Magic Spoon Cereal Ingredients (Review + More!)

Magic Spoon Cereal Ingredients

Magic Spoon Cereal: variety pack cereal. Do you know what are Magic Spoon cereal Ingredients? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Cereals in recent years have become a staple breakfast for many people all across the globe. Cereals come in high doses of sugar apart from the empty grain and carb content for children and adults alike. Magic Spoon cereal has been a recent hit in the market, bringing regular cereals to a healthier track.

The Magic Spoon cereal comes in various flavors; however, its main selling point is the low carb and the high protein content. Each bowl contains roughly 13-14 grams of protein compared to regular cereals, containing approximately 6 grams. Additionally, each bowl of Magic Spoon contains only 4 grams of carbs, while other cereals contain approximately 68 grams of carbs in 100 grams of cereal.

The article below mentions the details of the Magic Spoon Cereal ingredients and an overview of their flavors and benefits for diabetic individuals. Read on to know all about it!

What makes Magic Spoon special?

Magic Spoon has taken the old and reused cereal-making recipe and made it relevant to today’s intake choices and health concerns.

Unlike the past ways of making cereals with an incredible load of sugar and pointless grains, this product contains:

  • High Protein: More than 11 grams per complete serving.
  • Gluten-free: Has zero gluten or gluten-containing ingredients.
  • Low carbs: Net 4 grams per serving, and is also Keto-friendly.
  • No grains: Does not contain grains such as soy, rice, or wheat.
  • Zero sugar: Does not contain any sugar in corn syrup, cane sugar, or sugar alcohols.
  • Non-GMO: The cereal does not contain any Genetically Modified Organisms, hence is safe for consumption.
  • Natural Flavors: Do not contain any artificial sweeteners or colors.

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Since no artificial sweeteners are added to the cereal, the flavor is sweetened using Stevia, monk fruit, and Allulose. Allulose is also known as rare sugar as it is found in a very limited number of fruits such as raisins and figs.

It is made artificially using corn, with the activity of several enzymes in its conversion to fructose. It does not add to any calories in the cereal servings, hence is generally acceptable to the audience and is highly liked by them.

The main ingredients used to process the cereal are whey protein isolates, milk blends, coconut oil, chicory root fiber, and tapioca flour.

The cereal caters to various audiences that may be sensitive to natural products such as eggs and wheat, all while adding health benefits. It is also suitable for individuals working to lose weight as they don’t have to quit their cereal intake because of the non-existing sugar content.

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Moreover, the cereal with its health benefits, especially cutting out sugar, is beneficial to children.

The recipe means the chances of rotting teeth and carries are lowered to a minimum, while the protein intakes are met in a tasty and colorful manner!

Flavor Variety

The labeling says Magic Spoon cereals come in six flavors, all with approximately the same sugar content.

These are mentioned below in the list. While all flavors have gathered a massive audience, three out of six are preferred as everyday breakfast choices. These are Fruity, Frosty, and Cinnamon.

  • Fruity: The basic fruit flavor has “O” shaped loops with a pink sugary coating for flavor. When submerged in milk, the taste is strawberry-cream and lives up to the brand’s claims of being highly addictive. 
  • Cinnamon: A classic favorite, theCinnamon cereal has the O-shaped rings covered in a light brown coating of the flavor. The subtle cinnamon flavor is felt in each bite with adequate sugar content that does not over-power.
  • Cocoa: This has O-shaped rings with a generous chocolate (cocoa) coating. It has a very marginalized sugar burst when eaten, as the flavor focuses more on the baking-chocolate taste, while some might say it tastes more like Hot Chocolate. 
  • Peanut Butter: The classic O-shaped cereal with a light color coating of Peanut Butter hits home for many Peanut Butter lovers. The rings are full of flavor, while the light sugar content perfectly brings the taste together.
  • Blueberry: As imagined, the blueberry cereal has O-shaped loops with a blueberry-colored covering. It has the perfect burst of sweetness and the tinge of blueberry to satisfy one’s cravings for blueberry. 
  • Frosted: This cereal has the same shape as the others, while the coating is an off-white, somewhat cream color. When eaten, it gives a milky flavor with a quick burst of sugar that is not over-powering. 
Magic Spoon Cereal - 4 Flavor Variety Pack
  • HIGH PROTEIN: Packed with 11g of protein per serving, Magic Spoon is perfect for a filling breakfast, afternoon snack, or post-workout meal.
  • LOW CARB & KETO-FRIENDLY: With only 3-4g net carbs and 0g sugar per serving, it’s perfect for anyone on the keto diet or living a low carb lifestyle.

Benefits for Diabetics

The Magic Spoon cereal is sweetened using Allulose, an ingredient known to manage diabetes. By lowering blood sugar levels.

It increases the cellular sensitivity to Insulin, the hormone needed for regular blood sugar levels. Allulose also increases insulin production by pancreatic cells, which prevents the buildup of sugars in the blood. It, therefore, reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

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While the Magic Spoon Cereal may seem like the perfect choice for every consumer, consumers must consider some drawbacks before buying the product. These are:

  • Price: The cereal per serving is costlier than other cereals such as Cheerios. For people who eat cereals every day, affordability might be in question, impacting consumer preference for buying it.  

However, the cereal does offer subscriptions to regular customers, which significantly lower the price per purchase.

  • Texture: Since the cereal is free of grains, the crunch it offers is very short-lived. With contact with milk, the cereal becomes soft as it soaks up the liquid quickly, giving a soggy texture. This might be an instant drawback and a reason not to continue the cereals consumption for crunch lovers.
  • Aftertaste: The cereal uses Stevia for sweetening, and this product is known to cause an aftertaste that is bitter and slightly unpleasant. The cereal, therefore, had the element of bitterness with each bite. However, after a few modifications to the recipe, Stevia is no longer an ingredient. 

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Changing times call for necessary changes to be incorporated into daily life that is more suitable to the needs and demands of consumers.

Magic Spoon has considered all these possibilities and has put forth a product that satisfies the taste buds and enhances one’s mood while keeping sugar guilt at bay!



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