Does IKEA Deliver To Your Door? (Here Is What To Do Now!)

Does IKEA Deliver To Your Door

Do you know if IKEA delivers to your door? Yes, IKEA Delivers.

IKEA is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of different things. They are pretty well known for their high-quality, put-together furniture. But, if you don’t live near an IKEA store, you may be wondering if IKEA does delivery straight to your home, especially for their larger furniture items. 

The great news is YES, IKEA does deliver to your door! They have two different beginning delivery fees depending on if your order is considered small or large, but if you’re willing to pay the price, you can have your IKEA goods delivered to your home. 

This article will discuss IKEA’s delivery process, how to save money on IKEA delivery, and alternate options for pick-up. 

How Does IKEA Delivery Work?

There are a total of 68 IKEA stores in North America. Which means, although shopping in IKEA can be a great experience, many of us live a little too far away to make a trip in person without a guarantee that the items you want will be in stock. 

The solution to this is that IKEA offers delivery for both small and large orders, but their delivery fees can be pricey! 

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How Much Is The Small Order Delivery Fee?

The small delivery fee at IKEA starts at only $4.99! This is fairly cheap as far as shipping goes, however it is important to remember that the shipping fee can rise significantly depending on how far you live from an IKEA distribution center. 

IKEA does allow you to track your order directly to your door and operates in a similar fashion to other stores. 

However, IKEA doesn’t exactly specify what would qualify as a “small” order. We can infer based on the products they offer that a small order would be anything considered an accessory.

So, think accent decorations, utensils, placements, or drawer hardware. 

But, if your order doesn’t qualify for the small delivery fee, you’ll be charged the large order delivery fee. 

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How Much Is The Large Order Delivery Fee?

The large order delivery fee charged by IKEA starts at $49.00. It also can be significantly higher depending on how far your home is from an IKEA distribution center and depending on how high in demand the product is. 

In fact, depending on how far away you live, your delivery fee may be double or even triple what the starting rate is.

However, this price covers the entire delivery process from processing, handling, and packaging, to delivery.

It makes sense that the farther away you live, the higher the cost will be. 

IKEA also offers two different forms of home delivery:

  • In Home Delivery, and 
  • Doorstep Delivery. 

In Home Delivery

The In Home delivery option allows you to pick a room within your house where the delivery team will bring your package.

For instance, you may want a bed delivered into the bedroom, whereas a couch would be better if it was delivered to the living room. 

This is a great option, especially if you live alone. The boxes that IKEA furniture comes in are extremely heavy and may be difficult to move, even if you have someone to help. 

As long as you make sure the delivery team has a safe pathway to the room of your choice they will bring the box inside. 

Doorstep Delivery

Just like it sounds, Doorstep Delivery is when the delivery team simply brings the package to your doorstep and leaves it there.

While you can direct them to leave the package anywhere of your choosing outside, which includes the garage. 

If you won’t be home to receive a delivery this would be a great option as the package will be waiting for you when you get home.

However, you’ll want to make sure you have a few extra hands to help bring the product inside depending on the weight. 

How Can I Save Money On IKEA Delivery Fees? 

IKEA delivery fees are unavoidable. There isn’t a really good way to avoid it or receive a discounted fee. However, one way to minimize the amount you pay in delivery costs is to make sure you purchase everything you want in the same order. 

While the fee will vary based on location, the amount of items in your order won’t raise the cost. 

So, if you are re-doing a living room and want to order a couch and two side tables, it would be best to order them all together instead of making two separate orders. 

Does IKEA Offer In-Store Pickup? 

If you live far from an IKEA store it may not be worth your time to drive there only to find they are out of stock of everything you had picked out.

However, IKEA does allow for pickup at their store. In fact, IKEA has two different pickup options:

  • Click and Collect, and 
  • Local Pickup. 

How Does “Click and Collect” Work?

If you live in the same area as an IKEA store this is a great option. You simply choose the “Collect at Store” option during checkout and will receive information on the time and date your order will be ready. 

From there you simply wait for the notification that your order is ready for pickup, head to the IKEA store, provide your ID and order number, and someone will load the product into your vehicle.

You will have 24 hours to pick up your order from the IKEA store once it is ready. 

The only important consideration you should make before choosing this option is to ensure your car is large enough to transport the product. 

What Is Local Pickup?

If you choose local pickup as your option at the checkout you will be provided a list of set locations, depending on your own location, where you can pick up your product. 

If you choose this option, you are granted five business days to pick up your product. 

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IKEA offers delivery for all of their items! Although their large delivery fee can be pricey, it can be well worth it for the convenience of having the product of your choice delivered right to your door!



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