Ikea Mattress Return Policy in Australia (Coverage + More) 

ikea mattress return policy Australia

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what the IKEA mattress return policy in Australia is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You bought the mattress of your dreams from Ikea in Australia, but it turned out to be more of a nightmare. Are you stuck with this mattress forever or can you return it?

According to the IKEA mattress return policy in Australia, you are allowed to return mattress due to dissatisfaction as laid out in their “Love it or exchange it” policy.

In this article, we will review how long you have to return your mattress to Ikea Australia and how to go about returning it.

Additionally, we will cover what reasons Ikea Australia may not accept mattress returns and how you will be refunded for your return.

How Long Do I Have to Return My Mattress to Ikea Australia?

You have a full year from the date of purchase to exchange a mattress for Ikea Australia that you are not satisfied with.

Ikea understands that it can take a while to figure out if your mattress purchase is up to par with your expectations. As such, they encourage you to try out your mattress for at least a month or two before deciding to return it.

Ikea Australia also suggests that you get the right pillow and mattress pad to accommodate your sleeping needs. However, if you find that the mattress is too soft or too hard, then you can take it back to find a better mattress within a year of purchase.

You can only make one exchange during that timeframe though.

Shop carefully and figure out what it is that you didn’t like about your original mattress purchase so that you can avoid bringing home another mattress with the same problems.

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How Do I Return My Mattress to Ikea Australia?

You can bring your unwanted mattress to any Ikea Australia store to exchange it for a different one. Make sure that you have your receipt as Ikea will not accept returns without proof of purchase.

If you do not have your receipt, they may be able to look up the purchase by your credit or debit card.

Once you have successfully returned your original mattress, you can choose your replacement mattress and the Ikea associate will ring it out accordingly to make sure the exchange is reflected in their inventory and to prevent dishonest exchanges occurring more than once a year.

While other Ikea Australia purchases are available for collection from your house by Ikea professionals, mattress exchanges usually need to take place in the store.

However, if you would like to have your mattress collected from your residence and you know which mattress you want to exchange it for, you can call customer service to see if they will allow you to make the exchange without going to the store.

Are There Any Reasons Ikea Australia Would Not Accept a Mattress for Returns?

While Ikea Australia wants you to be completely satisfied with your mattress purchase, there are certain conditions under which they will not accept a returned mattress.

If the mattress is damaged, dirty, stained, or marked up in any way, they will not accept the mattress for an exchange.

Ikea needs to be able to resell returned mattresses and anything in less than “like new” condition will not be accepted for returns.

If your mattress was damaged when you bought it and you didn’t realize it until you brought it home or it was delivered to you, take pictures and immediately document the nature of the damage.

Present your case to an Ikea associate and they should be able to accept the return considering you were not at fault for the damage.

Another reason Ikea Australia would not accept a mattress is if it was purchased more than a year before you attempt to return it.

Make sure you watch your dates and make the exchange within the given timeframe.

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How Will I Be Refunded for My Ikea Australia Mattress?

Ikea Australia does not offer refunds for mattress purchases. Instead, you have the ability to exchange your unwanted mattress for another one once within the year of purchasing the original. You don’t have to exchange it for a mattress of the same brand or even one of the same price.

If the price of the replacement mattress is the same as the original, you can do a straight exchange. If the replacement mattress costs more than the original, you will have to pay the difference in price.

If the replacement mattress costs less than the original, Ikea Australia will give you a store credit in the amount of the difference between the prices.

Ikea Australia’s mattress exchange policy applies to all new mattresses so that you can guarantee you get the mattress that will meet your needs.

If you receive a damaged product, you may want to ask an Ikea Australia associate if it qualifies as an exception for a refund.


Ikea Australia has a “Love it or exchange it” policy when it comes to their mattresses. You can exchange any mattress once within one year of purchase if you are unsatisfied with the mattress you bought.

Mattresses that are damaged or marked up cannot be exchanged.

Any difference in price between the original price and the replacement mattress will either be charged to you or given to you as store credit.

Ikea Australia wants to guarantee your happiness when it comes to your mattress which is why they are so flexible with their exchange policy.




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