Jared Jewelry Return Policy (Complete Guide)

Jared Jewelry Return Policy

Do you know what Jared´s jewelry return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Jewelry purchases are typically a large investment, and you tend to take the time necessary to make the right decision. Even still, sometimes a return is in order. Good thing Jared has a generous return policy!

Jewelry purchased at Jared may be returned as long as it is in the original condition accompanied by the appropriate paperwork and returned within the required return period.

In this article, we will review Jared’s jewelry return timeframe, unreturnable items, receiptless returns, ways to return the jewelry, trade-ins, refunds, exchanges, replacement, and service plans, return rejections, and more.  

How Long Do I Have to Return Jewelry to Jared?

Jared allows customers to return unworn jewelry up to thirty days after purchase. The thirty day timeframe begins on the day of purchase at a physical Jared location or the date of shipment for online purchases.

If you attempt to return jewelry to Jared after thirty days, they will not accept the return.

Proof of purchase date is required for all returns so that Jared can determine whether or not your return is being made within the appropriate window.

If you have eligible trade-in pieces, you may be able to use the trade-in option after the thirty day return period has expired to at least recover credit for the jewelry to put toward another purchase.

Jared is very strict on the timeframe allowed for purchases in order to mitigate profit loss. However, if you discover issues with your jewelry after the 30 day window that can be addressed and does not necessitate a return, such as resizing, contact Jared for support to help accommodate your needs.

Is There Any Jewelry That Cannot Be Returned to Jared?

Most jewelry items can be returned to Jared except for those that are custom designed or special orders. These include but are not limited to watches, class rings, and engraved items. Before you make a custom order, ensure that you will have no need to return it.

Jared cannot resell customized pieces or personalized jewelry because of the specification of the piece.

If you want to receive a refund for jewelry items, you may have luck at a pawn shop or selling yourself on a resale website.

If you simply need the item to be resized or there is a defect with the product you ordered, contact Jared’s customer service support to see what can be done to resolve the issue.

Jewelry that was received via the jewelry replacement plan is also ineligible for returns. If the replaced piece is defective or in the wrong order, Jared can help ensure you receive the proper jewelry in its place, but you will not be able to receive a refund.

How Do I Return Jewelry to Jared?

Returns can be shipped back to Jared via mail or returned in person to any physical store location.

In order to qualify for a return, the jewelry must be unworn and unaltered, in its original packaging, and accompanied by all paperwork including warranties, grading reports, and receipts.

As long as you return the jewelry within thirty days of purchase or shipment with all of the appropriate pieces, Jared should accept your return and provide you with a full refund for your purchase.

If you are returning to a physical store, you must bring all of these items in and notify an associate that you wish to make a return. They will help process your return and your refund will be given in the same form of tender with which you paid.

Check your order before making a return to ensure that it does not fall under the ineligibility category such as a custom or personalized piece.

Also confirm that you need to make a return and not simply have the piece adjusted for resizing, etc.

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Can I Return Jewelry to Jared Without a Receipt?

Jared will not accept jewelry returns without a receipt. A receipt, packing slip, or confirmation email provides vital information concerning the original purchase that would qualify it for a return.

Receipts show proof of purchase from Jared so that the Jared associate handling the return knows the piece was not bought at another jewelry store.

Secondly, the receipt is stamped with the date that the piece was purchased. Since Jared has a strict thirty day return policy, associates handling returns need evidence to confirm that a return is being made within the appropriate timeframe.

Lastly, the receipt will provide information on how you paid. Jared reimburses returns in the same form of tender as the original purchase so an associate needs written evidence in order to give permission for a refund via card, cash, or store credit.

Always keep your receipts for Jared’s jewelry purchases and give gift receipts to those you may be giving gifts to.

If you don’t have your receipt, your next best option for receiving a refund is trying to resell the piece online or at a pawn shop.

How Will I Receive a Refund for My Jared Jewelry Return?

Refunds for jewelry purchases made from Jared will be issued in the same form of tender with which you originally paid.

Just like most retail stores, you can accept refunds made to a credit or debit account to be available within five to seven business days.

For those who originally paid via gift card or in cash if the purchase was for less than $500, reimbursement will be made immediately available.

Refunds for purchases made by check or cash in excess of $500 will take the longest to receive. In these cases, a check must be issued from the corporate and could take as long as three weeks to arrive at your home address.

Corporate issued checks may also be the necessary form of reimbursement if there is not enough available cash on hand even if the purchase was less than $500.

Make sure you save your receipts because you won’t be able to receive any refund – not even for store credit – if you cannot provide proof of purchase for Jared jewelry.

