IKEA Return Policy For Damaged Items (All You Need To Know!)

IKEA return policy damaged

Nothing is perfect, and mistakes happen all of the time, so when an item you purchased from IKEA gets to you in less than ideal condition, you probably want to know whether or not the item can be returned and how to make it happen easily and effortlessly.

You can return damaged products to IKEA, or a damaged part can be replaced free of charge. Before returning a damaged item to IKEA, contact customer service to find out what your options are and the best choice for your specific situation.

If you have questions regarding damaged products purchased at IKEA, this article will help guide you through the process of returning the items and what will be accepted and what might not.

What is IKEA’s Return Policy on Damaged Products?

There is little more frustrating than buying a brand new item from a store, only to get it home and find out you can’t use it because it is damaged.

Luckily, if the store you were shopping at when this happens is IKEA, you have a good chance of getting a replacement, refund, or replacement part effortlessly and free of charge.

No matter what the item is, if it is damaged when you receive it, IKEA will make it right. If you have to return a broken item to IKEA, simply take it back to the store you bought it from along with your receipt, and they will find the best solution for you. 

Don’t have the time to take it back at the moment, but you want to get in touch with the store right away? You can also call the IKEA customer service phone number located on the website to speak with someone regarding the issue, and they will work hard to fix the problem in the best way possible fast.

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Can You Return a Damaged Item to IKEA Without a Receipt?

No, technically, you can not return any item to IKEA without a receipt. When you purchase anything from IKEA, it is imperative you keep your recipe until you know you want to keep it and that it isn’t broken or missing parts.

While IKEA is very helpful and provides great customer service, they have to protect themselves against fraud. You must provide proof that the purchase was recent in order to return the product.

How Can You Return Damaged Items to IKEA?

If you received a broken product from IKEA and you have talked with a customer services representative, you have the option of having the brand come and pick up the item free of charge. 

Not all IKEAs offer a pickup service, so you are encouraged to contact your local retailer to find out your options. 

If you do qualify for your damaged items to get picked up, it is important that you leave them in an area that is easy to access and where the item is protected from the weather.

If there are no pick-up services in your area, you can either take the broken product back to the store you purchased it from or request to mail it back to the company, where you will then be sent a pre-paid shipping label.

There are many situations where the item will only require a new part; if this is the case, IKEA will send you that piece free of charge.

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Can You Return Damaged Items to IKEAS Pick-Up Centers?

No. IKEA pick-up centers are only for people who ordered an item online or had a custom item made.

These locations do not have the proper setup or equipment to take in any returns, nor can they provide you with a new product for exchanges or give you your money back.

Can You Return A Damaged Item to IKEA’S Design Center?

IKEA offers customers a wonderful service in which you can pre-plan a space or product, then order custom or specific pieces to re-create the design of your dreams.

While this is an amazing service, the stores themselves are not equipped to deal with damaged products, which means they can not exchange products, take returns, or repair or replace any damaged items.

How Long Do You Have to Return Items to IKEA

IKEA provides customers with a fairly long timeframe to return items they don’t want or ones that may have been broken when received.

You have a full 360-day period to return unused, unopened items. So if you notice the product was missing a piece or can see damage to the package or items inside, you have plenty of time to take them back.

If you opened a product and used it, then noticed there was damage done or the product was missing pieces, you are given the opportunity to return it within 180-days from its original purchase date.

In order to return items to IKEA, you must provide the original receipt, invoice, or proof of purchase email and have a government-issued ID ready to show to customer service. 

Your ID is kept in the store’s computer, and all return and exchange transactions are saved to ensure there is no fraud committed or any misuse of IKEA’s return services.

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What Happens If You Order From IKEA, but the Item Never Shows Up?

Sometimes products purchased from any store can come to you in the mail with broken or missing parts. Sometimes the items you buy never show up at all.

If you order an item online from IKEA and it doesn’t show up, all you have to do is contact IKEAs customer service by phone, and they will sort things out.

Can You Take Damaged Items You received in the Mail to a Physical IKEA location?

Yes. Broken products you may have received after buying them at IKEA online can be taken to your local IKEA store for an exchange or refund. However, in order to get a refund, make sure you take your invoice and your ID.

Summing Things Up

If you shop at IKEA, you don’t have to worry about receiving broken or damaged items without any way to get a replacement or your money back. IKEA does its best to keep its customers happy; all you have to do is make the call.




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