Costco Diaper Return Policy (What’s Covered? No Receipt)

Costco Diaper Return Policy

Do you know what Costco’s diaper return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Costco’s return policy means that diapers can be returned at any time. Diapers can be returned opened and, in some cases, even with diapers missing. While Costco’s return policy is typically lenient, a receipt is usually required. However, returns can be made for any reason, either in store or online.

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about Costco’s diaper return policy, including whether you can return with no receipt, with an opened box, and more.

What is Costco’s diaper return policy?

Costco’s diaper return policy states that diapers can be returned at any time and for any reason. This makes them very different from many other retailers, who often require returns to be made within a specific time frame and for a set list of reasons.

At Costco, you have the option to return diapers with no reason given and at any time after purchasing. 

Diapers can either be refunded or exchanged for another item. Which option you choose will depend on your reason for returning the diapers. If they are the wrong size, for instance, you might choose to exchange the diapers for a better size.

If there is a price difference, you’ll need to cover the cost of the difference.

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What is covered under Costco’s diaper return policy?

Costco will accept returns of diapers for any reason, meaning the return policy is very lenient when compared with other retailers, who may require a reason to be given. Customers may need to return an item like diapers for many reasons, including the diapers being the wrong fit or causing a reaction.

Costco has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that any customer can return a product they are not satisfied with at any point. This guarantee means that a return can be made for any reason and at any time, simply because the customer is unsatisfied.

Returns, in general, are accepted by Costco for any of the following reasons:

  • The item is no longer wanted,
  • You aren’t happy with the item,
  • It was an accidental purchase,
  • You received the wrong item,
  • You received multiple of the same item,
  • The item or box was damaged on delivery,
  • Part of your order is missing,
  • The order is lost. 

Can you return a diaper without a receipt?

A receipt makes things much easier to get your return processed and makes it more likely for your return to be accepted by Costco. For this reason, in most situations, you will likely need a receipt to make a return. However, a receipt is not your only option for making a return and having it accepted. 

In some cases, you should be able to hand over your membership number in place of a receipt. With your membership number, the cashier can check that you purchased the product, which is important to make sure your return is valid.

Once this is verified, your return can be processed. Note that Costco track returns without receipts to make sure customers aren’t taking advantage of the returns system.

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What is Costco’s policy on open box returns?

Costco’s return policy is very lenient and even extends to opened boxes. It’s easy to accidentally pick up the wrong-sized diapers and open them up without realizing so being able to return an opened box can be a great advantage.

Luckily, you should have no problems returning an opened box of diapers to Costco. 

Some locations may even accept returns where some of the diapers are missing, although this is not the case in every store and so you may have to check beforehand whether your return will be accepted.

In the case that you return an opened box, you will likely need to provide a reason for wanting to make the return, for example they don’t fit or have caused a reaction.

How do you return diapers to Costco?

To begin the process of requesting a return, you can either go in store or log in to your Costco account. Simply follow the instructions online to initiate your return, requesting whether you would like to receive a refund or make an exchange.

In some cases, you may also have to offer a reason as to why you are making the return.

Items which have been bought in store can be returned to any warehouse location, while items ordered online can also be returned back to the warehouse or via the Costco website. Your return can also be sent with Costco’s delivery services, which are usually UPS and USPS.

You will receive a free printable label from Costco.

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How long do refunds take?

How long it will take to receive your refund will depend on the payment method you initially paid for the diapers with, as the refund will always be delivered back to the method you paid with.

For this reason, it’s important that you take the original payment method with you when you make your return; otherwise, your refund can be delayed.

The fastest payment method for receiving a refund is cash, as the refunded cash is simply handed back to you there and then when you make your return. Refunds to payment cards can take a little longer, usually taking up to forty-eight hours to arrive.

If you paid using a Costco card, your refund will be paid onto this in around forty-eight hours.

Pros and cons of Costco’s diaper return policy


  • Unlike many other retailers, Costco do not require a reason to be given for making a return. Instead, customers can return an item for any reason, from being unhappy with the product to it not being the right fit. Items can be refunded or exchanged for any reason.
  • As well as allowing products to be returned for any reason, returns can be made at any time following purchase. This is another way in which Costco is very lenient compared with other retailers and offers customers a greater length of time in which to make their returns.
  • Finally, items like diapers can be returned either opened or unopened. In some cases, Costco might also accept boxes of diapers where some of the product has been used and is missing. Costco will accept opened products like diapers in a select number of their stores.


  • Costco usually requires that a receipt is presented in order to process a return. While this is customary for many retailers, it can make it difficult for anyone who has received a product as a gift or has lost the receipt buy is not a member to make a return.
  • Costco are likely to monitor how many returns a customer is making, particularly if they are made without a receipt or have been opened. If you are found to be making too many returns like this, you might find that there are consequences.

Final Thoughts

Costco accepts returns of diapers for any reason and at any time as part of their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Diapers can be returned in store or online and customers can receive a full refund or exchange the item, depending on the reason for wanting to return it.

Costco will accept diapers opened and occasionally even used.



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