Are James Allen Diamonds GIA Certified? (Here Is Why)

Are James Allen Diamonds GIA Certified

Lindsey, do you know if James Allen diamonds are GIA certified? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Some James Allen diamonds are GIA certified, but not all of them. James Allen uses three different grading laboratories to certify their diamonds, meaning a lot are not certified by the GIA. However, the most important thing is that all James Allen diamonds are certified by a reputable laboratory, even if it is not by the GIA.

The rest of this article covers everything you need to know about whether James Allen diamonds are GIA certified, including what this actually means and how to tell if a diamond is certified.

Are James Allen diamonds GIA certified?

All James Allen diamonds are certified by grading laboratories, but not all are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified.

This is because James Allen uses other laboratories, the American Gem Society (AGS) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) to grade their diamonds alongside the GIA.

This means that only some James Allen diamonds are GIA certified, with the rest being graded by IGI and AGS instead. However, the source of the certification doesn’t really matter, as they are all reputable, trustworthy grading laboratories, and one certification isn’t necessarily better than the others.

The most important thing is that diamonds from James Allen will always be certified. Most reputable retailers and experts in diamonds will tell you to never buy a diamond that isn’t certified, so it’s vital that you are shown some form of official certification, no matter which institution has provided it.

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Does James Allen only sell real diamonds?

James Allen sells both real, and natural, diamonds and a range of lab-created diamonds. Their range of lab-created diamonds is typically cheaper than natural options, yet there is very little difference besides this.

Synthetic diamonds are created specifically to be used in place of natural diamonds, so they will generally look and feel the same.

While many people are immediately interested in real diamonds when shopping for jewelry, lab-created diamonds have a number of benefits that should be considered.

Not only are they usually cheaper, but they are also considered to be more environmentally-friendly and are likely to be purer than organic stones which can have impurities embedded inside.

Even better, lab-created diamonds can be certified just like any natural diamond can be, and James Allen’s range all come with certification from either the GIA, the AGS, or the IGI.

They receive their certification in the same way that a natural diamond would, using the exact same process to allow them to be graded.

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What does it mean when diamonds are GIA certified?

When a diamond is certified by the GIA, it means that it has been carefully and thoroughly examined and given a ‘grade’, which reflects the overall value and quality of the diamond.

Grading looks at the 4Cs – color, cut, carat weight, and clarity, all of which affect the overall appearance of the diamond. 

Not all diamonds are certified, but many will be and it is definitely better if it is. When a diamond is certified, it means that it has been inspected with great attention paid to every little detail.

Many experts in the subject will suggest that you only purchase certified diamonds to make sure you are getting good value, quality diamonds.

Why is certification important?

Certification helps to show that you are getting value for your money, which is particularly important if you are buying an expensive diamond.

It shows that the stone has been thoroughly examined by a reputable laboratory, which is important for making sure that it is a quality diamond.

The laboratory that has certified the diamond isn’t so important – they are all equally respected and trustworthy when it comes to certification.

The important thing is that the retailer is able to properly demonstrate that the diamond has been certified, which we will cover next.

How do you know if a diamond is certified?

As we have seen, it’s very important that you are shown proof that the diamond you are purchasing has been certified.

As James Allen is an entirely online retailer, getting proof of certification is a little different than with other retailers, where you will usually be presented with physical proof.

When shopping online for diamonds at James Allen, you will notice that each diamond is presented along with its certificate.

Usually, the certificate will be displayed just below the image of the diamond and marked with the name and logo of the institution that has provided the grade. 

Importantly, James Allen will also allow you to view the certificate itself, which is likely to include the grading report in much more detail.

To do so, you can contact customer service, which will provide you with a copy of the certificate. It’s important that you do this when purchasing a diamond in order to properly make sure that the diamond has been certified.

Are certified diamonds more expensive?

When buying diamonds from most retailers, you may notice that certified diamonds are often more expensive than uncertified diamonds.

This is because certification usually causes the diamond to be of a higher value, particularly if it is found to have a certain cut or carat weight, which is then reflected in its higher price.

