Can You Eat Magic Spoon Cereal On Low Carb Keto Diet?

Can You Eat Magic Spoon Cereal On Low Carb Keto Diet

Do you know if you can eat Magic Spoon cereal on low carb keto diet? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

More often than not, people following a keto diet struggle with incorporating cereal into their ketogenic dieting since most cereal is high in carb content and goes against the rules of keto.

The question still remains, are there healthier cereal options out there for people strictly following a keto diet?

Can you eat Magic Spoon cereal on low carb diet? Yes, Magic spoon cereal is a low carb cereal with 4g net carbs per serving, considered perfect for someone who is on a keto diet since keto requires you to eat foods with less carbs. The cereal also contains low amounts of saturated fats derived from plant oils, making it the healthiest cereal for ketogenic dieting.

This article goes on to tell you all you need to know about Magic Spoon cereal, its properties, why it fits so well with a ketogenic diet, and other information you may find useful.

Can you eat Magic Spoon cereal on a low carb keto diet?

Yes, you can definitely eat Magic spoon cereal on a low carb keto diet, however, there are a few considerations. Firstly, since this cereal is low in fat content, you’ll naturally have to eat an additional form of food to fulfill your breakfast’s fat content goal.

We suggest using cream, eggs, or bacon to ensure that you remain in ketosis throughout your diet.

Secondly, although most of its ingredients are keto approved, there is one that is not; tapioca starch/flour.

So, if you’re a person who does not mind consuming trace amounts of one non-ketogenic ingredient amongst the variety of ketogenic ones, then this cereal is the one for you.

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Can non-keto eaters also have Magic Spoon cereal?

Non-keto eaters can also exchange their high fat, high carb, and calorie cereals for this low carb, low fat one if they wish to eat a bit healthier without having to commit to a dieting plan like keto.

Since this cereal also contains high amounts of protein and other healthy ingredients that help with burning fat and maintaining blood sugar control, it’s a much healthier alternative to normal cereals where the nutrient intake and bodily functions are concerned.

Why is cereal considered a ‘no’ during keto dieting?

Most cereal options the likes of Cheerios are already considered unhealthy because of their high net carb content (20+ grams per serving).

Not only that, most breakfast cereals also have an unnaturally high amount of saturated fats, sugars, and other unhealthy ingredients.

In terms of keto dieting, these cereals are considered to be off limits to someone who is currently on a keto diet, because of their high carb and saturated fat content.

Plus, most cereals contain about 20 grams of carbs per serving, which is also the average amount of carbs a person on keto can have during a day. So, even if you eat one serving, you’re fulfilling your carb quota of the day in one meal, which is not ideal.

Although most cereals are considered a ‘no’ for keto eaters, there are healthier alternatives designed specifically for people on a low carb keto diet, one of which is Magic Spoon.

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What exactly is Magic Spoon cereal?

Magic Spoon cereal was specifically designed and made to fulfill the needs of keto eaters, as such it has low carbs, low calories, and high protein contents.

The cereal fulfills the fantasy of those on a low-carb or keto diet, by saving them from the hassle of preparing a low carb breakfast on their own, and providing a quicker fix in the form of low carb breakfast cereal.

Not only this, the cereal also uses completely natural sweeteners, is gluten free and also grain free. The cereal currently comes in 6 different flavors (fruity, cinnamon, frosted, blueberry, peanut butter, cocoa) and is considered a healthy snack or breakfast option for adults specifically on a diet (also offered in a bundle pack for variety).

How is Magic Spoon a keto-friendly cereal?

Let’s discuss all the ways Magic Spoon has become a keto-friendly cereal for all low carb keto eaters out there.

Healthy ingredients

Compared to many other cereal brands out there, Magic Spoon contains all natural, healthy ingredients. The protein blend (whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate) give the cereal a very high protein content (13 grams per serving), which is typically less in other cereals.

Along with the high protein content, according to the Magic Spoon’s official website, the cereal is also gluten-free (no gluten ingredients), grain-free (no wheat, rice, or soy), and uses avocado and coconut oils as its source for saturated fats.

While other cereals use unhealthy sources of unsaturated fats, Magic Spoon uses healthier alternatives for its low carb eating customers.

Compared to cereals like Cheerios, Magic Spoon contains no artificial flavoring or sweeteners, all its flavoring comes from natural sources like fruits and other food products. As such it is also a perfect low calorie snack for keto eaters.

According to Healthline, the full list of ingredients constituting Magic Spoon are as follows:

·        Protein blend

·        Sweetener blend

·        Tapioca starch/flour

·        Oil blend

·        Chicory root fiber

·        Natural flavors

·        Salts

Carb content

We all know ketogenic dieters on average don’t consume more than 20 grams of carbs per day, which is a very low amount of carbs so they have to be extra mindful of the foods they eat and the carbs they contain.

As such, Magic Spoon cereal proves to be a perfect breakfast option since it tells you exactly how many carbs you will be consuming per serving.

Furthermore, the carb content per serving is quite low, being only 3-4 grams. This amount of carb content is easily adjustable in the daily carb quota of an average keto dieter as it will not only keep them firm on their diet but also make sure they get all the necessary amount of nutrients (proteins) to remain in a healthy condition.

Natural sweetener

Magic Spoon contains a sweetener known as Allulose, which is a new type of sweetener recently recognized by the FDA.

The best thing about this sweetener is that since the body does not recognize it as a viable energy source, it does not cause a rise in blood sugar levels.

Allulose is also a low-calorie, naturally extracted sweetener which is not metabolized in the same way as normal sugar, hence it is a very beneficial ingredient to have in cereals as it will provide the desired sweet taste without adding many calories to your body, perfect for keto.

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