Walmart Diaper Return Policy (What’s Covered?)

Walmart Diaper Return Policy

Do you know what Walmart diaper return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Having plenty of diapers is a necessity for parents of newborns and toddlers, but it can be hard to get the correct size. So, knowing which stores take returns and do exchanges, and what their policies are is almost as critical as the diapers themselves.

Walmart offers a full refund for diapers returned within 3 months, provided they are still in unopened boxes, in good condition and the customer presents some form of Proof of Purchase at the time of return.

This article looks into the details of the Walmart policy for returning diapers, whether you’re looking for a different size or trying to get rid of a surplus.

What is Walmart’s Official Diaper Return Policy?

In some ways, diaper returns fall under the umbrella of mainstream return policy. Walmart return policy has the following guidelines:

– Returns should be brought in within 90 days of purchase

– Receipt or other proof of purchase should be provided at the time of return

– Items should be in original packaging.

Items meeting these conditions are eligible for a full refund, or store credit in the amount equal to a full refund. With diapers, however, there are some additional stipulations for returns.

– The box the diapers are returned in must be the original box and returned completely unopened.

– Opened boxes can only be returned in exchanges for a similarly priced product.

What About Online Purchases?

– Online purchases have a 30 day return policy.

– Online purchases also require unopened boxes and proof of purchase at the time of return.

– Purchases made in the Walmart Online Marketplace from third-party vendors are subject to the vendor’s discretion.

Why Must the Boxes Be Returned Unopened for A Refund?

Walmart stipulates that only original, unopened boxes can be returned for a full refund, or full-value store credit, for several reasons/

– Diapers are heavily sanitized before being packaged and remain in their sanitized state until the box is opened. Once the box is open, however, the diapers are exposed to potential contaminants.

– Diapers returned in open packaging must be disposed of, according to Federal Health and Safety Guidelines, and they cannot be resold under any circumstances.

Are There Any Exceptions Made?

Occasionally, there will be a market recall, or you may wind up purchasing a box of diapers that are defective for some reason.

If this is the case, you may be able to return an opened box to the store and still receive some return, though it is most likely that you will be offered store credit rather than cash.

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Are There Any Types of Diapers Excluded From the Return Policy?

There are no specific brands or types of diapers excluded from the policy.

Walmart offers both disposable and reusable diapers for customers to purchase, and all of them fall under the same return policy.

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Is There a Specific Time Frame (X days) That I Need to Make the Return In?

According to official policy, returns of in-store purchases must be completed within 90 days of the original purchase in order to secure a full refund.

Likewise returns of online purchases generally have a 30 day window where they can be returned for a full refund.

What If I Want to Make a Return After the 90 Day Window Has Expired?

Accepting returns after the 90 day window expires is up to the discretion of the management for each individual store.

Some stores will accept returns outside of the 90 day time frame, while others may not.

Some stores will only accept a return outside of the official policy time frame if it is handled as an exchange for an item of similar or equal value.

Other stores will only offer store credit for diapers returned outside the 90 day window.

If you’re considering making a return and wondering if your local Walmart will accept it, you may want to call ahead and speak to a Customer Service Representative before hauling in your boxes of unopened diapers.

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Walmart Diaper Return Policy Without a Receipt

Returns are still possible without the receipt, as long as you provide another form of proof of purchase.

– Purchases made with a card can provide proof of purchase through your Purchase History or your Account Records.

– Purchases made with debit or credit will be recorded in the Walmart system for a certain number of days and can be retrieved

– Online purchases will have a record in Purchase History, but also a recorded Shipping Label, or Pick-up date.

Lack of a receipt is most likely to become a problem if you made your payment with cash, which doesn’t leave as many records.

If you’re attempting to return a set of diapers bought with cash, you may be asked to accept an exchange or store credit, rather than a refund.

If you cannot provide proof of purchase, returns are accepted at the discretion of the management, and your return may be denied.

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What is the Process for Making a Diaper Return?

The process for diaper returns is fairly simple.

– Decide whether your return will be made in-store or mailed in.

In-Store Returns:

– Bring your boxes of unused diapers into the store with your proof of purchase.

– Customer Service will help you handle the return and decide whether you want a refund, an exchange, or store credit, as well as what you qualify for.

Mailed In Returns:

– Go online and fill out the information needed to print off a Return Shipping Label

– Once the label is printed, box up the diapers you wish to return, in their original packaging.

– Deliver the box to a FedEx or USPS store, and it will be shipped to Walmart

– For larger orders, you can ask for a pick-up at your home.

Walmart will cover the cost of shipping for returns.

– The refund will be sent to you when Walmart receives the item and processes the return.

How Long Will it Take the Return to Process?

Returns processed in-store will be faster, but how fast depends on what form the return takes.

– Exchanges and store credit can be processed and applied the same day the return is made.

– Refunds may be processed, but take 3-5 business days before appearing in your account.

Returns by mail will take longer, due to the shipping time.

– Refunds to a debit or credit card may take as long as 10 days before being fully processed and returned to your account.

Can I Return a Partially Emptied Bag or Box of Diapers for Credit or Partial Refund?

Partially used boxes generally can’t be returned, unless there is something defective about the product, or a general recall has been issued.

Most Walmart stores will refuse to accept partial boxes of diapers for health and safety reasons, as well as economic ones.

Walmart Return Policy on Open Diapers

Accepting returns of an open box is at the discretion of the individual store management.

Since opened boxes cannot be resold under health and safety guidelines, even if all the diapers are still present, many stores may refuse to accept the return. Others may only offer store credit or an exchange.

Walmart has a fairly relaxed return policy for diapers, so new parents can rest easy in the knowledge that as their infants grow, they’ll be able to keep up, even if they wind up with the wrong size every now and again.



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