Does Hannaford Sell Amazon Gift Cards (Best Tips Explained!)

Does Hannaford Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Have you ever asked yourself If Hannaford sells Amazon gift cards? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Hannaford is a leading grocery store chain in the northeastern United States; founded in 1883, Hannaford operates over 180 stores in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York. The company is known for its fresh, quality products and competitive prices.

So, does Hannaford sell Amazon gift cards? No, Hannaford grocery stores do not currently sell Amazon gift cards at any of their retail locations. However, you do have the option of buying a few other brand gift cards or a Hannaford gift card in-store.

Unfortunately, if the gift card you are looking for is an Amazon one, you will not be able to pick one up while out shopping for your groceries. For more information, on Hannaford stores, the products they sell, and how you can get Amazon gift cards, continue reading.

Does Hannaford Sell Amazon Gift Cards

At this time, Hannaford does not carry Amazon gift cards in most of its stores. While options may vary depending on the location, many of these grocery stores only care about a handful of retailer gift cards, and they typically include brands such as,

  • Starbucks
  • Old Navy
  • Best Buy
  • Chilis
  • Bed Bath and Beyond

The company only recently started to sell other retailers gift cards because there was an uptick in requests for them, mainly during the holiday season.

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What Types of Payments are Accepted When Purchasing Gift Cards at Hannaford?

Hannaford grocery stores accept all of the typical forms of payment accepted by most retailers in the US, including:

  • Master Cards
  • Visa Cards
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • Hannaford gift cards

You can use all the payments listed above to purchase a gift card except for the Hannaford gift cards. Like most other retailers, you can not use one brand’s gift card to purchase another.

Does Hannaford Have their own Gift Cards?

Whether you are buying a gift card for a family member, or friend, or to give as a gift, you can easily purchase a Hannaford gift card from any of their brick-and-mortar locations or their online website.

Online you have the opportunity to purchase eGift Cards or Physical gift cards. The eGift cards can be personalized and contain a message to the recipient and be scheduled to send at a future date. You can add as much money as you want to these cards depending on the occasion.

If you would rather buy a physical gift card to Hannaford, you can also purchase these online. You can have a message sent with the card, and the amount put on the card can be a set limit, including $25, $50, $75, $100, $250, and $500.

You also have the option to choose the balance you want the card to have with a minimum requirement of $5 and a maximum allowed of $500.

In stores, you can choose from a variety of gift card options with assorted styles and themes and pre-determined denominations.

Does Amazon Sell Hannaford Gift Cards?

While Amazon does sell a few popular grocery store gift cards, such as whole Foods, Safe Way, and Albertsons, they do not currently carry Hannaford’s. The only place you can obtain a Hannaford gift card is from the grocery store itself and third-party sellers.

How Can You Exchange a Hannaford Gift Card for An Amazon Gift Card?

Do you have a Hannaford gift card you do not plan on using anytime soon and would much rather have a gift card to another store such as Amazon? If so, you can always consider trading your gift card in for another one on a gift card trading site.

Can You return an Unused Hannaford Gift Card to the Store for Cash?

You can not trade in or return a Hannaford gift card to the store for cash or in exchange for another gift card.

Once purchased, the Hannaford gift card must be used to buy products and services from their stores or online website.

What Can You Buy with a Hannaford Gift card?

Hannaford gift cards are available for purchases on any products sold at the Hannaford store and online. You can not purchase money transfer services or money orders, and some gift cards also restrict the purchase of tobacco and alcohol purchases.

Hannaford is a supermarket grocery store so the majority of products available are food, health care, and beauty supplies.

How Can you Check Your Balance on Hannaford Gift Cards?

If you have a Hannaford card laying around and are unsure of the balanced, you can easily check the amount on it by logging onto their website and clicking the check balance option. On this site, you can also add funds to your gift card and find information regarding rewards points, digital coupons, and more.

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Can Amazon Gift Cards be Used to Purchase Items at

No, not only can you not purchase Amazon gift cards from this store, but there is also no way to use one store brand gift card to buy products from another. Amazon gift cards can only be redeemed through the Amazon website.

The same thing applies to Hannaford gift cards, these gift cards are only good for buying products through Hannaford stores and online shops.

How do You Use a Hannaford eGift Card?

You use a Hannaford eGift card similar to the way you would use a basic plastic card. If you want to use it in-store, you bring the printed gift card shopping with you, then have the cashier scan it when you are ready to pay.

If you are using the eGift card online, you will click on the gift card option in the shopping cart, where the payment will automatically be taken off the gift card balance.

In both situations, whatever balance is remaining on the bill after the gift card amount is deducted, must be covered with another form of payment before the transaction is complete.

If you have more than enough, you will keep your gift card to use the remaining balance on your next purchase.

Summing Things Up

While Hannaford stores are a great option for getting your groceries, daily essentials, pet food, and more; it isn’t the ideal location to go when you are looking for a gift card, unless you want a Hannaford gift card.

This supermarket chain sells very few outside retailer gift cards and Amazon is not one of them.

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