Ikea Return Policy Without Receipt? (Secrets You´ll Never Imagine!)

ikea return policy without receipt

Do you know what Ikea return policy without receipt is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

IKEA is known and popular for its furniture business, and it is also known for having one of the more convoluted return policies that you’re likely to find out there, whether you purchase your IKEA items online or in-store.

So, what is IKEA return policy without a receipt? IKEA doesn’t have a firm policy on returning items without a receipt. Returning an item to IKEA without a receipt is essentially a game of luck and it will depend on the item in question and management at the IKEA store. 

The usual process, assuming that you have a receipt, is that you will have 365 days from the date of purchase to return items that you don’t want or are defective.

You also have 365 days, even if you lack a receipt.

If the product that you purchased from IKEA is defective, your odds of getting a return on it, even without a receipt, are much better than if there is nothing wrong with the item in question. 

Opened Products from IKEA

If you open the item that you purchased from IKEA, you can still return it without a receipt, though you are always taking a chance without a receipt, your time is cut in half.

Once you have opened an item that you have purchased from IKEA, your time to return the item is reduced from 365 days to 180 days. 

So ,IKEA will honor an opened item, so long as you get it to them in the shortened period.

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What to Bring Without a Receipt?

Regardless of the condition of the item (opened or unopened), you will need to bring several things with you to increase your odds of success.

  • Your identification
  • The item in question
  • Your original payment method
  • Anything that proves the validity of the purchase

All retailers want identification when you are returning items so that’s nothing unusual. You can bring a standard, state-issued ID, a federal-issued ID, or a passport.

Any of those will do as far as IKEA is concerned. 

If you can prove your purchase without a receipt, so much the better. If you made the purchase online, it is really easy to go back and draw the item up in IKEA orders.

If you make your purchase via credit or debit card, it’s pretty simple to just print up a copy of your bank statements or credit card statements. Bring the statement with you to IKEA and it will serve just as well as a receipt. 

If you bring the item in and you have already opened it, be ready for the fact that IKEA will go over the item through and through to ensure that there is not a single scratch or abrasion on it.

IKEA’s stance on the matter is that if they do find something, you will not get a return. 

Returning Items to IKEA

Returning items to IKEA that you purchased online is a far more simple matter because you do not need a receipt since everything is recorded online.

There is a process to go through, however, and you will have to ship the item back to IKEA.

  • To start the online return, use the return option on IKEA’s website
  • Fill in your order number
  • Fill in your shipping address
  • Follow the remaining instructions and print out a shipping label

Once you have your shipping label, ship the item back to IKEA, however, keep in mind that this is one of the slowest ways to get a return through IKEA.

It will probably take at least a week to get the item to IKEA, not including how long it takes for the return to be processed.

To return an item to IKEA in-store, you simply have to bring the item to a local IKEA store and make the return. As mentioned above, you will need to bring your ID, any proof of your purchase that you can, and your original payment method.

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Escalating to Management

If you are not having any luck trying to return your item without a receipt, you can always escalate to management.

Once you’re at the management level, the old adage that “the customer is always right” plays a much larger role. 

You may be able to plead your case without a receipt to more welcome ears at the management level. However, you catch more flies with honey, so you will want to remain polite but resolute as you deal with a manager and, potentially, above management.

IKEA Return Exceptions

IKEA, like every other retailer in the world, does have exceptions to its return policy and that’s mostly the case when it comes to mattresses. 

If you want to return a mattress to IKEA, you only have 90 days to do so which is far less than the 180 days you have to return an open item and the 365 days that you have to return unopened items.

Outside of that, there are a few other things that you cannot return to IKEA, receipt or no receipt.

  • Custom designed countertops
  • “As-is goods,” which are items that are sold at a discount
  • Any and all plants, fake or otherwise, are not returnable
  • IKEA gift cards
  • Cut fabric

Most of these make plenty of sense. You will find that gift cards are not returnable at any retailer location so IKEA is not breaking new ground there. 

IKEA also won’t accept returns for items that are sold at discount or any of their plants. IKEA sells a lot of fake plants and flowers as well as a few that are real, however, once you purchase them, the sale is final, as they cannot be returned. 

Cut fabrics are the same as custom countertops. Since they have been customized, there is no way that they can be returned, as special customization options and cut fabrics cannot be resold. 

All Things Considered

IKEA’s return options are a bit convoluted, when you read through the fine print, however, there isn’t much with IKEA that is different from most other return options without a receipt.

IKEA does not have a written policy on returns without a receipt, but you will find that most customer service reps will be more than happy to do what they can to help you, especially if you have some proof of purchase.

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