Can I Trade in Jewelry at Jared?

Jared does provide an option to trade in jewelry. This is a great alternative to straight returning your jewelry if you are looking to get another piece or if you have already passed the thirty day return window.

The trade in option is only available for jewelry with diamonds or loose diamonds themselves as long as they are naturally occurring and not lab created.

Trade ins can only occur after the thirty day return window has expired unless you live in Alaska, Oklahoma, Delaware, North Carolina, Florida, or Hawaii.

Trade ins are only available to customers living in the United Kingdom or North America.

Trade ins can only be made at physical store locations and not through the mail or online. Although diamond jewelry that was purchased online at Jared’s website is eligible for trade ins.

When trading a piece of diamond jewelry, another piece that is worth at least twice your trade in must be purchased. Credit for the trade in will be applied to the purchase of the new piece.

Can I Exchange Unwanted Jewelry with Jared?

Jared does allow exchanges for most of its jewelry pieces.

The exchange time period is the same as the return window and you must be able to present proof of purchase as well as bring in the original item with all of its accessories, packaging, and paperwork.

You can exchange the unwanted piece for another piece of similar value. If the new piece is worth more than the returned piece, you will have to pay the difference to Jared. However, if the new piece is valued at less than the originally purchased piece, you will receive a reimbursement for the difference in price.

Unlike returns, exchanges must be done at a physical store location and cannot be managed online or through the mail. However, any Jared location is able to accommodate an exchange as long as they carry the piece you wish to exchange for.

The only items that are ineligible for exchange are pieces that were originally purchased online with a Progressive Leasing, PayPal, and Affirm account, or pieces that are also ineligible for return.

How Do I Mail a Jewelry Return to Jared?

If you need to return jewelry to Jared by mailing it back to their returns department, make sure to include all the pieces of the return including the jewelry piece, original packaging, and accessories.

Place the original packing slip in the box too indicating which piece you are returning and why.

Jared will provide you with a printing label to place on your package, but you will be required to pay for shipping. You can choose any of the three trusted carriers – FedEx, UPS, or USPS – however, you must provide insurance for the full value of the jewelry.

When your package is received at Jared’s returns department in Akron, Ohio, the quality department will assess the return to make that it meets all of the qualifications for a refund including no wear, alterations, originally purchased item and that it has been returned within the proper timeframe.

Your refund will be credited to the original paying account within twenty-one days of the returns department receiving your return package. Jared will not reimburse original delivery or return shipping fees.

Why Would Jared Reject My Jewelry Return?

There are several reasons that your return may be ineligible. If there are obvious signs of wear or the jewelry has been altered at a jewelry store other than Jared, Jared will not accept the return.

Returns attempted after the thirty day return window will also be rejected.

If you try to return jewelry to Jared without a receipt, any of the accompanying paperwork such as grading reports or certifications, or original packaging, your return will be rejected.

Jared does not accept returns for custom orders or personalized jewelry such as class rings, engraved watches, etc.

If you do not insure your return package or do not include all of the necessary pieces, Jared will mail it back to you at your expense.

If you want to ensure that your return will be accepted and you will be fully reimbursed for your purchase, make sure to review Jared’s return policy to verify that your return is valid, and that you provide them with everything they need.

Just like most stores, Jared also reserves the right to refuse a return to anyone at their discretion if they believe the return is dishonest or sketchy.

Does Jared Offer a Replacement or Service Plan So I Don’t Have to Return Jewelry?

Jared understands that purchasing jewelry can be a big investment and they want to avoid the necessity for their customers to make returns.

In order to provide the best possible customer satisfaction, Jared has the option for you to purchase replacement plans or service plans for your jewelry.

The extended service plan allows you to send in your jewelry for cleaning, repairs and more for the entirety of its lifespan.

The jewelry replacement plan is insurance for your valued Jared jewelry pieces that covers replacement of any irreparable jewelry within the first three years after purchase.

Jared also has guarantees on all of its diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald jewelry for the lifetime of the pieces which includes cleaning, inspections, and more.

Some of these plans may be worth purchasing in order to avoid the necessity of a return, especially after the return period has ended.


Like most jewelry stores, Jared allows you to return the jewelry within thirty days of purchase with a valid receipt. Custom and personalized orders are not eligible for returns.

If you have a naturally occurring diamond piece you wish to return after the thirty day period, you can trade it in and receive credit towards another diamond purchase that is worth at least twice the original piece.

Jared also offers service and replacement plans to help keep your jewelry looking beautiful and new so you won’t want to return it.




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