon as 2014. Currently, Arizona Jeans is still owned by JCPenney.

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Are Arizona Jeans Still Produced? 

It is no secret that JCPenney has gone through some tough times regarding their sales in recent years. Many JCPenney locations closed, and they were annually losing millions.

While they haven’t quite pulled themselves out of this financial decline yet, this doesn’t mean they aren’t still producing Arizona Jeans. 

In fact, Arizona Jeans are one of JCPenney’s most successful brands and can be found in other stores such as Walmart and Target. J

JCPenney has also been working on revamping their Arizona Jeans line and attempting to market the brand towards a younger audience. 

Back in 2018, they conducted some focus groups with teenagers to determine the current fashion trends and incorporate these into the Arizona designs for the year. 

They also participated in social media campaigns in an attempt to bolster their sales. They used their own “#AZYouAre hashtag and promoted their re-design on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Are Arizona Jeans Good Quality? 

Arizona Jeans are fairly good quality considering their lower prices. Although you may not be able to rely on these jeans to last your entire life, they will certainly hold up for a long time if they are taken care of correctly. 

They also have a wide variety of different styles to choose from, which ensures that every person should be able to find a style that suits them. 

JCPenney shoppers like the brand as according to Retail Dive, one in three JCPenney shoppers purchase Arizona Jeans Co. products. 

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What Do We Know About The Arizona Jeans Manufacturing Process? 

Since JCPenney owns Arizona Jeans Co. we have to look at their manufacturing processes to determine how Arizona Jeans are made.

JCPenney participates in “global sourcing.” They have nine offices across the world located in Dallas, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Pakistan, India, and Taiwan. 

They are reported to have manufacturing facilities in Saipan, Vietnam, China, India, Bangladesh, and others. 

Although JCPenney is attempting to participate in more ethical manufacturing practices, they have been criticized in the past for using unethical factories, such as those that participate in sweatshop labor. 

They have been increasing their transparency in recent years as well as participating in more environmentally friendly practices.

They do still need to take strides in this area, as many other major retailers of their size do, however they are starting to get on the right track. 

While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where Arizona Jeans are manufactured, we can assume they are made in one of the many JCPenny factories across the world, and we can infer that they are likely not made within the United States. 

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Where Can I Buy Arizona Jeans? 

Arizona jeans are still available in-store at JCPenney and online. They are also sold at other major retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, and Target. Unsurprisingly, Arizona Jeans are also sold through Amazon online. 

So, whether you have a JCPenney near you or not, you should still be able to get your hands on some Arizona Jeans if you want! 

Even if JCPenney had to stop their clothing sales in stores it is likely that Arizona Jeans would still be sold through other major retailers due to their popularity among consumers and affordability. 

The desire to continue with Arizona Jeans sales is clear by JCPenney’s efforts to revamp the line back in 2018.

So, while we can’t say conclusively how long the brand will be around, it doesn’t appear that JCPenney has any current plans to discontinue it. 

Final Thoughts: Arizona Jeans Owned By JCPenney! 

Although it is difficult to say exactly which factories produce Arizona Jeans considering how widespread JCPenney is across the globe, we do know that JCPenney controls their manufacturing. 

Arizona jeans Co. was started by JCPenney and is still owned by this major retailer! Despite JCPenney’s financial issues over the past few years, it seems as though Arizona Jeans are still a success and likely won’t be disappearing anytime soon! 

It is likely this loved and affordable brand will be around for a long time!




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