Who Makes ALDI Bourbon? (Cream Biscuit, Quality + Reviews)

who makes aldi bourbon

The majority of products stocked and sold at ALDI stores are ALDI bands. Belmont is one of those brands that focus on biscuits, cakes, and ice cream.

So, who makes Aldi Belmont Bourbon Biscuits? It’s hard to be absolutely certain. These trade secrets are notoriously hard to find out. It could be one of the brand leaders, or it could be a less famous baker who makes supermarket-branded biscuits. The key question is do they taste good?

In this article, I provide information on the contents of ALDI’s Bourbon biscuits and compare these to other leading brands. I also describe why these biscuits are just as good as other, more expensive, brand leaders.

ALDI And Its Own Brand Strategy

Around 90% of the products stocked in ALDI stores are marketed under a variety of own-brand names that you will not see at other supermarkets. These brands, such as Belmont, Kirkwood, and Parkview are ALDI in another name.

If you are a regular ALDI shopper, and you’ve tried ALDI’s own brands you will have probably noticed that the quality of what’s inside the packaging is not too different from those leading-brand, and often more expensive products.

The Belmont Brand

The Belmont Biscuit Company is a trademark registered in the UK that is owned by ALDI Stores Limited.

Belmont is an ALDI label that is used for marketing ALDI products, but under a separate name. There is a large variety of biscuits available at ALDI Stores sold under the Belmont brand.

These include Iced Rings, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cookies ‘N’ Cream biscuits, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Caramelised biscuits, Malted Milk, Jammy Wheels, and Bourbon Cream Biscuits.

The Belmont Bourbon Creams biscuits sold at ALDI stores retail for a very reasonable £0.25 in the UK for a 200g packet. The ALDI UK website indicates that these biscuits are manufactured in the UK by Aldi Stores Ltd.

Bourbon Cream Biscuits – Fun Facts

The bourbon is an oblong-shaped biscuit sandwich with two chocolate flavoured biscuits and a chocolate butter-cream filling.

These biscuits originate from the UK and were first created by a German man – Dr. Hans Zenloch – who was working at a factory in Bournville.

Henloch translates from German to English as ‘ten holes’ and Dr. Henloch decided that the trademark for the Bourbon biscuit should be its distinctive ten holes on each of the two biscuits that make up the biscuit sandwich, arranged in two rows of five holes.   

You might be wondering where the name Bourbon comes from? Whilst it’s nothing to do with Bourbon whiskey, there are a number of theories. One is that it is a combination of two important places in the history of the biscuits – the factory when Dr. Henloch worked located BOURnville, and Dr. Zehnloch’s home of birth in Germany – BONN.

Another theory is that it is named after the French royal dynasty – the House of Bourbon, and the other is that it is because the biscuit ingredients originally used ‘beurre bon ‘(milk skin).

Apparently, the Bourbon biscuit was the first biscuit to be eaten on the moon by astronaut Edwin Aldrin. 

A survey carried out in 2009 discovered that the Bourbon biscuit was the fifth most popular biscuit in the UK for dunking into cups of tea.

A further survey in 2010 ranked the Bourbon biscuit as the UK’s ninth most popular biscuit overall, behind other biscuits popular in the UK such as Chocolate Digestives, Jaffa Cakes, Custard Creams, and Jammie Dodgers.  

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Who Makes Belmont Biscuits?

So, the big questions are who prepares and packages supermarket own-label products, and are these products prepared and packaged by well-known brand leaders? It’s no secret that some of ALDI’s own brands are often processed at the same facilities as some of the market-leading brands.

But, actually who manufactures supermarket own-brand products are often trade secrets, and it’s notoriously hard to find clear answers.

We do know that ALDI’s Belmont Bourbon biscuits are made in the UK. So, they could be made by a biscuit brand leader, perhaps with a slightly different recipe, or they could be made by a less famous manufacturer that is known to make biscuits for supermarkets under the supermarket’s in-house branding.

The key questions are what are the main ingredients and how do they compare? And, do they taste good? I’ll answer these questions.

Bourbon Biscuits Compared

You might think that ALDI and other supermarket own-brand biscuits might not be as tasty or high-quality as other market-leading brands.

However, it is worth investigating the details and the ingredients before you decide to spending more money on a big brand name.

I looked at the main ingredients, calorific values, and prices of ALDI’s Bourbon biscuits and compared them to a number of other brands. This is what I found:

Bourbon Brandkcal/100gCarbs/ 100gFat/100gFibre/ 100gProtein/ 100gPricePrice/ 100g
ALDI48366.0g21.0g2.8g5.8g£0.25 (200g)£0.13
Waitrose48765.9g21.4g2.8g6.3g£0.75 (400g)£0.19
Sainsbury’s47367.0g19.0g4.4g6.2g£0.35 (200g)£0.18
Asda48766.0g21.0g2.8g6.3g£0.45 (300g)£0.15

The contents of the different biscuit brands are very similar, but prices vary quite significantly.  

Belmont Biscuits – Reviews

In 2020 ‘Good Housekeeping’ tested ten Bourbon biscuits available in the UK and placed ALDI’s Belmont Bourbon biscuits eighth, ahead of Sainsbury’s own label product, and Fox’s. The ranking was as follows:

  • Joint winners – Co-op and Tesco own labels, 81%
  • Third – Crawford’s, 80%
  • Fourth – Morrison’s own label, 76%
  • Fifth – Asda own label, 75%
  • Sixth – Tower Gate (Lidl), 74%
  • Seventh – Marks ; Spencer own label, 73%
  • Eight – Belmont (ALDI), 69%
  • Ninth – Sainsbury’s own label, 68%
  • Tenth – Fox’s, 65%

The Good Housekeeping review mentioned how ALDI’s Bourbon biscuits were firm with a gentle chocolate aroma and a pleasant chocolatey and sweet flavour, although they could be a little richer in taste.

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ALDI’s Belmont Bourbon biscuits are made in the UK. But trying to find out exactly where, and by who, is not easy.

There are many different brands available. I suspect that these are made at a small number of factory locations, perhaps to slightly different recipes.

The contents of these different products are slightly different, but not vastly so.

If I were you, I would not worry too much about where my Bourbon biscuits come from. If you like ALDI’s Belmont Bourbon biscuits or any other brand, just sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy them for what they are – a delicious, chocolatey treat!      




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