IKEA Mattress Return Policy (No Receipt, Damaged, Used + More)

ikea mattress return policy

Do you know what Ikea mattress return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Buying a new mattress can be very tricky; whether you are sleeping alone or with someone else, finding that perfect feel is crucial. So, when you are shopping for a mattress, it is extremely important to understand the Ikea mattress return policy.

You can easily return an Ikea mattress to the store, even after sleeping on it, as long as it is returned within 90 days. However, you can only return or exchange a mattress one time.

If you purchased a mattress from an Ikea store and decided it wasn’t the best option for your bedroom, this article is complete with all of the ways you can and can not return it for your money back or an exchange.

Ikea Mattress Return Policy

Ikea is a great place to shop for all things “home” thanks to its wide array of fantastic products and terrific customer service. One of their popular items currently on the market today is their selection of mattresses ranging in different sizes, designs, and comfort levels.

Because of the large array of mattresses offered, it can be easy to find yourself unhappy with the brand you purchased after a few nights of sleeping on it.

Luckily for you, Ikea makes it easy to return mattresses to their stores as long as it is within 90-days of the date of the original sale. 

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How to Return a Mattress to Ikea

Returning your mattress to Ikea is really easy, and you have two options for this transaction. You can return the mattress to one of the physical Ikea locations, or you can schedule a pickup appointment with the company.

Pick-up services are not available at all Ikea locations; you can find out if your local Ikea store offers pick-up services by logging onto their website or calling the location directly.

If you do have the option to have professionals come and pick up your mattress, it must be in an area that is easy to access and provides appropriate cover to keep the item in good condition, such as inside a garage or covered on the porch.

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Can You Return a Mattress to Ikea Without a Receipt?

Unfortunately, you can not return your mattress to Ikea without the original receipt, invoice, or confirmation of purchase and a government-issued photo ID. 

However, if you lost your receipt, you are not necessarily out of luck. Ikeas keeps a pretty good record of sales, so if you ordered your mattress online or used any form of payment aside from cash, check, or gift cards, they may be able to locate your original receipt, making it possible to exchange or return.

Can you Return a Mattress that has Been Slept-in to Ikea?

Yes, you can. Ikea will accept mattresses back whether they have been slept in or not, as long as the return takes place within 90-days of the purchase date.

Just because you can return mattresses to Ikea within 90-days doesn’t mean Ikea has to accept them. There are some restrictions to the policy which include:

  • The mattress is torn or damage
  • The mattress is dirty or stained
  • The mattress has been altered in any way

Whether or not your return or exchange is approved is up to the discretion of the Ikea employee, so it is imperative you keep the mattress in brand-new and clean conditions until you are absolutely sure you won’t be returning it.

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Can You Return a Mattress to an Ikea Design Studio?

No. According to the Ikea website and return policies, no purchases can be returned to the Ikea studio sites.

These stores are specifically designed to accommodate customers in creating custom, personalized spaces and styles and are not equipped with the space or equipment to take in returns.

Can You Return a Mattress to Ikeas Pick-up Locations?

No. Like the Design studios, these locations are not equipped to deal with returns. Pick-up locations are specifically for people retrieving items they have purchased online or custom-made orders.

How do You Return a Mattress to Ikea that Came in Damaged or Dirty?

Ikea is dedicated to making its customers happy and will not dispute a return on any product that came to you in “less than perfect conditions.”

If you are in a position where you want to return or exchange a damaged mattress, the best thing to do is contact customer service ahead of time to discuss the issues and all of the options available in order to make the best decision for your specific situation.

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Are There Exceptions to the 90-day Return Policy on Mattresses Sold at Ikea?

Unfortunately, the chances of getting a mattress approved for a return or exchanged after 90-days is not very high. 

90-days should be plenty of time for someone to determine whether or not they like the mattress or whether or not the mattress has any imperfections that require a return or exchange.

