What Is Brighton Jewelry Made Of? (Full Guide)

What Is Brighton Jewelry Made Of

Brighton jewelry fans love its unique look that is highly distinctive from other lines of jewelry. So, you may have wondered, what is it made of?

Brighton jewelry is made of pure silver that’s laid over a core of other durable metals. Some pieces also have other materials incorporated into their designs. They’re made with crystals, turquoise, other gems, and leather.

In this article, we’re looking at what Brighton jewelry is made of. We’ll also touch on the unique designs Brighton has become known for and how to care for this jewelry.

Keep reading to find out all about the materials that make up Brighton jewelry.

What Is Brighton Jewelry Made Of?

Brighton jewelry is made of a few different materials. One of the most important materials is the sterling silver that has become the signature foundation of all Brighton’s jewelry pieces. It doesn’t mean the jewelry is made of solid silver, just that silver is what customers see.

Most Brighton jewelry pieces have a solid core that’s made of a different kind of metal. For many pieces the core is made of solid brass or zinc alloy. Then, the outside is covered with pure silver plating. 

Earring posts and lever-back earrings are made of sterling silver. This is because sterling silver doesn’t usually cause much of a reaction with the skin.

Brighton clip-on earrings are silver-plated, however.

Are Any Brighton Jewelry Pieces Solid Sterling Silver?

Brighton offers some rings that are solid sterling silver. These rings do not have a metal core made of brass and are not plated on the outside.

You’ll also find 925 stamped inside the ring, indicating it’s a solid silver ring.

What Else Is Brighton Jewelry Made Of?

We mentioned the metals used in Brighton jewelry above. But, there are other materials included in some Brighton pieces. 

Brighton launched a line of jewelry that includes various natural stones. The stones have properties that bring something to the wearer.

You can find the meanings of the stones on Brighton’s website. This line is wonderful for gifts.

Here are some of the stones and their meanings:

  • Gray pearl – faith and integrity
  • Rose – love, and harmony
  • Black agate – peace and protection
  • Turquoise howlite – serenity of mind
  • Crystal – healing and spirituality
  • Blue – soothing and calming
  • Amethyst – spirituality and content

The company also has a birthstone collection which includes an assortment of colored crystals set into pieces. The colors coincide with the color of each month’s birthstone.

Beyond stones and crystals, Brighton uses leather for some pieces, as well as beads. By including different kinds of materials in their jewelry collections, Brighton can create entirely new looks.

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What Does Brighton Jewelry Look Like?

Brighton has a distinct look that is easily recognizable by many people. The pieces consist of shiny silver on the outside that’s accented by black backgrounds highlighting a design. 

The black backgrounds are what have become symbolic of Brighton jewelry. Some pieces have more of the iconic black inlay areas, while others have almost none.

The silver and black designs are what Brighton is mostly known for. 

Is It Easy to Care for Brighton Jewelry?

Brighton jewelry is easy to clean and maintain. You can simply polish your pieces with a soft polishing cloth to keep them looking their best.

We recommend buying a polishing cloth that doesn’t include any added chemicals or cleaners. Some of these can dull the metal.

The best option is a 100% cotton cloth that you use to gently rub the silver between your finger and thumb. You don’t need soap, jewelry cleaner, spray, or water to keep Brighton jewelry looking its best. 

Brighton jewelry has a clear lacquer applied as the top coat of the metal. The lacquer helps prevent the silver from tarnishing. 

If the jewelry comes in contact with water, it can weaken the lacquer coating if it’s not dried right away. Also, the chemicals in jewelry cleaning solutions can also cause the lacquer to wear off.

As you lose more and more of that top coat, you’ll likely notice more tarnish developing. 

Can You Wear Brighton Jewelry Every Day?

It’s best if you wear your Brighton jewelry intermittently. You can wear it a lot, but give it breaks sometimes. 

The oils in your skin can cause the lacquer to break down. Many of us also use skincare products like lotions, tonics, body creams, and perfumes that aren’t good for your jewelry.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to wipe your jewelry down every time you take it off. 

On days you do wear your Brighton pieces, wait to put them on until everything else is already on. At the end of the day, take it off first. 

Can You Wear Brighton Jewelry in the Shower?

You should avoid getting Brighton jewelry wet. The moisture works at breaking down the lacquer, as well as bringing on tarnish more quickly.

Try to remember to take your jewelry off before you get in the shower or a bath. You also don’t want to leave it on for swimming.

Place your jewelry in a secured spot that’s as much away from the water or any associated humidity as possible. So, when you’re starting a shower, take your Brighton jewelry off in your bedroom first.

Is Brighton Jewelry a Luxury Brand?

Brighton Collectibles are considered luxury items. The owners of the company have worked hard to establish their brand as a luxury collection. 

Most of the jewelry looks like works of art. Though Brighton isn’t considered fine jewelry, it does fall in the luxury category.

Where Can You Buy Brighton Jewelry?

Brighton jewelry is sold in more than 5,000 retail locations. You can purchase items from one of their many store locations.

You can buy Brighton watches and jewelry from authorized retailers that have partnered with Brighton to sell certain lines.

You can also buy some Brighton jewelry at one of their five outlet stores for less money.

Is Brighton Jewelry Made in China?

Brighton jewelry is not made in China. Though there are other Brighton products manufactured in China, the jewelry is made in Taiwan.

Taiwan is an island nation near China and Japan. Taiwan was once a part of China but separated from it several decades ago. 

What Other Products Does Brighton Make?

Brighton Collectibles was started as an accessory company with just one collection of belts.

Since that launch, the company has branched out into making jewelry, handbags, footwear, charms, trinkets, frames, desk accessories, and more. 

The company has been around for about 40 years and is still going strong today.

Brighton Jewelry FAQs:

Does Brighton jewelry have a warranty?

Brighton jewelry is backed by a one year warranty. If you’re not satisfied because your piece has a defect or needs repairs, you can take it to a Brighton location or send it by mail to have it fixed or replaced.

How old is Brighton jewelry?

The company started back in 1991. They started offering jewelry later in that decade.

Who started Brighton jewelry?

This company was started by a couple. They were high school sweethearts who got married after graduating.

Jerry and Terri Kohl were working on the company concept and products while they were still in high school.

They finally brought their ideas to life in 1991 with the belt collection.

Where was Brighton jewelry founded?

The company started in California. It was established in the Los Angeles area. The Brighton headquarters are still located in City of Industry, California.

What is a Brighton Heart store?

A Brighton Heart store has a room dedicated to Brighton jewelry, accessories, and handbags. One such store is The Little Traveler.

This Brighton Heart store has a room full of Brighton items to browse and experts to help you choose the right items for you.

What are the Brighton state souvenir bracelets?

Brighton launched a line of state charms that include elements and symbols that represent the specific state. The idea is to collect a new one for each state you visit. 

The trick to collecting these state charms is you have to purchase them when you see them in the state they’re meant to represent.

This is due to the fact that when you leave that state, you won’t be able to find it again in your homestate.

The charms are only sold in the states for which they are named.

Can you buy Brighton face masks?

Like many other companies, Brighton too created face masks spurred by the pandemic. You can still find them on the website or in-store.


Brighton jewelry is made of a metal core that’s plated with silver on the outside. Each piece also has a clear lacquer coat applied to help prevent tarnish, too.

Brighton jewelry is easy to keep clean and tarnish-free if you take it off each night and give it a quick polish before calling it a day.

Brighton jewelry is built to be tough and durable, so you should be enjoying your jewelry for years to come with a little minor maintenance.




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