Is Brighton Jewelry Real Silver? (All You Need To Know)

Is Brighton Jewelry Real Silver

Brighton jewelry do not use real silver to make their creations, although many people believe their jewelry is made from pure silver. Instead, Brighton jewelry is either made using metal alloys with nickel and brass, which are coated in silver plating, or sterling silver.

Brighton’s jewelry is also coated with an additional protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing.

This article covers everything you need to know about whether Brighton jewelry uses real silver, including which metals they use, some of the pros and cons of real silver, and whether it is good quality, as well as answering some of the most frequently asked questions on real silver.

Is Brighton jewelry real silver?

Many people believe that Brighton jewelry is made from real silver, but this is actually not the case. The Brighton brand is well-known for their silver jewelry creations, which may cause some people to believe their jewelry is made from real silver.

Alongside this, their jewelry can be quite expensive, which many feel reflects pure silver, even if this isn’t the case.

However, Brighton jewelry is not made using real silver, but is instead created using a combination made up of different metals.

Most of Brighton jewelry’s offerings are made using brass and zinc alloys, which are then plated with pure silver. This gives them the appearance of pure silver without the expense and disadvantages associated with it.

Alternatively, some of Brighton jewelry’s other creations are made using sterling silver. This is a cheaper, more durable alternative to pure silver, and is a common choice for jewelry.

You should be able to tell which of Brighton jewelry’s offerings are sterling silver, as they will come with a stamp on the inside. Look out for a ‘925’ stamp, as this signifies that jewelry has been made with sterling silver.

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Does Brighton jewelry tarnish?

Unfortunately, Brighton jewelry is likely to eventually tarnish, particularly if it’s not well cared for and stored properly. Plated jewelry is usually susceptibly to tarnishing, which means it needs a lot of care and maintenance to ensure it doesn’t tarnish too soon.

So, over time you may find that Brighton jewelry begins to develop tarnishing. 

Over time, most jewelry will tarnish if it isn’t cared for properly. Very few metals will stay bright and shiny if they aren’t looked after and stored carefully, and unfortunately, Brighton’s plated jewelry is no different.

This means it’s very important that you know how to properly take care of your jewelry.

An advantage of the jewelry made by Brighton is that it has a protective lacquer, which is intended to stop the jewelry from tarnishing.

However, even with this lacquer, Brighton jewelry is still likely to tarnish, and so you will need to continue to take care of it as well as you can to prevent it from happening.

Why is Brighton jewelry so expensive?

Although it isn’t made from real silver, Brighton jewelry can still be quite expensive, particularly compared with other retailers who don’t use pure silver. So, what is it that makes Brighton jewelry so expensive?

One of the main reasons that Brighton jewelry can be expensive is that it contains a protective lacquer to stop it from tarnishing. This is something that isn’t offered by most other jewelers, so it can cause the price of Brighton jewelry to be increased to reflect this additional feature.

Brighton jewelry is also a well-known brand, meaning you are likely to be paying for the name when you buy from them.

Most popular brands are slightly more expensive than competitors because you are paying for the name itself, and the quality that well-known brands might offer.

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Is Brighton jewelry good quality?

Brighton jewelry typically receives fairly good customer reviews when it comes to quality.

Most consider it to be similar to good costume jewelry, possibly because it is not made from real silver, which makes it difficult to compare it to the quality of professional jewelers.

However, costume jewelry can be very good, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Brighton jewelry has made a name for itself as a popular, well-known brand for jewelry, which many people feel reflects the quality of the jewelry it is producing.

Of course, there must be a reason that it is such a popular company, and many customers would say this is down to the quality of their jewelry. 

Where is Brighton jewelry made?

Brighton jewelry has manufacturers in different places around the world, but the majority of their jewelry is made in Taiwan.

The Brighton company manufactures a number of different things, including shoes and handbags, which are made in different locations. However, its jewelry is primarily manufactured in Taiwan.

Pros and cons of Brighton jewelry


  • Real silver jewelry is usually fairly expensive. So Brighton jewelry would likely be even more expensive than it already is if it was made out of real, pure silver. In this way, it’s a real benefit of Brighton jewelry that it’s made out of alternatives to real silver, especially when it comes to price.
  • Because real silver is very soft, it can be damaged quite easily, which means Brighton jewelry’s choice to use plated silver and metal alloys is a benefit in some ways. Real silver scratches very easily compared with other metals and can tarnish without much effort, which can be disappointing for people who pay a lot of money. 


  • Even though it isn’t made from real silver, Brighton jewelry is still considered to be fairly expensive. Especially when prices are compared with other retailers, Brighton jewelry is considered to be quite expensive, which can be disappointing given that it may not last very long.
  • Brighton jewelry will become tarnished over time, even with the addition of a protective lacquer that is supposed to stop it from happening. Given its price, this can be a real disadvantage to Brighton jewelry, particularly when compared with jewelry from other retailers.


1 How do you know if the jewelry is real silver?

It can be very difficult to tell whether a piece of jewelry is made from real silver, particularly if it is old or looks worn.

However, there are a few ways you can tell what your jewelry is made from, including what type of silver it is.

Firstly, you should look for signs of a hallmark. Real silver will normally have a hallmark, which you should look for in order to authenticate a piece of jewelry.

It might look like a stamp in the metal and will usually be in the form of a number which indicates how pure the metal is. Keep a specific eye out for a ‘925’ stamp.

Secondly, you can also consider the way your jewelry looks, smells, and feels, as this should give you some indication as to whether it is real or fake. If your jewelry has a smell, it is likely to be fake, as pure silver doesn’t actually have a smell of its own.

If your jewelry isn’t smooth, that may also be a sign that it’s fake as real silver is typically very smooth. 

2 Does real silver tarnish?

Pure silver will not tarnish but may lose some of its brightness and shine over time if it isn’t well cared for.

Silver oxidized when it comes into contact with certain chemicals in the air or on a surface and may develop some areas of blackness or discoloration.

Silver should be cared for properly and stored away carefully when it isn’t being used. This is one of the best things you can do to make sure your silver remains in the best possible condition for as long as it can. 

3 How do you care for real silver?

Real silver should be cleaned carefully and gently, using a cotton polish and a very gentle touch, as anything that is too harsh will just risk ruining the silver.

Any jewelry, including pure silver, should be completely dry when it is stored away, as it can otherwise risk creating a damp atmosphere that can damage silver.

The best way to store jewelry that is made from real silver is in a soft bag or jewelry organizer, where it can be stored separately from other metals, which can cause tarnishing and scratching.

4 Is it worth buying real silver jewelry?

If you are someone who loves jewelry and is willing to spend a little bit extra on their jewelry collection, then it’s likely that real silver will be worth the purchase.

There’s no denying that silver can last a long time and is a beautiful metal for jewelry, and for many people, it’s the only metal worth buying.


Brighton jewelry is not made from real silver, but instead, they use either metal alloys or sterling silver to make their jewelry.

Its distinctive silver appearance actually comes from a silver coating, which is usually made from pure silver. Brighton jewelry is well known for its distinctive style and popular jewelry style.



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