Who Makes Kirkland Salsa? (All You Need To Know!)

Who Makes Kirkland salsa

Do you know who makes Kirkland Salsa? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

One of the burning questions that Costco shoppers always have is where their favorite Kirkland products are manufactured!

If you’ve fallen in love with Kirkland Organic Salsa, we are here to help you find out who makes it.

Kirkland Salsa is most likely made by Mission Foods. It is hard to pin down the exact manufacturer. However, we can authoritatively say that Kirkland Organic Salsa is made in the United States as this is stated on its label. 

In this article, we will go over some common questions regarding the Kirkland brand and discuss rumors on which company makes Kirkland salsa.

Is Kirkland A Good Quality Brand?

Kirkland is a widely praised private label and is known for providing quality products at discounted prices. Costco has been working to expand their private label in order to exercise more control over the supply chain and be able to provide transparency about their products. 

They only work with trusted suppliers, and their brand is intended to meet or exceed the quality of similar name brand products.

Part of the reason this is true is because Kirkland sources their products from big brand corporations. 

However, there is sometimes very little transparency about who actually makes specific Kirkland products. 

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Where Does Kirkland Source Their Products? 

Some of the widely known brands that Costco partners with fr their products includes Starbucks, Duracell, and Ocean Spray.

These companies manufacture the products and Costco slaps their label on them to sell as their own. 

In some cases it is easy to track down the original manufacturer, but many times it is more difficult. 

Although the Costco website claims that traceability of their products is important so that customers are able to know their product is safe and of good quality, and claim to list product origin information of the label, this doesn’t mean they make all of their partners known.  

In fact, many of the Kirkland products are not labeled with the original manufacturer, and tracking them down is no easy task. This is the case with Kirkland salsa.

Are There Any Leads On Who Makes Kirkland Salsa? 

The only conclusive finding we’ve come to is that Kirkland Organic Salsa is made in the United States. The label on the salsa states that it is packed in the United States and contains domestic and transported ingredients. 

This just means that although the ingredients, such as the tomatoes and jalapenos, may be sourced from another country, the salsa is made and packaged in the United States. 

Kirkland Organic Salsa is also a USDA certified organic food. This means that it meets the regulations set by the USDA, which can bring peace of mind to those who want to know their food is free from fertilizers and pesticides. 

Many believe that Kirkland salsa is actually produced by the popular brand Mission Foods. 

Is Kirkland Salsa Made By Mission Foods? 

The reason that many suspect Mission Foods to be behind the manufacturing of Kirkland Organic Salsa is that they were widely known to produce Kirkland tortilla chips for many years and even had their logo stamped on the bag. 

Using logical reasoning, many assumed that Mission Foods also produced their salsa since they are well known for both tortilla chips and salsa.

It is common for Costco to use their partnerships to produce multiple products for them.

However, the Mission Foods logo has recently been removed from Kirkland tortilla chips when they re-did their packaging, which leaves us a little in the dark on whether or not they still have a thriving partnership. 

Even if Mission Foods is still producing Kirkland tortilla chips, this still does not definitively answer if they make the Kirkland salsa, but it is an indicator that they might be involved. 

Where Is Mission Foods Located? 

Mission Foods has 22 different manufacturing facilities in the United States. This means that if Mission Foods does produce Kirkland salsa, it would still be difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is produced. 

In addition, Mission Foods is owned by Gruma Corporation which also has multiple manufacturing plans in the United States, and has its headquarters in Irving, Texas.

It is possible that the manufacturing of Kirkland salsa occurs at these plants. 

However, it is more likely that if Mission Foods does make Kirkland Salsa they would do it in their manufacturing plant.

Mission Foods already creates their own salsas and would have the capabilities to supply Costco with salsa easily. 

Gruma Corporation only manufactures tortillas, which makes it an unlikely source for Kirkland salsa. 

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Final Thoughts: The Mystery Of Kirkland Salsa Remains Unsolved

Although we would love to know who makes Kirkland salsa and provide a direct answer to the question, it just isn’t possible at this time.

As Costco expands their Kirkland products and increases their efforts in transparency it is possible they may release more information about the manufacturers of their products. 

It is likely that Mission Foods produces Kirkland salsa as they have been linked to Kirkland products in the past, however we can’t state this with any amount of authority as Costco has removed the Mission Foods label from their other Kirkland products. 

The only authoritative statement we can make about Kirkland salsa is that it is manufactured in the United States.

The salsa includes only organic ingredients and is USDA certified organic, which does mean that whoever manufactures the salsa makes sure they are only sourcing ingredients from organic farms.

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