Does Walgreens Sell Gift Cards? (All You Need to Know!)

Does Walgreens Sell Gift Cards

Do you know if Walgreens sells gift cards or what gift cards Walgreens sell? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

For many, gift cards are the go-to gift when you don’t really have any idea about what to get somebody as a gift. Of course, since Walgreens is easily accessible, a lot of people contemplate picking their gift cards up from there. So, can you?

Walgreens does sell gift cards. They have gift cards for over 150 different brands in stock. If you run a business, you can even get discounts when you purchase gift cards in bulk.

Let’s give you a bit more information on this. This is because there are a few things that you may want to know about Walgreens gift cards, particularly when it comes to the returns policy.

Does Walgreens Sell Gift Cards?

Yes. Walgreens does sell gift cards. In fact, they keep a massive range of products in stock.

The bulk of their gift cards will be on display, so you can just pick and choose which gift card you want (as well as the value). However, if you look on their website, you will see some gift cards for smaller brands that don’t always take up shelf space in the stores.

With most Walgreens, you are able to ask for these and the customer service agent will be able to hand them over to you.

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What Gift Cards Does Walgreens Sell?

There are over 150 different gift cards in stock at Walgreens. This means that it is going to be impossible for us to tell you all of them.

However, we can tell you that you will be able to find gift cards from the following brands (remember, this is not an exhaustive list!):

Not all Walgreens stores will have all of these cards in stock, so you may need to double-check the listings online to see what your particular store offers.

If you can’t find the information, then we are confident that anybody working at the store will be able to give you information on their products.

These are some of the biggest selling products at Walgreens, so they will probably have a ton of information for you. 

Does Walgreens sell Menards gift cards (H2)

Yes, Walgreens sells Menards gift cards, you can buy them online hassle free or direct in store.

What Value of Gift Cards Do Walgreens Sell? 

This will be dependent on the gift card that you are purchasing. Each of the companies that has gift cards available through Walgreens will have different values. The vast majority of them will be between $10 and $100.

Although, some of them may not be a value at all. For example, if you received an Xbox Live gift card from Walgreens, then this may be for a monthly membership.

You will need to check what you are buying before you part with your cash.

If you decide to purchase a gift card for use in Walgreens, then it will be between $5 and $500. However, do bear in mind that the minimum value for the gift card does vary a little between states.

Does Walgreens Offer Corporate Gift Card Sales?

Yes. If you run a business, then Walgreens will offer corporate gift card sales. This will allow you to purchase gift cards in bulk that you will then be able to hand over to your employees.

The price of these cards will vary drastically, and a lot of it will be based on the size of your business and the number of gift cards that you are buying.

If you are looking to purchase gift cards for corporate purposes, then you will need to reach out to the Walgreens corporate sales team directly. You will not be able to do so in-store.

Can You Buy Walgreens Gift Cards Online?

You can purchase Walgreens gift cards online, however, you will not be able to purchase gift cards for any of the major brands online. At least, not unless you are planning to purchase gift cards in bulk for corporate purposes.

If you purchase Walgreens gift cards online, then you can buy a gift card from $5 to $500. You will be able to reload the balance at any time that you want, however, you will need to head to a Walgreens store to do this.

What Is The Returns Policy on Walgreens Gift Cards?

Generally speaking, Walgreens will not be able to issue refunds on gift cards purchased in their store. This is because they have absolutely no way to be able to check the balance on gift cards issued for other brands.

This means that, for all they know, they are going to be giving a refund on a gift card that has absolutely no value.

The one exception to this rule will be Walgreens gift cards. According to their policy, they will not be able to issue blanket refunds on Walgreens gift cards. However, they are able to issue cash refunds when the balance falls below a certain amount.

This will vary based upon state. For example, in California, a cash refund can be given if the balance is below $10. In Washington, it can be issued if it falls below $5, and in Rhode Island only if it falls below $1.

You can ask the Walgreens team at any time about your remaining gift card balance. They will be more than happy to help.

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Can You Top Up Walgreens Gift Cards?

¨You are not able to top up gift cards for cards issued to non-Walgreens companies. However, you are able to top up Walgreens gift cards whenever you want.

However, you must do so in increments of $5. The gift card balance is never able to go above $500, although there may be exceptions to this rule if the gift card is a corporate purchase.

Final Word 

Walgreens sells gift cards for over 150 different brands. You may not be able to find them all in your selected Walgreens store, though.

Of course, Walgreens sells gift cards for their company too. These are available in all stores and you can choose any value that you want between $5 and $500.



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