Does Brighton Jewelry Tarnish? (How To Clean?)

Does Brighton Jewelry Tarnish

Lindsey, do you know if Brighton jewelry tarnishes? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Brighton jewelry is likely to tarnish over time. As most Brighton jewelry is made from either metal plated with pure silver or sterling silver, it is particularly susceptible to becoming tarnished over time. Eventually, your jewelry will probably see some discoloration and fading from regular use, but if you care for it properly, you may be able to prevent tarnishing from happening.

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about whether Brighton jewelry tarnishes, including why it happens, whether you can prevent it, and how to get rid of it when it happens, as well as answering some frequently asked questions.

Does Brighton jewelry tarnish?

Brighton jewelry is primarily made from silver-plated jewelry, which means that it is very likely to tarnish.

Over time, you may notice that your Brighton jewelry begins to fade and become discolored as the effects of tarnishing take hold on your jewelry.

Just like any jewelry, particularly when it is plated, Brighton jewelry is likely to tarnish eventually. If it is not properly cared for and maintained, this may happen more quickly.

So, it’s really important that you learn how to take care of your Brighton jewelry as soon as you get it, to make sure tarnishing is avoided as much as possible. 

Brighton state that their jewelry contains a protective lacquer, which helps to prevent tarnishing from happening.

However, even so, it is important that is well cared for and stored securely to stop the lacquer fading and allowing tarnish to occur.

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What causes Brighton jewelry to tarnish?

Brighton jewelry is likely to tarnish if it comes into contact with certain things. Things like sweat, perfumes, and lotions all cause jewelry to tarnish, particularly when it is exposed to these things for a long period of time.

Oddly, some jewelry cleaners can also cause jewelry to tarnish sooner than it might naturally. Silver polishers and cleaners, and any harsh polishing cloth, are too strong and vigorous for Brighton jewelry and may result in tarnish occurring more quickly.

Your Brighton jewelry will also tarnish more easily and quickly if it is allowed to get wet for any period of time.

Things like everyday contact with water and soap are dangerous for most kinds of jewelry, especially if you don’t allow it to try dry properly.

What is Brighton jewelry made from?

Brighton jewelry is made from brass or zinc alloy and plated with pure silver. It is then painted with a protective lacquer, which Brighton claim will delay the tarnishing process for longer.

Unfortunately, it can’t stop the process from happening altogether, and the silver-plating may actually make it more likely to happen.

Some Brighton jewelry items, particularly certain rings, earring posts, and lever backs, are made using sterling silver, which you should be able to tell by the ‘925’ stamp on the inside of the ring or on the earring.

Sterling silver is an alternative to pure silver but is particularly prone to tarnishing. 

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Can you prevent Brighton jewelry from tarnishing?

You can prevent your Brighton jewelry from tarnishing by making sure to care for it properly. As with any jewelry, you must be careful how you clean and store your Brighton jewelry to make sure it stays in good condition for as long as possible. 

Keeping your Brighton jewelry pieces clean and secure as much as possible is the best thing you can do to prevent tarnishing from occurring.

Follow cleaning recommendations as much as you can and always make sure your jewelry is completely dry before you store it away, as this will massively help prevent it from tarnishing.

You might consider not wearing your jewelry, as things like sweat and water can cause it to tarnish. However, you can actually protect your jewelry by wearing it, so long as you wear it responsibly.

Taking it off when doing anything that might cause it to come into contact with sweat or water is a great idea and keeping it somewhere safe and dry will always help.

When it comes to storage, make sure you keep your Brighton jewelry separately from your other jewelry, as reacting with other metals can cause it to tarnish more quickly. This means keeping it away from any gold and silver jewelry you might own.

Consider storing it somewhere completely separate to ensure tarnishing doesn’t happen.

How do you clean tarnished Brighton jewelry?

When your Brighton jewelry becomes tarnished, you can try to clean it to restore its previous shine and remove some of the tarnishings.

However, you must be very careful with how you clean it to make sure that you don’t ruin the jewelry or cause any accidental damage.

To clean your Brighton jewelry, try using a cotton cloth to rub it, very gently. You must be careful to work gently, as rubbing your jewelry too hard or vigorously will damage it.

If you clean your Brighton jewelry regularly, not only can you remove any tarnish that may have already occurred, but you can also prevent it from happening in the future.

Protect your jewelry by storing it somewhere cool and dry. Keeping it in a soft bag will help to keep it clean for longer and help you to protect it for as long as possible. It can also help you to stop it from tarnishing.

Brighton Jewelry Care >> Check out the video below:

How does tarnishing happen?

Tarnish happens as a result of chemicals. When chemicals in anything metal meet other chemicals in the air or in a surface, a reaction takes place.

This can cause your jewelry to become discolored, and a black tinge might appear on its surface.

When jewelry becomes tarnished, the reaction causes a film of silver sulfide to sit on the top of it, which is what causes the discolored appearance.

This might make your jewelry look like it has black dots or patches over its surface. Although tarnishing can be unattractive, it’s actually harmless. 

Tarnish Jewelry FAQs

1 How long does Brighton jewelry usually last?

Brighton jewelry is plated with pure silver and so it should last for some time.

Of course, this depends on whether you are willing and able to care for it properly and thoroughly, because failing to do this will cause your Brighton jewelry to become damaged and faded, and even tarnished, much more quickly.

Taking proper care of your Brighton jewelry will help it last for some years.

2 Where is Brighton jewelry made?

Brighton jewelry has a few manufacturers. Currently, their manufacturing takes place all over the world, with units in China, France, and Italy, among other places.

Each manufacturer will produce different aspects of the Brighton catalog. Its signature jewelry is currently made in Taiwan.

3 Does Brighton jewelry come with a warranty?

Brighton jewelry does come with a warranty. Brighton claims that to be so confident in the quality of their jewelry and watches they will guarantee you will be happy with them.

However, in cases where you aren’t happy or face an issue with your jewelry or watch, Brighton will repair it.

Unfortunately, this warranty doesn’t apply to any damage or fault caused by normal wear and tear, or anything that might occur from regularly wearing the jewelry.

Although Brighton’s policy doesn’t mention tarnishing, it’s likely that it won’t be covered under the warranty, as it is a natural result of constant wear.

4 What do Brighton suggest you do with tarnished jewelry?

According to Brighton, you should be cleaning your jewelry with nothing but a cotton cloth. This should help you to prevent tarnishing from happening and allow you to remove any if it does occur.

Brighton recommends that you don’t use any kind of silver polish or tough polishing cloths to clean your jewelry.

As we have seen, these cleaning methods are not helpful and can actually harm your jewelry, causing tarnishing to occur more quickly and easily.

5 Why is Brighton jewelry so expensive?

Brighton jewelry can be quite expensive, so you may be surprised to find that it tarnishes so easily. But why is it so expensive? This is likely to be at least partly because of its protective lacquer, which is intended to help it last longer and stay in good condition.

It’s a unique addition that many other retailers don’t offer on their jewelry and so this is reflected in the price.

The price may also be because you are paying for the name. Brighton is a well-known jewelry brand, so you are bound to pay a little bit more when you buy from them.

They are also known for producing quality jewelry, which adds a little bit more value to their products.


Brighton jewelry will tarnish over time, particularly if it isn’t cared for properly.

Their jewelry is made from silver-plated metals, which makes it vulnerable to tarnish if you don’t look after it well.

Make sure to keep your Brighton jewelry clean and carefully stored away to keep it looking shiny and beautiful for as long as possible.



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