Bed Bath and Beyond Warranty Policy (What’s Covered)

Bed Bath and Beyond Warranty Policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Bed Bath and Beyond’s warranty policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Bed Bath and Beyond have a well-deserved reputation as a consumer-friendly home goods shopping destination.

While Bed Bath and Beyond offer a generous return policy, Bed Bath and Beyond do not offer store warranties or product protection upon purchase. Some items are eligible for warranties under the product manufacturer. Warranty terms are not determined by Bed Bath and Beyond and vary greatly depending on the item.

What is the warranty policy of Bed Bath and Beyond?

Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as affiliate retailers such as BuyBabyBuy and Harmon Face Values, does not have a store warranty program, However, many items or products sold at Bed Bath and Beyond have manufacturer warranties that vary by item type and terms.

Bed Bath and Beyond guarantee customer satisfaction and most items are eligible for return with a receipt within 90 days. 

Customers wanting to exchange an item covered under warranty must begin the warranty process with the manufacturer or other warranty third party.

Bed Bath and Beyond does not honor manufacturer warranties or facilitate the warranty process for customers.

What items are eligible for a warranty?

Items purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond are eligible only for manufacturer warranties. These apply to certain items and companies usually market the warranty on the item description or packaging.

Examples of items that have manufacturer warranties include mattress protectors, personal care items, utensils, small appliances, baby gear, and other items. Warranty terms also vary in coverage time length, and with which criteria the warranty applies.

Some items even have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Items not eligible for warranty under the original producer can often be eligible for return or exchange.

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Terms of warranty for items purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond?

Bed Bath and Beyond do not offer store warranties for items purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond and from other authorized retailers associated with Bed Bath and Beyond (such as Buy Baby Buy and Harmon Face Values).

Consumers are welcome to apply for item insurance and protection through the item’s original manufacturer if that is an option.

Customers should contact the item manufacturer to learn the specifics of a particular warranty’s terms and conditions, which can often be complicated.

Items purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond are generally eligible for return or exchange under store policy. 

How do I register my item for the warranty?

Instructions for registering a warranty product depends on the manufacturer warranty terms and conditions.

Most of the time, warranties require registration, which is also an important step in ensuring you get recall information. This is especially important for certain items, especially baby products.

Terms and conditions of warranties vary greatly, with some items only covered very minimally and other items offering warranties that last a lifetime.

Registration does not guarantee warranty protection. Always contact the item manufacturer for the exact terms and conditions of the item warranty.

How do I request replacement items through the Bed Bath and Beyond warranty?

A warranty is not necessary to request an item replacement or return for an item purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. Items can be returned within 90 days of purchase.

Some items, such as smart technology and seasonal items, must be returned with 30 days to receive a full refund or exchange. If a receipt is not available, many Bed Bath and Beyond stores can search for the transaction.

Another benefit of returning or exchanging at Bed Bath and Beyond is that even if an item is not eligible for a full return or exchange, customers can often elect for store merchandise credit for twenty percent less the purchase price.

How to get a warranty at Bed Bath and Beyond?

Warranties are not provided by Bed Bath and Beyond for in-store purchases. Not all items are covered under warranties provided by the original manufacturer. 

Bed Bath and Beyond rely on a generous return and exchange policy that allows dissatisfied consumers to find the right product for them within 60 days of purchase.

Some purchases made at Bed Bath and Beyond, like Wedding and Baby registry items, have extended return timeframes and may have additional protection through product warranties.

How do I know if my item is covered by a warranty?

When shopping online, many item descriptions on the Bed Bath and Beyond website feature warranty information. In order to determine if your item is covered under a warranty, check the packaging, registration information, and user manual.

Warranties generally do not apply to single-use items, or items that have been personalized in any way. Additionally, manufacturers usually reserve the right to terminate or void a warranty for any reason, at any time.

When in doubt, contact the customer support of the item manufacturer. Warranty processing can be a lengthy process, depending on the item availability and other factors.


Bed Bath and Beyond is considered a retail leader of homegoods. Offering a wide array of products, Bed Bath and Beyond ensure customer satisfaction through their robust return and exchange policy. Warranties for products are not available from Bed Bath and Beyond retailers.

Many items are covered under warranty by the original manufacturer, however, these terms vary greatly.

While Bed Bath and Beyond do not offer in-store warranties, their catalog features many items that have lifetime warranties under specific terms and conditions.

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