Are Zales Diamonds Certified? (Review, Quality + More)

Are Zales Diamonds Certified

Diamonds and other gemstones come in a lot of different qualities. It’s not always easy to know what the quality of your gemstone is. That’s where certifications come in.

Zales diamonds are certified and sold with a certificate of authenticity. This allows customers to feel confident that what they’re getting is a real diamond worth the price they’re paying for it. While uncertified diamonds may be authentic and valuable, the certification provides the backup of authenticity from a third party that’s willing to vouch for the value of a diamond.

Zales diamonds are IGI certified, meaning they’re authenticated by the International Gemological Institute. Zales jewelry stores specialize in the sales of diamonds and diamond engagement rings.

In this article, we’re talking about the certification of Zales diamonds and what you should look for. Keep reading to find out what goes into the certification of a diamond from Zales.

Are Zales Diamonds Certified?

Zales diamonds are certified but not the way you might think. 

When most people ask if a diamond is certified, they mean is it GIA certified? This means it’s been certified by the Gemological Institute of America. 

Zales diamonds are not certified by the GIA. They are certified by the IGI, which is the International Gemological Institute.

While both are certifications meant to support the value and quality of a diamond, they don’t hold the same reputation in the industry.

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Zales Diamonds IGI Certification

Zales diamonds come with IGI certificates. IGI grades diamonds on the 4 Cs just like GIA does. The problem is they’re not as consistent with their grading as GIA is. 

Zales diamonds are cheaper than what you’ll find at other jewelry stores because they only sell IGI certified diamonds. IGI certificates don’t do as much for the value of your stone. 

What Does IGI Grade Diamonds On?

Diamonds are graded based on the 4 Cs–cut, color, clarity, and carat. IGI and GIA both produce grades based on these criteria. Here’s a breakdown of what they look for.

  • Cut – Graders look for symmetry and proportions. They also look at how smooth the diamond is. The cut is the most important factor because it determines the sparkle of the gem. A good cut lets the light in giving you that incredible sparkle you look for from a diamond.
  • Color – The color is graded with letters. D is the best meaning colorless. Diamond grades go all the way to Z. A Z diamond looks almost yellow. Graders also put the stones under UV lamps to check for fluorescence.
  • Clarity – This is graded by looking through a magnifier to see what flaws the diamond has. Flaws are called inclusions. The grades go from Flawless to Included. 
  • Carat – The carat is the weight or size of the diamond. Generally, larger diamonds are more expensive, however, it’s the combination of all the factors that determine the final value.

Diamonds are certified the same whether they’re natural or lab-created. Natural diamonds are valued higher because of their rarity.

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Are Zales Diamonds Good Quality?

Zales has a lot of high quality diamonds for sale. They sell them for lower prices than some of the other jewelry chain stores because the stones are IGI certified rather than GIA certified.

IGI has a reputation for being inconsistent in their grading. This happens because graders are people and people are unique. Sometimes we interpret what we see differently than someone else.

Zales does sell good quality diamonds. The diamonds are certified. You will get a report along with the diamond you choose.

What Is On the IGI Diamond Certification Report?

Your report starts with a description of the diamond. The description includes where the diamond came from and what it looks like.

The report states what the shape and cut are. It goes into the details of the cut and its symmetry, as well as its proportions. 

The IGI report indicates the carat weight. Then, you’ll see the color grade, clarity grade, and cut grade.

The Proportions

The next section gives an in-depth description of the proportions. It goes into the various parts of the diamond cut. These include:

  • Table – The top is the biggest facet. This is the table.
  • Crown height – The crown is what leads up to the table. It’s positioned between the table and the rest of the diamond. The description includes a percentage and a degree for this section.
  • Pavilion depth – The pavilion is the bottom section of the diamond. 
  • Girdle – This is between the pavilion and the crown. It’s measured by thickness.
  • Culet – The culet is the very bottom of the diamond. This usually comes to a point.

The Finish

The last section of the IGI report talks about the finish. This includes details about the overall look of the diamond.

Here’s what’s discussed:

  • Polish – The polish gives the diamond its smooth look. All facets should have a good polish. That’s what allows the most light in to create the most sparkle.
  • Symmetry – The more symmetrical a diamond is, the better grade it gets. Symmetry is a good indicator of the skill level of the diamond cutter. It shows precision in their work.
  • Fluorescence – This is based on how much light gets emitted from the diamond when it’s exposed to a UV lamp. 

What Do You Get from Diamond Certification?

Diamond certification is important. You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you spent a lot of money on something that is real. It also allows you to know your diamond. 

Zales certified diamonds come with their diamond reports. You’ll know just where it came from, that it’s authentic, and all of the details of your specific diamond.


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Zales diamonds are IGI certified. They come with a full certification report, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Many of Zales’ diamonds are less expensive than those sold elsewhere because they certify through IGI rather than GIA.



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