Does Target Have Body Jewelry? (Cubic Zirconia + More)   

Does Target Have Body Jewelry

Do you know if Target has or sells body jewelry? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Target always has everything on your list and more. Say you want to branch out from your regular shopping of cleaning supplies and clothes – can you also get accessories like body jewelry at Target?

Target does carry body jewelry and has a wide selection from classic high quality pieces to inexpensive fun items for kids.

In this article, you will learn what kind of body jewelry Target sell, how much it costs, and if you can get body jewelry piercings at Target. We will also cover if Target sells hypoallergenic body jewelry and what competing stores also carry body jewelry.

What Kind of Body Jewelry Does Target Have?

Even though there are several options for popular body jewelry such as nose rings, belly button rings, cubic zirconia, and other facial piercings, Target only carried body jewelry for ear piercings. They offer a wide range of earrings meant for lobe piercings.

Some studs and small rings can also be used for piercings on other parts of the ear; however, you should take caution with this since these piercings tend to be more sensitive.

Target has a wide range of different earring styles from long dangling earrings to small studs.

Most earrings are appropriate for adults although Target does carry earrings designed for children including babies who have their ears pierced.

There are also a variety of metals available for Target earrings including stainless steel, gold, silver, and more.

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How Much Does Body Jewelry Cost at Target?

Target has a vast selection of earrings including some earrings that are made with higher quality materials. More than half of the pierced earrings that Target sells are priced at less than $25 per pair.

In fact, there are quite a few items that come with multiple sets of earrings in one package, making the cost of a pair of earrings less than $1 each.

The most expensive pair of earrings that Target sells are one and a half carat weight diamond studs. These earrings are made by Pompeii 3 and come in a variety of metal settings such as fourteen carat white or yellow gold.

These earrings are regularly priced at $3,000, but when Target is running a sale, they can be sold for as low as $1,000.

Can I Get Piercings for Body Jewelry at Target?

Even though some jewelry stores that sell body jewelry also offer piercing services, Target is not one of them. Target is not set up to accommodate performing body piercings at this time.

However, other retail stores like Claire’s can do basic body piercings like earlobe piercings.

For more body piercing options like other parts of the ear, nose, belly button, and more, you will need to go to a piercing shop or tattoo parlor.

If you want to purchase earrings to wear immediately after you get your ears pierced, Target can certainly help with that.

Most piercing places will give you standard earrings to wear until the piercing is established.

However, if you bring a set of earrings you would like to wear initially – usually of a high quality material – then most places will be able to accommodate your request.

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Does Target Carry Hypoallergenic Body Jewelry?

Since a lot of people display allergies to common metals used to make body jewelry, Target offers many options for metals including hypoallergenic materials for their earrings.

They have designated earrings that are labeled as nickel free or hypoallergenic since nickel is one of the most common metal allergens for jewelry wearers.

In addition to nickel free earrings, Target also carries surgical steel and sterling silver earrings which are typically safe for those who have metal allergies.

Additionally, high quality metals like gold and silver tend to be safe for those with sensitive skin and Target has a wide selection of these kinds of earrings as well.

There is even children’s jewelry that is made from acrylic or plastic to mitigate any issues with metal allergies. When in doubt, look for a hypoallergenic label on a pair of earrings to ensure you are getting the right pair.

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Which of Target’s Competitors Also Carries Body Jewelry?

There are a lot of retail stores that carry body jewelry in addition to Target. Walmart, Claires, Hot Topic, Kohl’s, and Spencer’s are just a few of Target’s competitors who carry body jewelry.

While Targe only sells earrings, some of the other stores also carry jewelry for other piercings such as belly buttons and noses.

However, most of these stores do not have the vast selection that Target does and a lot of them cannot offer high quality jewelry like real diamonds and gold or silver settings.

Target may not carry belly button rings, but they do provide over a thousand options for earrings including dozens of metals to choose from and earrings for all ages.

Smaller stores like Claires, Spencer’s, and Hot Topic do not have nearly the same amount of options that Target can provide and Target has higher quality products than Walmart or Kohl’s.

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Target Body Jewelry FAQs

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Body Jewelry Online?

While Target sells a lot of its earrings online as well as in their physical stores, there are other online body jewelry stores that offer a lot more variety in terms of body jewelry.

Some of the top online stores to buy body jewelry from include Body Art Forms, Kolo Piercing, and Painful Pleasures.

These brands offer unique jewelry for a variety of piercings, not just ears. Additionally, they have a reputation for selling quality pieces, especially for those who need to be wary of allergy causing materials and metals.

Other stores that also sell good body jewelry include Crazy Factory, One Tribe, Anatometal, and the Body Jewelry Shop.

If you are looking for just the right piece, shopping online also allows you to easily compare prices and quality in order to make the right decision.

What Is a Good Material for Body Jewelry?

The best materials to use for body jewelry are those that are durable and safe for those who may have an allergic reaction. Since nickel is the most common skin allergy, a metal or material without nickel is more than suitable for piercings.

The top materials that are best for body jewelry include titanium, nobium, plastics, platinum, gold, and surgical steel.

All of these materials are compatible with most people’s bodies and skin and should not introduce any harmful materials into the body.

Other materials may be less suitable for body jewelry because they can cause adverse reactions or easily flake and become embedded in the skin.

What Is the Best Body Jewelry Material for Sensitive Skin?

Titanium is the number one metal to use for body jewelry for those who have sensitive skin. It is durable and does not contain any nickel.

The Association of Professional Piercers rates titanium as the best metal to use for piercings because it is lightweight, nickel free, durable, and has the ability to be anodized.

For sensitive skin, titanium is the best metal with gold coming in a close second. However, gold can be extremely expensive so titanium is a much more affordable option for most people looking to get body jewelry.

Regardless of known allergies, most piercing places will use titanium body jewelry for initial piercings, especially facial piercings like the ears and nose, because of the potential for any undiscovered nickel allergies.

What Are the Most Common Types of Body Jewelry?

The most common type of body jewelry is earring sets intended for earlobe piercings. This kind of jewelry can be found in virtually any store that sells jewelry since most women and some men have at least one set of piercings in their ears.

Singular rings for ear piercings in other parts of the ear such as the tragus, daith, or other cartilaginous parts of the ear are also common.

Besides the ears, nose piercings and belly button piercings are the next most common, especially among women.

Other facial piercings such as the eyebrows, septum, lips, and tongue are less frequent as are other body piercings like the nipples and collarbone although they do exist.

Body jewelry can be found for all of these piercings but may be harder to find for the less common forms of piercings. Although certain types of body jewelry can function for more than one type of piercing.


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Body piercings are extremely common, and most people have at least one kind. Target accommodates those with the most common kind of body piercing – the ears.

Target sells earrings for all ages including adults and kids. Their earrings range in price from less than $1 per pair to over $1,000 per pair.

Target carries earrings made from all different metals including hypoallergenic materials like titanium and gold. Although Target doesn’t have body jewelry for other piercings available, they have a great selection of earrings.

Even though you can’t get your ears pierced at Target, you can still purchase earrings to wear when you do get them pierced.



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