Who Makes Aldi Bread? (Are They Good, Quality + More)

Who Makes Aldi Bread

Aldi’s has shoppers raving about their L’oven Fresh brand. You can find everything from hot dog buns to garlic knots under their L’oven Fresh brand.

But, have you ever wondered who makes Aldi bread? It appears that Aldi may receive their bread from Bimbo Bakeries USA. This popular bread company owns a wide selection of brands across the U.S. But, they also manufacture bakery items for private labels, such as L’oven Fresh. 

In this article, we will discuss why we believe Bimbo Bakeries makes Aldi bread, the quality of Aldi bread, and a little background about Bimbo Bakeries. 

What Evidence Supports That Bimbo Bakeries USA Make Aldi Bread? 

One good way to find out who makes products for private labels such as L’oven Fresh is to check and see if any Aldi bread products have been recalled.

Generally, the recall announcement will include the name of the supplier. 

In a recall announcement from 2015, Aldi named Bimbo Bakeries as the supplier for their Fit & Active 45 Calorie Multigrain Bread.

This is the only conclusive evidence straight from Aldi that we can find to support our claim. However, many have long speculated Bimbo Bakeries is behind Aldi’s bread manufacturing. 

Some have claimed to taste similarities between Aldi bakery items and other brands linked to Bimbo Bakeries. 

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Who Is Bimbo Bakeries USA? 

If you haven’t heard of Bimbo Bakeries before, we are here to give you the rundown of this major bakery supplier in the U.S. 

Bimbo Bakeries is part of a larger corporation with the name of Grupo Bimbo, which began in Mexico City, Mexico in 1945.

From that point, they began to expand and purchase other companies along the way. Currently, Bimbo Bakeries owns the following brands:

  • Oroweat, 
  • Entenmann’s, 
  • Thomas’, 
  • Boboli, 
  • Arnold, 
  • Brownberry, 
  • Freihofer’s, 
  • Stroehman, 
  • Sara Lee, and 
  • Lender’s Bagels. 

They are considered the largest commercial baking company in the United States and have their operations spread across 33 countries.

They have 59 different bakeries in the U.S. and employ over 20,000 people to make and distribute their products. 

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Is Aldi Bread Good Quality – Reviews

Aldi bread is raved about by their customers. Some fan favorites include their keto-friendly bread and zero net carb bread. However, their cinnamon and apple strudel breakfast bread is certainly worth a try too. 

Given the great reputation, Bimbo has for producing quality products it is no surprise that L’oven fresh has quite a few winners as well. 

Plus, for the price, it is particularly unbeatable. 

Reviewers online, such as one from Taste of Home, call out Aldi’s whole wheat bread as being a particularly great deal for the quality you get. 

Aldi’s bakery items also do great after they’ve been in the freezer and unthawed, which is great news for those of us who can’t seem to finish a loaf before it molds. 

Another reviewer from The Kitchn called out five particularly delicious bread from Aldi, which included their L’oven fresh white bread as #1 on the list.

This reviewer loved the taste and claims once you make a PB&J on it, there’s no going back to any other type of bread. 

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Why Would Bimbo Bakeries Manufacture Bread For Aldis?

If you’re curious why such a successful company with many of their name brand companies would want to partner with Aldi to produce their private label L’oven Fresh. But, this is actually a fairly common practice among big corporations. 

Companies that make private labels, such as Aldis, Costco, or Kroger, can’t actually afford to produce their products themselves. This would be a massive undertaking and would eliminate their ability to sell their private label products for low prices. 

Instead, these companies look to third-parties who are already major players in their field and request to work with them. 

In the case of Aldi’s and Bimbo Bakeries, this partnership makes perfect sense. It is another way for Bimbo Bakeries to make more money and provides Aldi with a partner they know is going to make them a consistently great product. 

What Type Of Bread Does Aldi Sell Under L’Oven Fresh?

Aldi has a wide selection of bread available under their L’oven Fresh brand, including:

  • 100% whole wheat bread,
  • 100% whole wheat sandwich skinnys, 
  • Multigrain sandwich skinnys,
  • 12 gain wide pan bread, 
  • Artisanal style bread,
  • Center split deli rolls, 
  • Cinnamon raisin bread, 
  • Cinnamon swirl bread,
  • Garlic knots,
  • Hamburger buns, 
  • Hawaiian sweet rolls,
  • Honey wheat bread, 
  • Hot dog buns,
  • Protein bread, 
  • Keto friendly wheat bread, 
  • Keto friendly Multi seed bread, 
  • Split top wheat bread,
  • Apple strudel breakfast bread,
  • White bread, 
  • Whole grain white bread, and 
  • Zero net carb bread. 

All of these breads sell for extremely affordable prices, with their white bread selling for only $0.89 a loaf.

Although, prices may vary somewhat depending on your location. Aldi’s is known for their cheaper prices, and gives other discount supermarkets a run for their money. 

What Are The Most Popular ALDI Breads?

One of the important things about ALDI’s business model is that they are selling only their most popular products. Many products come and go, but the most popular ones are always returning.

When it comes to their bread selection, the most popular are specialized breads.

The most popular among them are the Keto-friendly bread variants sold under the L’Oven Fresh brand, particularly the wholegrain variant. Even if you are not on the Keto diet, you should try it if you love the mildly sweet taste of wholegrain bread.

Behind it in popularity are the liveGfree bread. Types that contain no gluten, a proteins complex that gives bread its spongy structure, but which is an allergen to people with coeliac disease.

Where Can You Purchase ALDI Bread?

ALDI bread you can buy only at ALDI stores. Currently, they have more than 2,100 stores in 38 states.

In recent years they have been the fastest-growing store chain, so the number of locations where you can buy ALDI bread is growing by the day.

Besides the store, in some areas, it is possible to purchase and have delivered ALDI products through the Instacart services.

Where Is ALDI Bread Produced?

ALDI bread is produced in 60 BBU bakeries spread around the country. In which particular one your loaf of bread is baked, depends on the exact location of the ALDI store you have bought it from.

ALDI Customer Service Information

In case you have any questions, concerns, or comments about ALDI bread, there are three ways you can contact the company’s Customer Service department.

The first is by calling the toll-free phone number (800) 325-7894, where you will be able to talk with a real person.

But, you also have available the option to write them by email. Though, you shouldn’t expect a speedy reply.

And the last option is by snail mail, where you can write them at their HQ’s address:


Attention: Customer Service

1200 N. Kirk Rd.

Batavia, IL 60510


Aldi’s delicious L’oven bread products are likely made by Bimbo Bakeries. As we’ve stated, Aldi has acknowledged their partnership with Bimbo Bakeries on a recall notice.

But, beyond that, we must simply theorize that Bimbo makes the rest of Aldi’s bakery products as well. 

Both of these brands are great, and their partnership only makes them stronger. 

If you haven’t tried out any of Aldi’s private label bread yet, you should give them a try!





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