Does Etsy Accept Crypto? (Do This Instead)

Does Etsy Accept Crypto

People ask, does Etsy accept Crypto like Bitcoin or Dogecoin?

Etsy is a one stop shop for all the best handmade and vintage items on the internet. Browse for jewelry, art, clothes, and more. Once you find the perfect treasure though, you have a few different options for paying.

With the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, it begs the question: does Etsy accept crypto for payment?

Although the Etsy interface does not directly allow for crypto exchange, Etsy vendors can accept crypto for payment along with bank transfers, Paypal, or credit or debit cards. Since crypto is a valid form of currency in exchange for goods, some Etsy vendors are happy to accept cryptocurrency from their customers as a form of payment.

In this article, we will review whether or not all Etsy vendors accept crypto and what kind of crypto Etsy accepts.

Additionally, we will cover how to pay with crypto on Etsy as well as how to accept crypto payment via Etsy if you are a vendor.

Do All Etsy Vendors Accept Crypto?

While you can pay for your Etsy purchases with cryptocurrency, it is up to the individual vendor as to what forms of payment they will accept.

In essence, not all vendors will accept crypto as payment so check to see if this is an option before deciding to buy an item with crypto.

Some vendors may list on their shop that they accept crypto while others may not. When you review the accepted forms of payment for a shop from which you wish to make a purchase, see if “Other” is listed as an option.

If so, that vendor may accept crypto as payment, and it would be worth your time to send them a message inquiring if they do.

If they do not list “Other” in their forms of accepted payment, they probably don’t accept crypto, but they also may not realize that is a viable option. So it still is a good idea to ask – the worst they can say is no.

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How Can I Pay with Crypto on Etsy?

When you go to checkout with your Etsy purchases, make sure the Etsy shop has an option for “Other” payment types.

Select this and it will notify the vendor that you wish to make a payment other than the traditional bank transfer, credit, or debit card.

They will probably send you a message or there may be an option for you to comment and let them know you want to pay with crypto.

If they accept Bitcoin or Dogecoin, they will send you their crypto address so that you can transfer funds.

Once they acknowledge receipt of the funds, the seller should send along your item and typically notifies you with a confirmation of shipment and payment acceptance.

If I’m an Etsy Vendor, How Do I Accept Crypto on Etsy?

While the immediate Etsy interface does not along for crypto transfer, you can still set up your Etsy shop to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment from your customers.

Bring up your Etsy Shop Manager page and open up the Finances tab. Under Payment Methods, there is a dropdown option to accept manual payments that you should activate.

That will generate another set of settings including a toggle switch for “Other.” Make sure that is on so that it shows up to your customers when they checkout with their purchases from your shop. If your customers want to pay with crypto, they need to click “Other” when they checkout.

You may want to post a note indicating that you accept crypto and what kind so that customers know that is a viable payment option.

Once they’ve indicated they want to pay with crypto, you need to send them your crypto address and wait to get paid.

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What Kind of Crypto Does Etsy Accept?

Since Etsy’s acceptance of crypto depends on the vendor, hypothetically you can pay with any type of crypto as long as the vendor accepts it.

Most likely you will be limited to whatever type of crypto account the vendor already possesses. Since Bitcoin is the most common type of cryptocurrency, most vendors that accept crypto will most likely accept Bitcoin.

However, if you want to pay with cryptocurrency, simply message the vendor to see what type of crypto they will accept as payment.

You will have to set up payment outside of the Etsy platform but most vendors who accept crypto won’t have a problem with that.

Will the Etsy Interface Ever Integrate Crypto?

While Etsy doesn’t currently have cryptocurrency as a specific payment option, that doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future.

The CEO of Etsy has expressed that he wants to wait until crypto is a more common form of currency. He needs to make sure that it is worth it to invest the time and money into updating the Etsy platform to handle such transactions.

So even though Etsy does not directly accept cryptocurrency directly, you can still pay Etsy vendors with crypto off the platform and it may become an option in the future.


Technically, you can pay for Etsy products with cryptocurrency but the website itself does not have the capacity to handle crypto transactions.

Not all vendors accept crypto as payment, but if you want to find out which ones do, all you have to do is ask. Message the vendor, especially if they have chosen to make the “Other” payment option available.

It’s easy to communicate with Etsy vendors to see if and what kinds of cryptocurrency they accept. They should be able to send you a link to their account so that you can transfer funds for your purchase.

Although Etsy doesn’t directly accept crypto payments just yet, they may in the future when cryptocurrency becomes a more widely accepted form of currency.

It’s easy to pay for your Etsy purchases with crypto as long as the shop’s vendor will accept the payment. Never be afraid to ask because you never know what the answer will be until you do!

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