Does James Allen Buy Diamonds? (Wedding + Engagement Rings)

Does James Allen Buy Diamonds

Lindsey, do you know if James Allen buys diamonds, loose diamonds, wedding rings, and engagement rings? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to make some money by selling things that you no longer need, diamonds are certainly one of the most valuable options that you might have.

It’s not easy to find an online store that will take them, though, so does James Allen buy diamonds?

James Allen sources diamonds from large diamond manufacturers and wholesalers, and they do not purchase diamonds from individual sellers. There are, however, other online stores that do.

To get all of the information you need to know about James Allen, and other options for selling your diamonds, read ahead!

What Is James Allen?

Before we get into the specifics of their diamond buying practices, we should take a quick look at what James Allen is all about as a company.

James Allen is one of many different divisions of the massive jewelry retail company Signet Jewelers Ltd. This group is actually the largest retailer of diamond jewelry in the world and encompasses many different brands that you will recognize, including

Among the other divisions of Signet Jewelers are Ernest Jones, Belden, Goodman, H. Samual, Leslie Davis, Zales, Kay Jewelers, Jared, and many more besides.

With all of these different divisions under the same umbrella, it’s no surprise that the group is considered the biggest of its kind in the world, employing nearly 25,000 people and having reported revenue of over $6 billion in 2017.

James Allen itself is almost exclusively an online store, although they do operate two retail locations in the U.S. There is one store in Georgetown, Washington D.C., and one on 5th Avenue in New York City.

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What Products Can You Buy from James Allen?

Although diamonds are at the core of what James Allen does, they do sell a wider range of products as well.

On their website, you will find:

With so many different products for sale, you might think that they would be willing to buy diamonds or gemstones second-hand, but that is not the case.

Can You Sell Diamonds At James Allen?

If you want to find a convenient way to sell your unwanted diamonds, unfortunately, James Allen is not the place to do it.

James Allen does not buy diamonds second-hand, and they do not purchase their diamonds from individual sellers.

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Where Does James Allen Get Their Diamonds From?

So, if James Allen does not buy second-hand diamonds, where are they getting them from?

The company buys almost all of their diamonds directly from the manufacturers and through large wholesalers, which gets them a much better price.

They sell a large number of lab-created diamonds as well. These are grown from a small amount of “diamond seed” using advanced technology, they are conflict-free, and they are generally better valued too.

In terms of the diamonds that they do have on the site, they are all graded and come with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Where Can You Sell Diamonds Online?

Although James Allen won’t buy your diamonds from you, there are many other options that you could use on the internet.

Among the various places that purchase diamonds online, there are:

  • Diamonds USA
  • WP Diamonds
  • Circa
  • The Diamond Valet
  • Diamond Buyers International
  • Abe Mor
  • I Do Now I Don’t

Diamonds USA is one of the most commonly used options, and they buy all diamond, gemstone, silver, and gold jewelery. They pay within 24 hours, have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and offer free and trackable shipping through FedEx.

They also claim to have a 100% highest price guarantee, so you are likely to get a reasonable offer.

How Do You Sell Diamonds Online?

Actually selling your diamonds through a website is usually quite simple. Although it will depend slightly on the website that you choose to sell through, you can generally expect the process to follow these basic steps:

  1. On the website, you will be asked to share details about the diamond, and potentially pictures.
  2. Using this information, they will give you an estimate of the value.
  3. If you both agree to this offer, they will give you a mailer for postage.
  4. You will post the diamond to them.
  5. They will make you a formal offer for the price they are willing to pay.
  6. They will then send payment to the location of your choice.

Overall, it’s not too painful and you will often have your money within a few days.

Should You Sell Your Diamonds Online?

While there are a number of reputable locations that will buy your diamonds via the web, you might feel more confident and comfortable going directly to someone more local.

Selling your stone in person does feel a little less risky than sending one of your most prized possessions off in the post, and you have more of a chance to discuss the potential price face-to-face.

Some places that commonly purchase diamonds are:

  • Jewelers
  • Pawnshops
  • Wholesale diamond brokers
  • Antique dealers

It is definitely worth checking out the credentials of anywhere that you are considering, though, to make sure that they are trustworthy. Look at Google reviews, Better Business Bureau reviews, and other information that you can find through sites like Yelp.

Even better, try to talk to people that you know and trust who might have personal experiences with buyers.

It is worth keeping in mind that pawnshops are likely to offer the lowest amount of money for your diamond, so you are generally better off looking for someone who deals specifically in jewelry and stones.

How Much Money Will You Get For Your Diamonds?

The value of a diamond is a complicated thing to determine, but you will be very unlikely to get even close to the amount that you paid for it in the first place.

Even if you use the most reputable online dealer, any diamond buyer will be looking to make a profit on the stones that they buy, so they will generally offer less than half of what the original value might have been.

Depending on the buyer and the condition of the diamond, the price can vary dramatically.

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Will James Allen Set Your Diamonds For You?

If you want to give new life to a diamond that you already have, James Allen sells almost all of their rings without a stone in place, and you can set your diamond yourself or take it to a professional for setting.

All you need to do is finish the order as you normally would, without selecting a diamond, and then provide the exact shape and millimeter dimensions of the diamond that you have already. They will send you properly sized prongs to assist with the setting.

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There are a few ring types that need the diamond to be present for manufacturing, like tension settings, rings with diamond halos, and other unique designs.

You can still get one of these rings to fit your own diamond at James Allen, though, you just need to send off your diamond to their offices.

They charge a $100 setting fee along with the order cost of the ring itself, but the process is pretty straightforward.


James Allen is the leader in online diamond sales. Their imaging technology is the same as inspecting a diamond with a jeweler's loupe. They have the largest exclusive loose diamond inventory online and fantastic prices.

They also have the nicest collection of lab created diamonds online. Save 10% off select lab grown diamonds and 25% off ring settings during limited time sale!


  • No questions asked returns within 30 days of shipment. James Allen will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free International Shipping
  • Free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating and cleaning every 6 months
  • Provide insurance appraisals
  • One free resizing within 60 days of purchase
  • Free ring inscriptions
  • Best-in-class high quality imagery of all diamonds in stock
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Best-in-class packaging


So, does James Allen buy diamonds? Unfortunately, you will not be able to sell your diamonds online to James Allen, as they buy all of their stones through large wholesalers and manufacturers.

At James Allen, you can buy rings without a stone to give your old diamonds a new life, but you can’t actually make any money from them.

There are, however, many other options online for selling diamonds through sites like Worthy, WP Diamonds, and Diamond USA.

You can also look for local jewelers, pawnshops, antique dealers, and diamond wholesalers.



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