Are Kirkland Diapers Gender Specific? (Here Is Why)

Are Kirkland Diapers Gender Specific

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Kirkland diapers gender specific are? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

NO, Kirkland diapers are not gender specific. Instead, they have been specifically designed to be gender neutral, meaning they can used on either boys or girls. They also tend to avoid using overly gender specific patterns and colours, which makes them even more suitable for use on any child.

In the following article, we look at whether Kirkland diapers are gender specific. 

Are Kirkland diapers gender specific?

Kirkland diapers are not gender-specific, but instead are intended for use on both boys and girls. This means they are not designed for one specific gender and can be used to fit any child.

They also tend to avoid gender specific designs and colours to make for a more unisex diaper.

Should diapers be gender specific?

Diapers do not need to be gender specific. For many years, diaper manufacturers designed diapers to be specific to one gender or the other, based on science that indicated girls and boys need different absorbency levels in different areas.

While this is still true, we now have better technology that means companies are able to design diapers that suit all babies.

Some companies do still make gender specific diapers, so personal preference will dictate whether you opt for gender specific options or not. However, until a child reaches the stage of wearing a pull-up, there is no real need for a gender specific diaper.

A lot of your decision will come down to personal preference on what you feel is most appropriate for your child.

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What is the Kirkland brand?

Kirkland Signature is a private label brand sold at Costco. Taking its name from Costco’s original Kirkland, Washington headquarters, the Kirkland brand is made up of grocery, food, and household products.

These products are manufactured by popular, well-known brands but sold by Costco under the Kirkland brand name at a much cheaper price.

Who are the manufacturers of Kirkland diapers?

Like many Costco products, Kirkland products are made by another company before being distributed to Costco stores and sold throughout the country under the Kirkland label.

In the case of Kirkland diapers, it is the well-known production company Kimberly-Clark who is behind the manufacturing of the diapers.

Based out of Irving, Texas, Kimberly-Clark is a long-standing manufacturer of sanitary and medical products. They are also known for producing diapers for many well-known brands, including the popular and much-loved Huggies brand of diapers.

Alongside the well-known name brands, they also create products for private value brands like Kirkland.

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How much do Kirkland diapers cost?

The price of Kirkland diapers depends on the size you get. Kirkland diapers come in six sizes to fit different weights, and this is reflected in price.

For sizes 1-2, Kirkland diapers retail at $34.99, while diapers for sizes 3-6 come in at $44.99. For the extra ten dollars, you get an added wetness indicator and ‘next size up’ indicator.

While Kirkland diapers are relatively cheap compared with other brands, it’s important to consider that there is an added cost of Costco’s membership.

At $60, this might be something that puts off anyone who wants to save money, unless they intend to use it regularly enough to make up for the initial cost.

What sizes do Kirkland diapers come in?

Like many other brands of diapers, Kirkland’s offering comes in a variety of sizes to suit different babies.

Kirkland diapers start at size one, which would fit a baby weighing between 4 and 6kg (between 8 and 14lbs), and go up to size six, suitable for a baby weighing 16kg and above (35lbs and above).

Pros and Cons of Kirkland diapers


  • Kirkland diapers are unisex, meaning parents are not confined to using them on one gender. They are suitable for use on girls and boys, so parents are able to save money by buying a single product instead of having to purchase separate diapers for different children.
  • Many parents appreciate the low price of Kirkland diapers, especially when the time comes for diapers to be used constantly. Any parent looking to save money on the essentials, like diapers, will appreciate the budget-friendly alternative provided by Kirkland diapers.
  • For a budget-friendly option, many customers review Kirkland’s diapers positively, appreciating the level of absorbency and the comfort provided to the child. Even better, the price is low enough that anyone on a budget can be assured of comfort and effectiveness without spending too much.


  • Kirkland diapers are not the most eco-friendly option on the market, meaning they may not be appropriate for anyone who wants to support the environment. Unfortunately, parts of the manufacturing process are less than eco-friendly, including the fact that only 20% of the materials used are plant-based.
  • Another downside to Kirkland’s diapers is that they are not as widely available as other brands, as they are sold exclusively at Costco. If you are in a rush and are not able to get to a Costco store, you may need to turn to another brand. It’s also worth noting that Costco membership will set you back $60.

Final Thoughts

Kirkland diapers are entirely unisex, meaning they are not gender specific and are intended for use on both boys and girls.

Sold exclusively at Costco, the Kirkland brand of diapers is an affordable, quality alternative to the more expensive brands also on the market and comes in a variety of sizes suitable for both boys and girls.

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