Rosy Blue Diamonds Price (Current Price Chart)

Rosy Blue Diamonds Price

When it comes to sourcing materials for quality jewelry, major retailers turn to suppliers like Rosy Blue Diamonds for their stones.

The price of these stones is part of what determines the price of the finished product, so it can be valuable information if you’re shopping for jewelry.

Rosy Blue Diamonds supplies natural stones, offering both rough diamonds and cut diamonds in a number of different configurations, including colored diamonds. They even sell some manufactured jewelry.

Read on to see what Rosy Offers, and what sort of prices you can expect to see.

Prices For Rosy Blue Diamonds

Prices for Rosy Blue Diamonds depend on a number of factors. While size can be one of them, the amount of diamond trading that Rosy Blue Diamonds does makes the price measurements simpler to do on a ‘price by carat’ basis.

Below is a rough chart of the estimated prices for Rosy Blue Diamonds, based on the type of diamond and other factors, assuming a 1 carat size.

Type and CutRetailWholesaleColor D – KColor L- ZClarity F – VS2Clarity SI1 – I3
Rough – Sawn$9,350 – $425$6,600 – $300$9,350 – $330$2,125 – $300$9,350 – $1050$3,825 – $300
Rough – Sawable$9,350 – $425$6,600 – $300$9,350 – $330$2,125 – $300$9,350 – $1050$3,825 – $300
Rough – Makeable$29,750 – $595$21,000 – $420$29,750 – $450$5.400 – $420$29,750 – $2,460$11,687.5 – $430
Rough – Industrial$340 – $51$240 – $36$340 – $48$195.5 – $36$340 – $81$259.25 – $48
Rough – Crystals$9,350 – $425$6,600 – $300$9,350 – $330$2,125 – $300$9,350 – $1050$3,825 – $300
Polished – StarsSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation below
Polished – Full Cut$18,700 – $850$13,200 – $600$18,700 – $660$4,250 – $600$18,700 – $2,100$7,650 – $600
Polished – MeleeSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation below
Polished – CaratersSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation below See explanation below 
Polished – PointersSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation belowSee explanation below
Polished – Larger Specials$59,500 – $1,190$42,000 – $840$59,500 – $900$10,880 – $840$59,500 – $4,920$23,375 – $840



* These are estimates based on recent Rapaport List Prices

* Industrial Diamonds are too small to be a gem, and prices are calculated for a 0.01 to 0.03 carat size on Rapaport.

* Makeables are larger stones, so calculated with a 3 carat size on Rapaport.

* Larger Specials are classified as 3 carat or larger, and calculated using the 3 carat size on Rapaport.

Blank Spaces:

Blank spaces on the table are prices influenced by things other than size or basic cut. For calculating these prices, the following guidelines can be used:

– Cleavages are a different type of raw diamond categorization. (Prices will be similar)

– Star Cuts are more intricate than typical round cuts (Prices may be higher than Polished – Round)

– Melees and Pointers are generally less than 1.0 carats (Prices would be similar to Industrial Size Rough Diamonds, slightly higher)

– Ideals and Princess Cuts are similar to a Round Brilliant Cut (Price would be about the same or slightly higher depending on cut)

– Round Fancy Diamonds are colored diamonds, which are generally more expensive than colorless (Price slightly higher than Round Brilliant)

– Polished Colors and Browns have a price dependent on color, which can be more expensive or less expensive than Round Brilliants based on color, rarity and cut

Calculations For Diamond Prices

Getting an exact price for any given diamond trader or diamond is difficult.

Prices are considered proprietary information, and most sites require a membership in the diamond industry, or a subscription to diamond price guides to accurately calculate prices.

The most common guide is the Rapaport Price Guide, with typical retail prices being about 85% of the listed price. Typical wholesale prices are about 60% of listed Rapaport price.

Calculations for rough diamonds are generally about half the price of a polished diamond of the same size.

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What Influences Rosy Blue Diamonds Prices?

When it comes to determining the prices for different items offered by Rosy Blue Diamonds, you’ll need to consider several different factors.

