Is Brighton Jewelry Made in China? (All You Need to Know)

Is Brighton Jewelry Made in China

Brighton is an American company headquartered in the United States. While many of its products are made in America, Brighton jewelry is reportedly manufactured in Taiwan. Brighton has manufacturing plants in a few different countries.

The founders of the company expanded their brand by outsourcing some of their manufacturing operations to countries where it’s less expensive to produce goods. 

This is a discussion about where Brighton jewelry is made. We’re looking at the manufacturing location and whether it’s in China. Keep reading to find out just where Brighton jewelry is made and facts about the pieces and the company.

Is Brighton Jewelry Made in China?

This may seem like a simple question, but the answer isn’t as simple as it seems. Brighton jewelry is made in Taiwan. The complicated part of this question is whether Taiwan and China are one in the same.

Some will say that Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan separated from China in the early 20th century. It’s an island that was then under Japan’s rule until 1945. It is now its own nation with a population of around 23.5 million people. 

So, the answer to the question of if Brighton jewelry is made in China is no. Brighton jewelry is made in Taiwan.

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What Is Brighton Jewelry Made Of?

Brighton does not make or sell fine jewelry. The company designs its jewelry to be collectible. The look of each piece is highly distinguishable. 

Brighton jewelry has either a solid brass core or zinc alloy core. The shape and design are sketched out first.

A cast is made and brass or zinc alloy is used to make the foundation of the piece. Then, pure silver plating is wrapped around the solid core. 

The true art begins once the piece has been built. Brighton jewelry has a signature look that includes black background sections.

The background looks like tarnish that’s been strategically placed. It gives the pieces more of an antique collectible look. Brighton enthusiasts know the jewelry when they see it. 

How Much Does Brighton Jewelry Cost?

Brighton jewelry is not expensive, by comparison. Most pieces are priced under $100. The price tag depends on what you’re buying as is true of all jewelry.

Generally, necklaces are the most expensive pieces. These usually require more materials to make.

That being said, there are some bracelet sets that go for a few hundred dollars, as well. Many of them include other elements like leather, turquoise, or some kind of stone.

Brighton also makes watches. The watches are quite popular and live on the high side of the price range for Brighton jewelry.

Though some wouldn’t qualify watches as jewelry, Brighton watches are designed in the manner of jewelry. 

Are Other Brighton Products Made in China?

Brighton manufactures a variety of accessory and jewelry products.

There are some products that are still made in the U.S. Brighton handbags, however, are made in a factory located in China. 

Does Brighton Manufacture Anything Other than Jewelry in Taiwan?

The Brighton facility in Taiwan produces jewelry for the company. That is all that exports from Taiwan.

Other products are outsourced to China, Brazil, Italy, and India. Outsourcing like this helps Brighton keep the prices for their collectible products more reasonable than other unique brands.

What Products Does Brighton Make?

Brighton is a company that was started back in 1991 by a couple of high school sweethearts. The founders established their brand with one small line of collectible belts.

The belts became popular quickly and Brighton’s product lines expanded into other accessory collections.

Brighton is well-known for belts, handbags, jewelry, watches, and footwear. You can purchase Brighton sunglasses, key chains, wallets, facemasks, clocks, and so much more. 

Brighton Collectibles make good gifts. You can find everything from a fashionable passport pocket notepad to frames and beautiful little trinket trays.

Brighton has branched out into all sorts of gift-like accessories. It’s a good brand for finding something for the person who has everything.

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Is Brighton a Luxury Brand?

The founders and owners of Brighton have established their company as a luxury brand. Though the pieces are not extremely expensive, the goods are high quality and quite distinguishable.

Brighton goods are not basic necessities. Brighton accessories and gifts are collectibles that are desirable as opposed to needed.

How Do You Clean Brighton Jewelry?

Brighton jewelry is simple to clean. You can use a silver polishing cloth to clean it. Make sure you do not rub the jewelry too hard.

You just want to rub it enough to get a good shine back on the silver parts. Don’t attempt to rub the black background off the areas it’s intended to be in. 

Does Brighton Jewelry Have a Warranty?

Brighton does offer a warranty on their jewelry. Each piece has a 1-year warranty that covers any damage caused by defects in the jewelry. It will not cover lost or stolen jewelry or damage you do yourself. 

Can You Wear Brighton Jewelry in the Shower?

Some people like to take their jewelry off before getting in a shower. Others don’t even think about it and step into the shower with all their jewelry on. While some jewelry does fine in the shower, Brighton does not. 

Brighton Collectibles recommends taking off their pieces of jewelry when you take a shower, a bath, or go swimming. The soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other products used in showers and baths cause Brighton jewelry to become dirty or dulled. The same is true of the chemicals used in pools. 

Instead, take your jewelry off in a room other than the bathroom. The humidity isn’t good for your jewelry either.

You’ll keep your Brighton pieces looking better for longer by keeping them dry and away from chemicals.

Jewelry FAQs:

Is Brighton jewelry real silver?

Brighton jewelry is made with real, pure silver. It’s just not made of solid silver. The real silver is applied as plating to the outside of each piece.

Where is the Brighton headquarters?

Brighton Collectibles is headquartered in City of Industry, California. This city is located on the eastern side of Los Angeles County.

Does Brighton have an outlet store?

Brighton does have a few outlet stores. This brand has more than 5,000 retail stores or partnerships where they’re contracted to sell their products.

This includes five Brighton outlet stores.

What are Brighton charm bracelets?

Brighton Collectibles launched a collection of state charms for people to collect as they travel to various states across the country.

The charms are all designed by hand in styles that represent the state’s unique character. 

Here’s a tip, though. Each state’s charms are only available in the authorized retail locations within the state they represent.

So, if you want one, make sure to pick it up before you leave.

Is Brighton for old ladies?

Brighton is for everyone. They make pieces that appeal to all ages and genders. Since the company launched, they’ve branched out into many different lines and made efforts to broaden their target audiences.

Can you polish silver plated jewelry?

You can polish silver plated jewelry. Use a special silver polishing cloth and make sure to use gentle pressure when you clean your jewelry.

It helps to remove the oils and other pollutants that come in contact with the metal while you’re wearing it.

Final Thoughts

Brighton jewelry is not made in China. It isn’t made in America, either. The company’s jewelry is made in Taiwan, which once was a part of China but is now its own independent nation. 

Brighton jewelry is made by casting solid brass or zinc alloy and then laying pure silver plating over it. Each piece is sketched out by hand first.

Once the piece is created, the black detailing is applied to give each Brighton jewelry piece that distinct look that customers love.



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