Who Makes Aldi Ketchup? (Reviews – Why I Will Buy Again)

Who makes Aldi ketchup

Do you know who makes Aldi Ketchup? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware nowadays and also more conscious about the products they use.

With accessibility to the Internet, reliable information is available in the palm of your hand. From clothes to sofas to cheese, people are curious to find out where it was made and by whom.

So, who makes Aldi Ketchup? Aldi tomato ketchup is distributed by the Aldi-Benner company based in Illinois, USA. Aldi’s Burman ketchup is made in the USA, whereas the Bramwells ketchup carried by Aldi UK is made in Portugal.

The much-loved Aldi ketchup has sparked a lot of curiosity among its customers. Keep reading to find out more about the ketchup’s origins as well as other products carried by Aldi.

What is Aldi?

Aldi is the world’s first discount grocery store which was founded in 1961 by the Albrecht Family in Germany. The primary philosophy behind the brand was to provide high quality products at low prices. 

Then, Aldi got it’s first American store in Iowa in 1976.

Today, Aldi stores have spread all across America with over 2,000 outlets across 36 states with more than 25,000 employees. The headquarters of Aldi is located in Batavia, Illinois. 

Where are Aldi products made?

There is no single origin of all the products sold by Aldi. The grocery chain carries different private-label goods made in different countries. 

A great majority of the food sold in Aldi is manufactured in the United States. However, some foods like seafood are sourced from China. Other products like exercise equipment, hiking boots, and shower caddies also come from China.

In case you’re wondering, Aldi products made in China usually have this information mentioned on the packaging label. 

Some wines and beers hail from Germany and Belgium, while others are made in breweries in the USA.

Whereas the electronic supplies like TV, tablets, headphones, and speakers are made by an Australian-based company called Bauhn. Other products like the Priano pesto sauce are made in Germany.

Most items like baby diapers, baby formula, chocolates, potato chips, cereal, ice cream, bread, almond milk, and flour are all made in America. 

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Does Aldi source food from outside the US?

Food items are an important concern for most people these days. This is a common question as grocery shoppers often need to know the origin of food products in the case of certain dietary restrictions. 

Fortunately, Aldi has given an official statement to make things clear for their customers. Here is what Aldi has to say:

“In accordance with US labeling requirements, products made outside of the US have their country of origin clearly stated on the packaging. Products with no listed country of origin are from the US, however, they may contain one or more components made, manufactured or produced outside of the US.”

Where is Aldi Tomato Ketchup made?

Aldi tomato ketchup is a popular food item stocked by the grocery chain and has a loyal customer base. So, it is only natural to ask where this particular ketchup is made. Well, we did some homework and have the answer.

The Burman’s tomato ketchup packaging does not mention if the product is made outside of the US. In fact, it does not mention the country of origin at all. It only states that the product is “distributed by ALDI Inc, Batavia, Illinois”. 

Plus, according to the official statement by Aldi shared above, products made out of the US have this mentioned clearly on the packaging. So, it is safe to assume that Aldi Burman’s ketchup is also made in the USA. 

However, here it gets confusing. If you check the Aldi’s UK website, you will find that they sell ‘Bramwell’s ketchup’ and it is mentioned as originating from Portugal.

So, when buying from Aldi in the US, you will probably find Burman’s ketchup made in the USA. Whereas, in the UK, you get Bramwell’s ketchup made in Portugal.

Why is Aldi Tomato Ketchup So Popular?

When it comes to Aldi tomato ketchup, this product is quite a hit in the USA as well as the UK. People often compare it to the famous Heinz ketchup that is loved for its perfectly sweet, salty, smooth, and balanced tomato flavor. You can find Heinz ketchup in almost every restaurant or fast food place in the United States. 

And many people stock it at home because the Heinz flavor is deemed unmatched. But Aldi’s tomato ketchup is known to taste just as good at a far lesser price.

In fact, people claim the flavor is so similar that you can’t really tell them apart.

Plus, the packaging is almost identical to Heinz as well. Many people love the ketchup by Aldi for this reason. 

Does Heinz make Aldi Tomato Ketchup?

Due to the uncanny similarity in the flavor profile of Aldi’s tomato ketchup and Heinz tomato ketchup, some people assume that they are made by the same parent company.

However, this is not true. Heinz has no connection with Bramwells or Burmans whatsoever. 

What’s The Price Of Aldi’s Ketchup?

You can get a 20 oz bottle of Aldi’s tomato ketchup for around $1.50. This is half the price of a 20 oz bottle of Heinz ketchup that is priced at around $2.50.

The price of Heinz ketchup does vary among different stores and regions. 

In any case, this is a good saving, especially in the long term.

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