Does Etsy Accept Afterpay? (No Do This Instead!)

Does Etsy Accept Afterpay

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Etsy will accept Afterpay? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You’re browsing around on Etsy and come across the coolest piece to complete your living room’s décor or a super cute necklace that was made for you.

The only problem is that it costs more than you have in your bank account.

Will Etsy allow you to use Afterpay to purchase it now and pay for it later? No, Etsy does not accept Afterpay as a form of payment for any goods available for purchase on its website. You must use one of the accepted forms of payment that Etsy will allow and Afterpay is not one of them.

Don’t panic though because that once in a lifetime find can still be yours. Check out the rest of this article to find out what forms of payment Etsy does accept and whether or not there is a buy now pay later option with Etsy.

Additionally, we will tell you in what countries Etsy accepts payments in installments and what other shopping options you have with Afterpay.

What Forms of Payment Does Etsy Accept?

Even though Etsy does not accept all forms of payment including Afterpay, they do accept other financial payment platforms such as Google Pay, Paypal, Quad Pay, Apple Pay, and Klarna.

Although Paypal is only acceptable for customers within the United States or its territories.

Alternatively, you can pay with a more traditional method by using debit or credit cards to pay for your purchase.

If you would rather provide your bank account information instead of using a debit card, that option is also available to you. Etsy has gift cards available as well which can be used at any of the shops on its website.

There is another platform created by Etsy called Etsy Payments that can be advantageous to use because you may receive a discount on the items you want to purchase.

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Can You Buy Now and Pay Later with Etsy?

For the longest time, Etsy did not allow customers the option to purchase desired items now and pay for them later. Recently, however, Etsy has changed its tune.

Etsy has partnered with Klarna to offer customers who are shopping for higher priced items the option to pay in installments.

Due to the overwhelming support of the online antique and handmade item shopping site especially during the gift giving season of Christmas, Etsy decided it was to include the option to buy now and pay later.

Only certain items qualify for the Klarna payment option, however. The seller of the item has to use Etsy Payments in order to qualify.

For purchases that fall between $50 and $250, the buyer can pay four installments through Klarna without paying any interest.

For higher priced items between $250.01 and $10,000, Klarna will be able to offer a monthly financing schedule to allow you to pay your Etsy purchase off in affordable installments.

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What Countries Will Etsy Accept Payment in Installments?

The buy now and pay later option offered through Klarna for Etsy customers is fairly new and does not cover customers worldwide.

Only certain countries will allow for payments in installments to Etsy. The United States, Germany, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom are the only countries where buyers can use Klarna for payment.

With the growing popularity of Etsy and the demand for unique, handcrafted items, there is no doubt that Etsy is working on expanding the availability of Klarna payment to all of the countries in which it does business.

Currently, only these five major countries have the Klarna payment installments available but there may be an expansion in the future.

Etsy currently hosts shops from forty-five different countries including Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Hungary, and Romania to name a few.

Hopefully, we will see the Klarna option expand to the reaming forty countries participating in Etsy’s sensational success.

What Online Stores Will Accept Afterpay?

Maybe you’re not thrilled with the Klarna option and really wanted to be able to use Afterpay instead. Although Etsy doesn’t use Afterpay, there are plenty of other shopping options that offer handmade items that do accept Afterpay.

Bing Lee, Johnny Bigg, Adairs, and ArtFire are all companies similar to Etsy that will accept Afterpay.

Although they are not small shops, there are big brand name stores that can also offer just what you are looking for and allow you to make your purchases with Afterpay.

Stores with online components that accept Afterpay include Target, Ulta, Bed Bath & Beyond, Anthropologie, and LuluLemon.

The next time you go shopping, check out Afterpay’s website to see the entire list of stores that accept their form of payment.

There are plenty out there like Etsy where you can find unique gifts and have the added bonus of buying them now and paying for them later with the platform that you are familiar with.


While Etsy accepts many forms of payment, Afterpay is not one of them. Etsy will allow you to pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, debit or credit cards, Etsy gift cards, or via direct bank transfers.

There are other online stores like Etsy where you can use Afterpay such as ArtFire and Bing Lee.

Additionally, a lot of brand name stores will allow you to pay with Afterpay if you make a purchase through their website.

Some of these stores include Target, Anthropologie, LuluLemon, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

If you wish to make a purchase and pay for it later, Etsy will now allow that option through Klarna. Payments made in installments are only allowed for purchases that are over $50.

For those under $250, you can make four interest-free payments. For those over $250, you can schedule an affordable payment plan through Klarna.

Currently, Klarna payments for Etsy are only available to shops participating in Etsy Payments and those located in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain.

Etsy does have plans to expand the countries in which the Klarna payment option is available.

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