Target Diaper Return Policy (Coverage, No receipt, Open Box)

Target diaper return policy

Do you know what Target’s diaper return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Target is a household name among consumers and is known for selling everything from stationery items to electronics, as well as its customer-friendly return and exchange policies.

But say you’re a parent who accidentally bought the wrong size diapers for your little one, how exactly should go about returning them? And what is Target’s return policy for diapers?

Target’s diaper return policy is pretty simple: you can return unopened packages of diapers within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

This is a hassle-free process and the customers can easily return or exchange diapers by following the steps mentioned below. Read on to find out more about Target’s policies for returning diapers.

What is Target’s Return Policy For Diapers?

Target’s return policy for diapers is the same as their return policy for other items, with a few exceptions. Diapers must be returned within 90 days of purchase, and they must be unopened and unused.

The return policy applies to all Target’s own-brand diapers, as well as any other brand diapers purchased from Target such as Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and Up&Up.

Target’s Return Policy allows guests to return most items purchased in-store or online within 90 days. However, there are some exceptions, including certain electronics, digital media, and opened beauty products. 

Can I Return Diapers To Target Without a Receipt?

If you have your Target receipt, you can return the diapers within 90 days for a refund. If you do not have the receipt, you will still most probably be able to return the diapers, but you will only receive a Target gift card for the purchase price. 

Target does not accept returns of any other type of personal hygiene product, including toilet paper, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products.

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Target Return Policy for Opened Diapers

This differs on a case-to-case basis but most Target stores do not accept returns on opened diapers, for hygiene reasons.

This policy is likely in place to protect both Target employees and other customers from coming into contact with germs from soiled diapers. 

If you’re not satisfied with the diapers you’ve purchased from Target, you may be able to exchange them for a different size or brand, as long as they’re unopened and you have your receipt.

Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer directly to see if they will accept a return of opened diapers.

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How Do I Return The Pack of Diapers To Target?

Target’s policy on diaper returns is pretty straightforward. If you have your original receipt, you can return the diapers for a refund or exchange within 90 days. If you don’t have the receipt, Target will give you a store credit for the lowest selling price of the item in the past 90 days. 

Either way, Target asks that you bring back the remaining diapers in the package, as well as the packaging itself.

Target also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Target-brand diapers, so if you’re not happy with them for any reason, you can return them at any time for a full refund.

Can Diapers be Returned To Any Target Store?

Target offers a great return policy on diapers—even if you don’t have a receipt! You can return Target brand diapers to any Target store, and you’ll receive a refund for the purchase price. 

If you bought non-Target brand diapers, you can still return them to Target, but you’ll receive a Target gift card for the purchase price instead of a refund. 

You won’t be able to return diapers that you bought from another store to Target. This is a common policy adopted by most supermarkets and Target is no exception.

Each item has its own unique barcode that can be used to identify whether it was bought at Target or not.

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Target Diaper Return Policy for Online Items

Target offers a hassle-free return policy for any items purchased in-store or online. For online orders, you can either return the item to a store or by mail.

If you choose to return the item by mail, Target will provide a shipping label and instructions on how to package the item. 

Target recommends that you use a shipping method that provides tracking information so that they can ensure the package is received and processed in a timely manner.

Once the package is received, Target will issue a refund to your original form of payment. If you have any further questions about Target’s diaper return policy, please contact their customer service helpline for assistance.

Can I Exchange A Diaper For A Different Size At Target?

Being a new parent is exhausting, and it is understandable if you accidentally pick up the wrong size of diapers for your baby.

However, the good news is that Target has a convenient return and exchange policy for such situations.

Target’s exchange policy allows you to exchange any unopened pack of diapers for a different size within 90 days of purchase. This policy applies to both in-store and online purchases. To make an exchange, simply bring the pack of diapers and your original receipt to a Target store. 

Target associates will then help you select the new size that you need. Exchanges are subject to availability, so it’s best to make the exchange as soon as possible after you realize that the diapers are the wrong size.

Keep in mind that Target does not accept returns on opened packages of diapers, so be sure that the diaper pack you’re exchanging is unopened.

Returning Diapers At Target – A Closer Look

You can return unopened packs of diapers at Target within 90 days of purchase. This policy applies to both in-store and online purchases. In addition, Target also offers free exchange for any defective diapers.

This exchange policy is valid for one year from the date of purchase. As a result, Target’s diaper return policy provides customers with a high level of protection.

If you don’t have your Target receipt or packing slip, you can still return the diapers, but Target will only give you store credit for the current selling price.

So if you bought a pack of diapers on sale and then tried to return them a few months later, you would only get the credit for whatever that same pack of diapers is currently selling for— which might be more or less than what you paid. 

All Target returns are subject to Target’s standard return policy. Target also doesn’t accept returns on opened packages of diapers – so once you open them, they’re yours.


Target’s diaper return policy is one of the most generous return policies of any retailer. Target will accept any unused, unopened diapers for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

This policy also applies to Target’s own brand of diapers, as well as other brands that Target sells. 

This makes it easy for parents to try out different types and brands of diapers without having to worry about being stuck with a product that doesn’t work for their child.

In addition, Target’s return policies mean that parents can get a refund if they are not completely satisfied with a diaper purchase.



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