Does IKEA Deliver Couches? (Here Is What To Do!)

Does IKEA Deliver Couches

Do you know if IKEA delivers couches and what you need to know before ordering? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

IKEA sells a variety of high-quality put-together couches. They have styles to suit almost any home theme, and their furniture is reasonably priced, making them a great option for put-together furniture purchases. But, before you purchase a couch on IKEA you need one important question answered: Does IKEA deliver couches?

The great answer is that IKEA does offer delivery for their couches, along with all of their other furniture items. They have a beginning price for home delivery, which can rise depending on your location. 

In this article we will discuss the delivery options IKEA offers, including the prices, and help you decide which option would work best for your next couch purchase! 

What Delivery Services Does IKEA Offer? 

Although IKEA does have an option for a small delivery that only costs $4.99, no couches would fall into this category. 

Therefore, you would jump up to IKEA’s next category for large deliveries. The fee for large deliveries starts at $49.00 and can rise depending on the demand for a particular item, your distance from an IKEA distribution center, and the form of delivery you choose. 

IKEA’s delivery service is not provided by IKEA and is instead offered through an independent delivery company. This means you must be okay with IKEA sharing your information with the company. 

There are two main delivery options offered by IKEA for large orders: 

  1. Contactless doorstep delivery, and 
  2. Room of choice delivery.

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How Does IKEA’s Contactless Doorstep Delivery Work? 

If you choose IKEA’s contactless doorstep delivery option it works similarly to other deliveries from stores. They will bring your couch to your door and make sure you are home, but you won’t be required to sign for it. 

It is important to still be home during the delivery window though as the carrier will not leave the couch without confirmation. 

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The starting fee for contactless doorstep delivery is $49. However, this fee can raise drastically depending on how far your location is from an IKEA store. Customers have seen it raise up to three times the starting fee when they live hours away. 

Customers are allowed to choose the date of their delivery, however, there may be some limitations placed on how early you can request and the delivery company does need time to travel to your location. 

While at first appearance $49 may seem high, it is pretty reasonable in comparison to other furniture delivery fees. 

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What Is The Difference Between Contactless Doorstep Delivery and Room Of Choice Delivery? 

If you want to go a step higher than contactless doorstep delivery you can choose IKEA’s room of choice delivery option. While this service begins at $69, it is well worth the added expense. 

This option allows you to have the delivery team bring your order into the room you p[lan to assemble the couch in, whether that is your living room, sitting room, bedroom, etc. 

The benefit to this is that the boxes IKEA couches come in are extremely heavy and awkward to lift. If you live alone or don’t have someone who can help you move the couch from your door to the room, it might be hard to figure it out alone. 

If you choose this option, you will select a date and time window that works best with your schedule, and on the day of delivery, you will receive a call from the delivery company where they will provide you with a four-hour time window for the delivery. 

You must make sure that you are home to sign for the delivery if you choose this option. You also should ensure that the delivery team has a safe path to the room of your choice. 

Providing a safe path simply means ensuring there is no furniture blocking their pathway and all animals are put away in another room. 

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How Is The Delivery Fee Applied? 

You may be wondering if this fee is charged per item by IKEA, in which case it would add up fairly quickly. The great news is that the delivery fee assigned to you based on your location is applicable to every item in your order. 

So, if you order a couch and two side tables, you will only be charged one delivery fee for those three items. 

This means it makes a lot more sense to purchase all of the bulk items you want with your couch at the same time in order to avoid paying multiple delivery fees.

You will be able to see your estimated fee at checkout, which will help you determine if you think delivery is the right option for you. 


IKEA is a great company, and their delivery options make them even better! If you live nearby an IKEA store your delivery fee will likely be a bargain in comparison to other big box retailers.

You could get your couch delivered to your door for only $49, or choose to have it brought inside the room of your choice for $69. 

If you live a few hours away from IKEA you will be charged a higher amount for delivery, but it is important to remember that this fee encompasses the entire delivery process, including processing the order, handling, packing, and delivering. 

It is worth checking how high the fee is to have IKEA deliver to you, especially if you have your heart set on a piece from their collection.



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