Does CVS Sell Steam Gift Cards? (All You Need To Know)

Does CVS Sell Steam Gift Cards

Do you know if CVS sells Steam gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

CVS does sell Steam gift cards. Steam gift cards are available from CVS in different denominations and can be used to make purchases of games, software, and downloadable content from Steam. Steam gift cards are available for purchase online and in-store and come in both digital and physical formats.

In the following article, we cover everything you need to know about whether CVS sell Steam gift cards.

Does CVS sell Steam gift cards?

CVS does sell Steam gift cards as part of its collection of entertainment gift cards. Steam gift cards come in a number of different denominations, usually available from $5 and going up to $100, and are available in both digital and physical form.

Steam gift cards are available to buy online and in store. Physical gift cards can be bought both in-store and online, where they can be shipped to you directly or to someone else as a gift. Digital Steam gift cards can be purchased online only.

Steam gift cards can be used to purchase games, software, or credit on Steam. They can be purchased for use by yourself to top up your Steam Wallet or as a gift for someone else to make a purchase from Steam. 

What are Steam gift cards used for?

Steam gift cards can be used to purchase almost anything from Steam. Once you have the gift card amount loaded to your Steam wallet, the credit can be used the same way as credit loaded from your own money.

Steam gift cards can be used to top up your Steam wallet credit, which can be used to make purchases for other items.

Steam gift cards can be used to buy the following things from the Steam website:

  • Games,
  • Downloadable content,
  • In-game purchases,
  • Software.

There are some things that cannot be purchased using a Steam gift card. Other gift cards, for instance, cannot be paid for using a Steam gift card.

You are also not able to purchase a Steam gift card using another gift card, including CVS gift cards.

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How much do Steam gift cards cost at CVS?

CVS offers Steam gift cards in a number of different denominations, which reflects the value of the gift card itself.

Digital and physical gift cards come in different amounts. Usually, digital cards start at $5 and go up to $100, while physical cards start at $20.

Physical Steam cards are usually available in values of $20, $30, $50, and $100. On the other hand, digital gift cards come in denominations upwards of $5 and give more options for lower valued Steam cards. 

The amount you pay for your gift card will reflect the value of the card itself, and the amount you have available to spend.

If you intend to give the gift as a gift to someone else, it’s worth noting the amount they have available to spend.

How do you check the balance of a Steam gift card?

Once your gift card has been redeemed on Steam, the balance will appear in your Steam Wallet, where you can go to check how much is available to spend.

You can check this either on the Steam website or on the app.

To check the balance you have left on a physical Steam gift card, you could take the card to a CVS store, where a staff member should be able to access the balance and let you know how much is available.

How do you use a Steam gift card?

To use a Steam gift card, you first need to redeem it on the Steam website. To redeem a physical Steam card, reveal the code by scratching away the foil.

This code should then be entered into the Steam website under ‘Redeem a Steam Wallet Code’.

Digital gift cards do not need to be redeemed as the amount will be deposited straight into your Steam account.

The credit from your card can then be used as you would regular credit to make purchases on Steam’s website or app. 

How do you gift someone else a Steam gift card?

You can gift physical or digital Steam gift cards to other people. To gift a physical gift card to somebody else, purchase a gift card and either send them the code or hand them the card itself. Alternatively, you can have it delivered straight to them from some stores.

You can also send someone else a digital Steam card from CVS. If they are on your friend’s list, you can send them the digital amount via their Steam account.

Alternatively, gift cards should be available to email or message to someone else.

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Can you return a Steam gift card to CVS?

Steam gift cards are unlikely to be accepted for return at CVS. However, you still have options if you have an unwanted gift card. CVS will buy your unwanted gift cards from you in exchange for a CVS eGift card.

To make the exchange, go to the CVS CardCash webpage, where you can enter the name and amount of the gift card you want to exchange.

CVS will show you the gift card amount you could receive if you return your card.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the amount you receive in exchange will likely be lower than the amount of your original gift card. However, it is one way to get some money back for your unwanted gift cards. 

Where else can you buy Steam gift cards?

Alongside CVS, Steam gift cards are available to purchase from a number of other retailers throughout the US, including:

Final Thoughts

Steam gift cards are available to purchase from CVS.

They can be bought both online and in-store, in digital or physical format, and in a variety of different denominations.

Steam gift cards are intended to be used for the purchase of games, downloadable content, and in-game purchases from Steam.



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