Does CVS Sell Michaels Gift Cards? (Full Guide)

Does CVS Sell Michaels Gift Cards

Do you know if CVS sells Michaels gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

CVS does not sell Michaels gift cards. Though it seems like you can buy any gift card almost anywhere, it’s not true of Michaels gift cards. CVS carries more than 100 gift cards for other stores and brands. However, Michaels is not one of them. CVS sells many department store, restaurant, gaming, clothing, and activity gift cards but not Michaels.

It’s frustrating when you run into a store thinking you can find the gift card you want to give someone at the gathering you’re headed to.

Michaels gift cards are good options for people who are crafty or anyone in need of house warming items. In this article we’ll talk about where you can find Michaels gift cards and what CVS offers, so stay tuned.

Does CVS Sell Michaels Gift Cards?

CVS does not sell Michaels gift cards. It may be that there isn’t enough demand for this type of card. It may be they just don’t have any space left to devote to another store’s gift cards. 

Whatever the reason is, we just see that CVS doesn’t carry Michaels gift cards in their gift card section. The closest type of card to something like Michaels isn’t even a craft store.

There are some house and garden type options, such as HomeGoods, Lowe’s, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and a few others. None of these directly compete with Michaels.

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Where Can You Buy Michaels Gift Cards?

You won’t find Michaels gift cards sold broadly across many outlets. You can purchase them from your local Michaels store.

You can also order them off the website. You have the option to order a physical plastic card to mail to someone, or you can have your gift sent immediately as an eGift card. 

You can buy Michaels cards from Target. You can also buy them from Sam’s Club. These are both ordered on their respective websites, though, so they’re sent as eGift cards. 

Your other option is to purchase Michaels gift cards on Amazon. You’ll find some sellers offering physical cards and the eGift card option, as well.

We caution you to do your due diligence if you’re going to buy gift cards from Amazon. While they have vigilant security in place, scammers do make it through sometimes.

What Gift Cards Does CVS Sell?

CVS has an entire gift card section dedicated to offering all the most popular stores, restaurants, and brands. You can find something for anyone when you need a gift.

Here’s a sampling of gift cards you’ll find at CVS:

CVS also has a greeting card section. If you find yourself in a pinch for someone’s celebration, a quick stop at CVS is all you’ll need to find an appropriate gift and card.

Are Gift Cards Good Gifts?

There’s a debate that goes back a long time over whether gift cards are good gifts or not. Some say they’re not because people get them and don’t use them. Well, in that case, it wasn’t a good gift.

The other side of the argument is they’re great gifts. Here’s why. Some people feel guilty when they spend money on something they don’t need but only want. The thought is they could have spent that money on something much more important.

A gift card to someone’s favorite restaurant or store gives your loved one or friend money to spend there without feeling any guilt. Since they can’t spend it anywhere else, they must spend it at the appropriate place and simply enjoy it. 

In the past, gift cards would expire. That made them bad gifts for some people who procrastinate or forget. Expiration dates on gift cards have since become a thing of the past. 

The other issue with them in past decades was some of them charged fees for using them. That meant that every time you bought something with your gift card, you were charged extra, which took your balance down quicker than it should have.

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Why Do Retailers Sell Gift Cards for Other Places?

Retailers sell gift cards for other companies because it’s a good way to get customers into the store. They also get money from the sales of all the gift cards. 

Think about things you stop to purchase when you’re out and about. Most of us have gone looking for a gift card at some point. If you run into CVS looking for a specific gift card, there’s a chance you might want to grab a drink or a snack.

You could also think about makeup you needed or vitamins. That leads to more and bigger sales for CVS.

CVS also gets a percentage of the sales paid to them. They give up space in their stores to receive some of the profits from selling the gift cards.

It’s good business for CVS and they don’t have to give up much floor space for stock.

Does CVS Sell Its Own Gift Cards?

CVS does offer its own gift cards, as well. You can use these gift cards at any CVS location. The easiest way to purchase one is online. You can also check your balance online. 

You can also get a CVS gift card through a program they offer. CVS partnered with CardCash, a company that helps people turn unwanted gift cards into cash.

For instance, let’s say you were given an Applebee’s gift card and you don’t like eating there. You can trade that card to CVS through the CardCash program and they will give you a CVS Pharmacy gift card.


CVS does not sell Michaels gift cards, but they do sell plenty of others. Michaels gift cards can be purchased online through a couple of websites or at a Michaels location. 

CVS sells several other brands of gift cards along with greeting cards, so you can make the perfect gift. Well-chosen gift cards make excellent gifts for many types of people.



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