Magic Spoon Cereal Price (All You Need To Know!)

Magic Spoon Cereal Price

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what is the price of Magic Spoon Cereal? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

How much does magic spoon cereal cost?

Generally speaking, four boxes of Magic Spoon Cereal will amount to 39 dollars. We the consumers can just call that 40 dollars.

This means that the cost for one box of magic spoon cereal is 10 dollars. 

This is a lot of money in comparison to most cereal brands and their price points. You can expect the average cereal box to cost you around 2 dollars, maybe 3 dollars max. 

7-ounce boxes for 10 dollars a box. This price point also implies that each serving is valued at around 2 dollars. 

This is not ideal for those who want to participate in a keto-diet on a budget. If you can afford this cereal then it is a worthy purchase assuming you are a cereal lover! 

Is magic spoon cereal worth the cost?

When magic spook stated their product was a “healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true”, they should have been more broad in their statement in terms of your pockets. 

However, for a person who needs to keep up with their keto diet and really loves cereal, it is worth it to try out magic spoon cereal and see if you like it.

It’s always good to have fun and flavorful alternatives when you’re on a strict diet like low-carb and ketogenic diets are!

Review of Magic Spoon Cereal; Flavor, and Price: From Jason Mazurek

You may be wondering whether or not it’s worth the price despite its nutritional facts and keto-friendly appeal. 

The first flavor he tries out is the fruity one. He enjoyed that one a lot, because of the fact that it maintained its flavor and was super sweet and genuinely fruity despite not having any sugar.

He then left it to be for a couple of minutes and found that it was still crunchy! 

He then tries the peanut butter magic spoon cereal and is seemingly underwhelmed. He compares this cereal to Reese’s cereal and finds that it’s not merely as good.

He states that the peanut butter flavor is not up to par, as it is less potent and less enjoyable. 

Next came the frosted ones. Confused by what the flavoring was intended to be he finds that there is a sort of vanilla flavor within the product. He compares the frosted magic spoon cereal to frosted cheerios.

However, he states that the problem with this product is the same as with the peanut butter one. 

If you are looking for potent flavoring, the frosted and peanut butter flavored magic spoon cereals are not for you. 

Finally, the cocoa powder magic spoon cereal. Jason’s face begins to shift in expression considerably and quickly. He states that it is quite bitter due to the absence of sugar; seemingly overwhelming for those who do not like bitter or dark chocolate.

He stated that this one, the cocoa magic spoon cereal, was his least favorite of the bunch. 

Overall, he emphasizes the fact that this cereal would do better if it was a little bit cheaper. When it comes down to it, $40 dollars, plus taxes and shipping is a lot of money for cereal!

He states that the chocolate-flavored cereal was his least favorite, that the frosted and peanut butter ones were okay, and that the fruity-flavored magic spoon cereal was the best by far!

Review of Magic Spoon Cereals; Flavor and Price: From Avocado on Everything 

In this video review, a woman under the youtube name Avocado on Everything tries out all of the cereals from the magic spoon cereal value pack. 

On the first day, she tries out the cocoa-flavored cereal and is eager at first. She is then visibly unimpressed by the aftertaste.

She states that it was fantastic at first but then, the taste of protein powder surpassed the chocolate flavor.

She also found that it was not very sweet despite the box stating that it utilized artificial sweeter; which is usually very sweet. 

She stated that she felt full for about 2 hours after eating a bowl of magic spoon cereal. 

She then tried the peanut butter flavored cereal and found that right after consuming the product, there was a protein powder salty flavor soon afterward. It was generally the same experience as the chocolate-flavored one except less bitter. 

The frosted flavor one had a strong vanilla flavor that she enjoyed. It reminded her of regular, non-keto cereal in terms of its flavor.

However, the protein powder dissolved and became potent which turned her off of the product. Despite that, she found this one to be her favorite of the four. 

Finally, she believes that the fruit-flavored magic spoon cereal tasted like regular fruity flavored cereal. She is not generally a fan of fruity cereal but states that for an individual who does like fruity cereal, this would be perfect for them.

Once again, the protein flavor arrives and made the experience less enjoyable for her.

As someone who is not on a strict diet, ketogenic, or low carb diet, her concern is more so the flavor versus price and thus, the value.

She recognizes that it is great for those who cannot eat regular cereal, but restates the flavor in consideration of the price point is not up to par for the most part. 

Overall, she finds that the price is generally a deal-breaker because she personally was not much of a fan of the product.

She found that the boxes that were used for the cereal were considerably cheap; they opened in an odd and unruly manner. 


Transparency is key when purchasing products that will have an impact on you, from your mouth to your mind.

Magic spoon cereal is great for those in a specific niche of individuals who need low-carb products on a daily basis. 

Magic spoon cereal costs $40 dollars for four boxes and generally has mixed reviews. It all depends on what you like and whether or not you are willing to consume a product that has a considerable amount of protein powder. 

Some taste better than others, but most importantly, it is healthy and flavorful. It’s worth a try if you are someone that needs to get their cereal fix whilst on a keto-diet.

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