Who Makes Aldi Products? (8 Best Products Listed!)

who makes aldi products

Do you know who makes Aldi products? Are they good? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question. Aldi is a German private brand company owned by Aldi Sud (South).

If you’ve visited Aldi before you’ve likely noticed that they don’t carry many name-brand items, instead most of their products are sourced from their own private labels.

Aldi has a lot of different private labels in their stores, but who makes all of these products? 

Aldi sources their products from familiar brands, such as Post or Bimbo Bakeries. They don’t make any of their own products, although they do control the recipes and quality! 

In this article, we will discuss why Aldi primarily uses private labels and discuss rumors surrounding the manufacturer of eight different Aldi products. 

1. Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Is Made By Bimbo Bakeries! 

Aldi carries a few different bread products under their L’Oven Fresh private label, including wheat bread, white bread, apple strudel bread, and sandwich skinnys.

This is a fan favorite label among Aldi shoppers, and it is rumored to be made by Bimbo Bakeries! 

Bimbo Bakeries is a large corporation that makes bread for popular name brands such as Sara Lee, Boboli, Nature’s Harvest, and many more!

In fact, they list 33 different brands that they make products for on their website! 

It makes sense that Aldi would partner with a massive player in the bread industry such as Bimbo Bakeries to make their products. 

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2. Aldi’s Friendly Farms Is Made By Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy!

Aldi carries products such as their delicious almond milk under their Friendly Farms label.

It is reported that their almond milk and some of their other plant-based milk alternatives are made from Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy. 

This is a Vermont based company that sells their products nationwide as well as many other products for relabeling by companies. 

Again, as another major player in their respective industry, it makes sense why Aldi would choose to partner with them. 

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3. Aldi’s Belmont Is Made By Ludington’s House of Flavors!

Aldi sells some delicious ice cream flavors under their Belmont brand, including vanilla, mint chip, strawberry, and much more! 

They are rumored to have this ice cream produced by Ludington’s House of Flavors, otherwise known as House of Flavors Inc. 

This is an ice cream company that makes their products out of Lake Michigan and is widely known to be one of the largest private label manufacturers. 

4. Aldi’s Earthgrown Is Made By Smithfoods!

Aldi has a few different items they sell under tier Earthgrown label, such as their vegan ice cream selection.

Many speculate that they receive these products from a well known company called Smithfoods. 

Smithfoods works with a variety of different companies on their private label products, and have a category for frozen desserts, so it would make sense for Aldi to source their Earthgrown products from them. 

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5. Aldi’s Millville Is Made By Post! 

Aldi sells some different cereals and breakfast bars under their Millville private label. 

Although many believed that General Mills was the manufacturer of these products, our research leads us to believe they are actually made by Post. 

Originally there were links between Aldi’s Millville brand and MOM Brands Company, but MOM Brands Company was bought out by Post back in 2015. 

As long as Aldi still uses their same manufacturer, then it is likely their cereal products are now produced by Post. 

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6. Aldi’s Clancy Is Made By Old Dutch Foods! 

Aldi’s sells their widely popular private label Clancy chips in a few different flavors.

Many believe that Clancy’s is manufactured by Barrel O’ Fun, however while we do believe this was true, Barrel O’ Fun has been bought out by a couple different companies over the years. 

In 2015 they were purchased by Shearer’s Foods, and then in 2018 Shearer’s was sold to Old Dutch Foods. 

It is likely that the true manufacturer of Clancy’s chips is now Old Dutch Foods! 

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7. Aldi’s Little Journey Baby Formula Is Made By Perrigo Nutritionals! 

Aldi sells a few different products under their Little Journey label, including diapers and baby formula. Reports say that their baby formula is made by Perrigo Nutritionals. 

Perrigo is rumored to supply other private label makers such as Sam’s Club and Walmart as well, making them a prime candidate to supply Aldi. 

8. Aldi’s Baker’s Corner Flour Is Made By ADM Milling Company!

Aldi’s Baker’s Corner flour is a bargain and many shoppers love this product. It is reportedly produced by ADM Milling Co. which is a multinational company that sells their products all around the world. 

What Are Aldi’s Private Labels?

Aldi has a bunch of different private labels for their food products, including: 

  • Belmont Ice Cream and Pies;
  • Berryhill Honey, Jelly, and Spreads; 
  • Bremer Frozen Meals;
  • Burman’s Condiments; 
  • Clancy’s Chips and Snacks;
  • Earth Grown Plant-Based Products;
  • Friendly Farms Dairy Products,
  • Happy Farms Cheese;
  • L’Oven Fresh Bread; 
  • Millville Cereal and Bars;
  • Stonemill Spices;
  • Tuscan Garden Salad Dressings; 
  • And many more! 

But, it doesn’t end here, they also carry private labels for non-food items, such as: 

  • Boulder Paper Products;
  • Little Journey Baby Products; 
  • Willow Toilet Paper, 
  • And more!

We will discuss the rumored manufacturers of several of these products next! 

Who Makes Aldi’s Private Label Products? 

Before we dive into who makes Aldi products, we would first like to make a disclaimer that much of this information comes from word-of-mouth and rumors circulating on the internet.

It is hard to say with 100% certainty where Aldi products come from. 

This is because it is rare that Aldi would confirm who makes their products for them, and oftentimes their contract with the supplier would even forbid them from doing so. 

Although we love transparency in our products, this is a common practice for most private label makers, and is the only way to have their products truly stand-out. 

Plus, Aldi takes their products seriously, and wouldn’t source from a company they don’t trust. This lets you know that even if you don’t know for sure where your favorite Aldi product comes from, it is still high quality! 

Why Does Aldi Use Private Labels? 

There are a few different reasons that Aldi sticks to private labels in their stores, and the first is the ability to control the quality of the item.

It is reported that Aldi determines the recipes for about 90% of their private label food products. 

They have a test-kitchen where they can make sure that every product lives up to their standards. If Aldi was simply stocking name-brand items then they wouldn’t have any control over the taste or quality of the item. 

The next reason is two-fold: they can participate in bulk-buying and their products are packed better in order to save space.

Their limited selection allows them to only stock their private label. So, instead of ten different options of jam, you would just get different flavors of Aldi’s private label! 

As for efficient packaging, this allows them to avoid wasting space and order more products in one delivery than might be possible with a name brand.

An example that illustrates this concept is chips. Most name brand chips come in a bag mostly filled with air, but Aldi chips have limited the amount of filler space needed, which allows them to transport more at one time.

And while there are many other reasons Aldi opts for private labels over brand names, the last reason we will discuss is store-loyalty!

If customers find a product they love and can only get it at Aldi, chances are they will keep coming back! 


Aldi sells quite a few different private labels, and are well-known for the fact their private labels are affordable and high-quality.

In fact, their reluctance to carry name brands is actually what makes Aldi stand out against some of their other discount grocery competitors. 

They exercise greater control over their products, and we as customers can see the results. 

Although it is hard to pinpoint with 100% certainty who makes Aldi’s products for them, we can speculate on the suppliers.





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