Ikea Mattress Return Policy in Canada (What´s Covered + More)

Ikea Mattress Return Policy Canada

Do you know what the IKEA mattress return policy in Canada is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

IKEA truly took off in the 1990s and the early turn of the millennium and most would be surprised to know that IKEA has been around since 1951.

That’s right, people have been attempting to DIY assemble millions of IKEA parts for over half a century. Not only has IKEA been around for a long time, but its return policies have evolved as well. 

So, what is the IKEA mattress return policy in Canada? According to the IKEA mattress return policy in Canada, IKEA has a ‘no-nonsense’ return policy that includes any product, including mattresses. Mattresses in Canadian and US stores can be returned at any time within 365 days for a full refund or exchange. However, as with everything in life, there are some caveats.

IKEA’s no-nonsense return policy is relatively new, as reflected on the IKEA Canada website for return policies and other fine print.

If you decide to return your mattress, you have an entire year to get it back to IKEA in one piece, even if you’ve already removed it from the package and fully assembled it. 

Exceptions to IKEA Mattress Returns in Canada

Canada has a few exceptions to the rule, however, they’re not extremely onerous, so long as you always save your receipts that is. 

  • You must provide IKEA with proof of purchase
  • Has to be unused and in a saleable condition
  • If it is dirty, stained, abused, damaged, or otherwise in an imperfect condition, IKEA can refuse the return
  • IKEA prefers that you return it in the original package as well

IKEA doesn’t explicitly say that you have to return it in the original package or they won’t return your money, but they do strongly emphasize that you return it—if not in the original package, with the original package. 

Of course, if the mattress is dirty, damaged, looks as if it has been abused, or has stains on it, IKEA can completely refuse to refund your return. Of all of the policy caveats, this one certainly makes the most sense. 

When they say that it has to be in a “saleable” condition, that’s what they are essentially covering. IKEA isn’t going to toss the mattress if you return it.

They’re going to attempt to sell it and if the mattress you return is brand new and unused, they have a good chance of doing so. 

IKEA also does not explicitly say that they will not honor your return if you don’t provide them with proof of purchase. However, as with returning a mattress in bad condition, returning it without the proof of purchase means that IKEA can refuse the return.

If nothing else, you should try to bring something in that shows you purchased the mattress at IKEA. If you don’t have the original receipt, you can always pull up your credit or debit card statements and use that instead. 

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How to Return a Mattress to IKEA

You can return a mattress to IKEA in one of two ways. The first is the simplest process, through IKEA’s online return process. 

  • Create an IKEA account and sign in on their website
  • Follow this link to start your return process
  • Enter your order number or the receipt number
  • List the articles that you want to return
  • Provide IKEA with a detailed reason for the return
  • Enter all of your information, such as an address, name, and phone number

After you are finished filling out all of the small print, the rest is just a matter of setting aside a day to bring the mattress in or ship it in, either way.

The second method is to just do the entire return process in-store. Of course, you can’t just waltz into IKEA with a king-size mattress on your back, so you will have to leave it in the car or the truck while you go in and conduct the return process. 

After everything is settled in-store, you will probably be directed to the loading dock, where IKEA brings in all of its stock delivery, and you will unload the mattress from there. Simple as that. 

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So long as everything is good to go, IKEA will give you a full refund by the means that you used to purchase the mattress in the first place. If you bought it with a debit card, the money will be returned, via debit, to your bank account. The same applies to a credit card. 

Cash purchases are often a bit more difficult since you really have to have a receipt to prove that you purchased the mattress there. It’s not like cash is going to show up as an IKEA transaction on your bank account. 

The problem with cash returns is that stores often aren’t carrying that much cash in their registers. What IKEA might do in these instances is give you your return back by using your debit card or giving you a refund via a gift card. 

Love it or Exchange it Terms and Conditions

There is one type of mattress that you cannot return under IKEA’s policies and that is a sofa-bed mattress. The simplest return for mattresses that do qualify is to exchange them for another mattress that is of equal value. 

IKEA advises customers to give their mattress a full month to determine whether or not it’s going to be right for them. 

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All Things Considered

IKEA has a pretty good return policy, whether you live in Canada or south of the border. After all, 365 days is a really generous time period for mattresses.

You have an entire year to decide whether or not it is right for you. Just remember, don’t do anything to the mattress that will stain, discolor, or damage it, as that will ruin the return.





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