  • Rough or Polished?
  • What Kind of Shape For Rough?
  • What Kind of Cut For Polished?
  • What Color?
  • What Clarity?
  • Are They Certified?
  • Wholesale or Retail

Each of these factors can influence the final price of the stones. Size also plays a part, but for wholesale selling to jewelry retailers, it’s less of a concern than other factors.

Price Of Rough Diamonds VS Polished Diamonds:

Rough diamonds are usually less expensive than polished diamonds of the same size because they haven’t been processed.

They usually have more flaws and inclusions, and the price doesn’t include labor costs.

Shapes Of Rough Diamonds:

Rosy Blue Diamonds provides several classifications of uncut diamonds to jewelers who prefer to do their own processing.

Shapes include:

  • Sawables – A stone that can be cut into two stones before processing.
  • Sawn – A stone that has been cut into smaller stones, but not yet cut and polished
  • Makeables – A diamond that is deemed ideal for being shaped and polished into a single large gem.
  • Cleavages – Stones that can be cut along the weakest plane in parallel to a triangular octahedral surface
  • Industrials – Small diamonds not considered suitable for gems, are used in things like diamond grinders or diamond grit.
  • Crystals – Crystals are stones that can be turned into gems

These are different sizes and qualities, all of which affect the price.

Shapes Of Polished Diamonds:

Rosy Blue Diamonds provides several different styles of cut and polished gems.

Shapes include:

  • Stars – Cut with 86 facets in a star shape for added brilliance
  • Full Cuts – Diamonds with a round cut with 86 facets (less facets are called a Single Cut)
  • Melees – Round diamonds of less than 0.1 carats
  • Caraters – Stones that are one or more carats in size
  • Pointers – Refers to stones of various sizes (millimeters or carats) with a point being 0.01 carats
  • Larger Specials – Stones that are larger than 3 carats after cutting and polishing
  • Ideal Cuts – A diamond with a round, brilliant, or princess cut with high quality cuts, faceting, and polishing
  • Certificate Goods – A diamond that was certified or can be certified at a high level
  • Princess Cuts – A square-shaped cut with a pyramid structure.
  • Round Edged Fancies – Round cut diamonds that are also a color, rather than the traditional colorless stone
  • Colors and Browns – Diamonds that are colored, such as blues, reds, yellows, and browns, in cuts other than round

Each of these classifications has its own price range.

Influence of Color on Price:

The better the color, the higher the price.

For regular diamonds, the closer a diamond is to colorless, the higher the color grade and the higher the price.

For colored stones, the deeper the color, the better, and the higher the price.

Influence of Clarity on Price:

Particularly for polished stones, the greater the clarity, the higher the price.

A greater clarity means fewer flaws and inclusions, both visible and eye-clean.

Influence of Certification In Price:

Certification provides a guarantee of quality. To have a certified diamond, especially one that’s certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society), is proof of the stone’s value.

Certification can increase the value of the diamond.

Stones with a clarity of I1 to I3 are generally not certified except as a matter of basic record. The flaws make them low-grade stones, not generally worth the effort.

Very small stones may also be uncertified due to their size.


Stones in the SI1 – I3 column are unlikely to be certified, with the possible exception of SI1 stones.

Stones in the Color L – Z column may not be certified due to poor color grading.

Stones under Industrial, Pointers, and sometimes Melee classifications may not be certified due to size

Wholesale VS Retail Prices:

Wholesale involves the sale of large quantities of items to retailers. Retail prices involve single items or small numbers of items sold by retailers to customers.

Wholesale items are generally cheaper in terms of a one-to-one price comparison. Compared to the Rapaport prices, they average about 60% of the listed price.

Retail items average about 85% of the listed Rapaport prices.

Why Are The Prices Estimated Not The Same As Rapaport Prices?

Rapaport prices are considered the high end of pricing for stones of a specific size and grade. Most sellers prefer to sell below that price to remain competitive.

Prices for retail are often listed in what is called the ‘15% back’ category, though not always, which is how the prices on this table are calculated.


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Final Thoughts

If you’re considering starting a jewelry or diamond trading business, Rosy Blue Diamonds is one of the foremost suppliers of rough and polished stones for retailers.

You’ll want to be sure to subscribe to Diamond Pricing Guides such as Rapaport or Index, to make sure you’re up to date on current market prices, and how Rosy Blue Diamonds compares.



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