How to Store Brighton Jewelry? (Complete Guide)

How to Store Brighton Jewelry

Do you know how to store Brighton jewelry? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Brighton jewelry should be stored in a cool, darker, dry area. Exposure to bright light, UV rays, and heat can start to alter your jewelry’s appearance. Moisture makes your jewelry tarnish more quickly. You should designate a drawer, a jewelry box, or a jewelry stand in your bedroom or closet to store your prized silver Brighton jewelry.

When jewelry is stored properly, it lasts longer and looks better. Certain spaces in your home are better for jewelry storage than others.

Brighton jewelry has a unique look that you want to preserve. Read on to find out how to store it to maintain its beauty.

Where Should You Store Your Brighton Jewelry?

Let’s start with where you shouldn’t store your Brighton jewelry. Do not store it in the bathroom. When you take showers and baths, the humidity in the air of your bathroom isn’t good for your jewelry. Silver jewelry should be kept in a dry environment. 

Brighton bracelets and necklaces should be hung on a jewelry stand or hooks designated for your jewelry. It keeps the pieces from getting tangled up with other jewelry.

Keep each piece spaced apart from the others. If you are hanging necklaces on hooks, don’t hang several on the same hook.

We recommend hanging two, at the most, on one hook together.

You could also store Brighton jewelry in a drawer in your dresser. Buy some little organizer trays and boxes to keep your jewelry accessible and free of tangles.

Don’t heap a lot of pieces into one small section. This can result in damage to your jewelry due to scratching or discoloring. 

Don’t store your jewelry next to a window. The UV rays coming through the window can damage your Brighton jewelry. You could also end up with moisture seeping in that will cause some jewelry to dull and tarnish. 

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Should You Wear Your Brighton Jewelry in the Shower?

The answer to this question is definitely no. When you wear your jewelry into the shower or the bath, it’s exposed to a lot of moisture but also all of the products you use to bathe. 

Shampoos, conditioners, shaving gels, body washes, face scrubs, and all the other personal hygiene products you use can cause your jewelry to look dirty or damaged.

The chemicals, minerals, and other ingredients sometimes cause reactions in the metals of your jewelry items.

It’s best that you take your jewelry off in your bedroom or another room that is not the bathroom. That way you can place it down where it won’t be immersed in the moisture in the room, either. 

How Do You Clean Brighton Jewelry?

One of the simplest ways to clean Brighton jewelry is with a polishing cloth.

You can gently roll the piece between your thumb and finger inside the polishing cloth to shine it up and remove dirt and residue. 

You can also wash your Brighton jewelry with a mixture of mild soap and warm water.

If you choose to use this method, make sure to rinse each piece well to remove any soapy residue that’s left behind. You also need to make sure you dry it properly. 

Does Brighton Repair Damaged Jewelry?

Brighton includes a warranty with each piece of jewelry that covers it for damage resulting out of a manufactured defect.

For instance, if your clasp should loosen to a point it’s not holding your necklace securely when you wear it, you could have it repaired through Brighton at no additional cost.

The warranty lasts for one year after purchase. 

Is Brighton Jewelry Real Silver?

Brighton jewelry is plated with pure silver on the outside. The core is made of brass or zinc alloy. 

Because silver is prone to tarnish, Brighton also applies a clear lacquer on top of the silver plating to prevent some tarnish.

Well cared for Brighton jewelry does not need much cleaning because of the clear coating.

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Where Can You Buy Brighton Jewelry?

You have several options for where you can purchase Brighton jewelry. First, the company has many Brighton stores located in shopping malls and other popular shopping districts. 

You also have an option to purchase Brighton jewelry from one of their five outlet stores.

These are located in the following cities:

  • Cabazon, California
  • San Marcos, Texas
  • St. Augustine, Florida
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Central Valley, New York

You’ll find Brighton jewelry for sale in some well-known department store chain locations, as well. 

Should You Store Jewelry in Plastic Bags?

Some people like to store each piece of jewelry in a separate plastic bag. Others put all of one type of jewelry in a bag and do the same for all of another type. 

Though people have stored jewelry like this for quite some time, it’s not the best idea. You may think the plastic bag keeps your jewelry from coming into contact with different substances, and to some extent that’s true. 

The plastic bag may also trap oils and moisture inside with the jewelry. Then, instead of protecting the metal from pollutants and moisture, the bag traps them and provides prolonged exposure to them. This can ruin your jewelry.

Choose a better storage alternative from the options we mentioned above in this article.

How Do You Stop Tarnishing?

You can prevent tarnish by keeping your jewelry as dry as possible. This is why you don’t want to wear your Brighton jewelry in the shower.

You should also take it off when you workout so it’s not exposed to a lot of sweat.

Storing your Brighton jewelry properly helps keep tarnish away. Stick with the dry, cool, dark options we discussed above.

Some jewelry protectant sprays help prevent tarnish. Brighton jewelry already has the clear coat lacquer on the outside, so you don’t need to apply another layer of protectant on top of that, but you can if you do your research and choose wisely.

It’s also not a great idea to wear your Brighton jewelry all the time. Give each piece a break sometimes.

That allows the jewelry to avoid too much exposure.

Brighton Jewelry FAQs:

Where do you store expensive jewelry?

Some good options include–a closet, cleaning supplies closet, a pantry, in air vents, within a houseplant, and in a safe.

Will silver tarnish in plastic bags?

Silver won’t tarnish in plastic bags that don’t have anything trapped inside with the jewelry.

If there is moisture, dirt, or other pollutants inside the bag with the jewelry, it may cause the silver to tarnish.

Is it bad to leave jewelry out?

It’s not bad to leave jewelry out if it’s in a dry room and far enough away from a window that it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. 

Is it safe to wear tarnished jewelry?

You can wear tarnished jewelry without worrying too much about the effects. Tarnish isn’t toxic. However, tarnish does cause skin irritation for some people.

If you experience this, simply polish your jewelry or soak it in a solution to remove the tarnish before wearing it again.

Does Brighton jewelry use Swarovski crystals?

Brighton jewelry sometimes includes materials other than metals. Some pieces are made to include Swarovski crystals, other stones, and even fine leather.

All Brighton pieces are started with a hand-sketched design. Then the metal cast is made and the core is plated.

The finishing touches create the unique look you see when you browse the Brighton Collectibles items.


You should store Brighton jewelry in a dry, cool, darker environment to keep it in its best condition. Do not expose it to moisture, heat, or UV rays if you can avoid it.

The better you do at caring for your Brighton jewelry, the longer it will last looking as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

Wear it in intervals. Take it off when you shower. And take care to put it away when you don’t have it on.



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