However, it is usually worth spending a little more to get a certified diamond. A certified diamond is likely to be of better quality and may be more appealing than an uncertified diamond.

Usually, there is a reason as to why a diamond has not been certified, which may mean that it is not worth purchasing.

Diamonds bought from retailers like James Allen are often part of an engagement ring, which is usually an expensive, thoughtful purchase.

Certification of the diamond will provide you with extra peace of mind when making such big purchases and should give you added protection for longer.

Pros and cons of certification at James Allen


  • Although not every diamond at James Allen is GIA certified, you can be sure that each will have been certified by a leading institution in diamond grading. This is important as it means the diamond has been thoroughly and carefully inspected by a reputable and knowledgeable expert in diamond grading.
  • Certification for any diamond you buy from James Allen is also able to be viewed at any time you wish, which is vital for making sure your diamond is graded properly. Viewing a copy of the certificate is simple and can be done quickly by contacting James Allen customer service.
  • Certification of a diamond ensures that it is being sold truthfully and has not been misrepresented in any way. As a customer, this is important for reassuring you that you are purchasing a diamond that is worth the money you are paying for it. Even from reputable retailers like James Allen, classification is important to make sure you aren’t mis-sold.


  • The major con of buying a certified diamond is that the price is likely to be higher than for an uncertified diamond. As certification usually increases the value of the diamond, prices are often higher to reflect this. However, you may consider that you are paying extra to get the peace of mind and protection of certification.
  • Luckily, there really aren’t any more cons to certification at James Allen. When you buy a certified diamond, you can be sure you are getting value for money and buying something which has been very carefully inspected. This is vital for making sure you are getting what you pay for and won’t be left disappointed.

Diamonds GIA Certification FAQs

What does a diamond certificate tell you?

The diamond certificate you get with your James Allen diamond will tell you what grading it has received from the GIA, the AGS, or the IGI.

This reflects its value and allows you to make sure you are getting a good quality stone. It will also be able to provide you with what grade the cut of the diamond is, its carat weight, the colour grade, and the clarity grade. 

What is the GIA?

The GIA, or the Gemological Institute of America, is considered to be the leading authority on diamonds, pearls, and colored stones.

Since its formation in 1931, the GIA has provided resources, education, and standards for customers and retailers on the understanding and purchasing of diamonds.

In the 1940s, the GIA was responsible for the creation of the 4Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight – as a way to examine the quality and decide the value of a diamond.

Even now, the 4Cs are used internationally to grade diamonds.

What are the AGS and the IGI?

The American Gem Society and International Gemological Institute are two alternative grading providers for diamonds.

Both are equally as respected and trusted as the GIA, and have provided research and knowledge for many years, alongside issuing gradings of diamonds.

Are James Allen diamonds good quality?

James Allen diamonds are thought to be of good quality, which may surprise some people considering how affordable they are compared with other jewelry retailers.

As we have seen, all James Allen diamonds are carefully certified by a respectable leading authority on diamonds, which means they are thoroughly checked for any signs of low quality.

So, you might be wondering, why are James Allen diamonds so cheap if they are such good quality? The company saves money as a result of being an entirely online retailer and due to the fact that they don’t house their own diamonds.

This means they have much smaller overheads, so they can offer their diamonds at lower prices than competitors.

Are James Allen diamonds ethical? 

James Allen takes many measures to make sure that they are as ethical as possible in their use of diamonds.

They will only source diamonds from the most ethical providers and require any diamond and gemstone partners to follow ethical standards as laid out by industry laws and regulations. 

This means that all diamonds sold by James Allen must be conflict-free, meaning that any diamond associated with any type of conflict is strictly forbidden.

James Allen also ensures that their diamonds are sourced in line with local laws and from professional diamond trade members only. 


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Every one of James Allen’s diamonds will have been graded by the GIA, the IGI, or the AGS, meaning only some can be classed as GIA certified.

However, the most important thing is that every diamond sold by James Allen is certified by a leading authority in diamond grading, which is vital for ensuring diamond quality and value for money.



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