If you do notice issues with your Ikea mattress, it is critical that you contact their customer service department as soon as possible.

Does Ikea Offer a Warranty on Their Mattresses?

Yes. Ikea offers customers a limited 10-year warranty on all of their mattresses that will cover your purchases if there are damages or defects that occur after the 90-return rule that was out of your control.

This means your mattress is covered if there was a mistake by the manufacturer during construction, shipping, or storing the mattress that causes it to be defective.

You can get complete information regarding the Ikeas mattress warranty by logging onto the Ikea website.

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How Long Does a Mattress Last?

IKEA mattresses are built to last between 7 and 10 years, for that reason, they attach a 10-year guarantee with all of their mattresses that covers them against defects in materials and issues with workmanship.

The warranty doesn’t apply to sofa mattresses, children’s mattresses, and mattress pads. 

When Should I Replace My IKEA Mattress?

Your IKEA mattress is under warranty for 10 years, however, when you replace it is determined by several factors.

If it is 6 to 8 years old, your sleep is being affected, your allergies are getting bad, you wake up several times throughout the night, or you’re getting better sleep in other beds, it’s probably time to change it. 

How Much Does it Cost to Return a Mattress to IKEA?

If you have a 10-year warranty, it won’t cost you a thing to return it if it is damaged due to poor craftsmanship. 

IKEA has a 90-day return policy, so long as it’s in original condition.

How Can I Make My IKEA Mattress More Comfortable?

The first and best way to make your IKEA mattress more comfortable is to choose the right mattress for you at the start.

After that, it’s all about pillows and how firm they are, various bedding choices, neck alignment pillows, and hypoallergenic materials that you can choose from. 

What Does IKEA do with Returned Mattresses?

According to IKEA, “At a minimum, 80% of a mattress can be recycled.” In the state of California, IKEA mattress recycling services are completely free.

Everywhere else, returned mattresses to IKEA charge a $25 fee “if” you want to have the mattress recycled.

Otherwise, returned mattresses are donated or resold under different vendors as “used” mattresses. 

How Do You Tell If a Mattress Is New or Refurbished?

If you are shopping for a mattress at IKEA, the mattresses that are refurbished are clearly labeled as such. Mattresses that are brand new are marketed and sold as brand new.

If you are in the market for a refurbished mattress, you simply have to look through the “refurbished” category until you find what you are looking for. 

Can I Return My Mattress to IKEA without a Receipt?

If you don’t have a receipt with your IKEA mattress, when you return it, IKEA will attempt to find your purchase in their system in one of three ways: Credit or Debit card look-up, gift card number, or order number. If they cannot find your purchase in the system, whether or not the return can be completed is up to the manager of the store. 

Can I Return an IKEA Sofa Mattress?

IKEA has a 365-day return policy on most of their merchandise and that includes a sofa mattress. However, you have to return it in its original condition.

It cannot have any abrasions, tears, holes in the fabric, or any other damage. If it has any of the above, IKEA will probably not accept the return. 

Why Does My IKEA Mattress Feel Different Than in the Store?

Every brand new mattress that you purchase is like purchasing a new pair of shoes. You have to break it in over time.

Keep in mind, that mattresses that are in IKEA’s showroom are used, as in, dozens of people lay in them every day. That’s not including kids who will jump on them as well. 

Can I Sleep on an IKEA Mattress Before 72 Hours?

The 72-hour rule is an overkill rule meant to give memory foam mattresses time to open up. However, that should only be 24 hours and IKEA mattresses that are not memory foam are perfectly fine for immediate use. 

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Summing Things Up

If you are in the market for a new mattress, Ikea is a great place to go.

At Ikea, you have the option to choose whatever mattress you like, then return it within 90-days for full price or an exchange if you aren’t 100% satisfied with it for any reason. 

Ikea has a wide selection of mattresses to choose from, giving customers something they will likely not want to ever return it anyways.




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