Does Giant Eagle Sell Amazon Gift Cards (Where To Find Them + More)

Does Giant Eagle sell Amazon gift cards

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Giant Eagle sells Amazon gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Giant Eagle is considered one of the largest supermarket chains and operates under a number of banners in many states throughout the US. Stores offer a wide range of products including everything from everyday grocery items, ready-cooked foods, pharmacy items, and snacks to petrol. 

So, does Giant Eagle sell Amazon gift cards? Yes, Giant Eagle sells a range of physical Amazon Gift Cards in many of its stores throughout the US. The gift cards can be used at online store and can be loaded with any denomination between $5 and $500. Giant Eagle does not offer Amazon Gift Cards online. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Giant Eagle family of stores and discover what kind of Amazon gift cards they sell and how to purchase one. 

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Who is Giant Eagle? 

Founded in 1918 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Giant Eagle is a large supermarket chain in the US with stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana.

The business has its headquarters in the Pittsburgh suburb of O’Hara Township and employs around 37,000 people throughout the US. 

Giant Eagle operates under a number of banners. As of 2021, Giant Eagle had around 474 store locations, including 216 supermarkets under the Giant Eagle, Market District, Market District Express, and Giant Eagle Express banners, 202 GetGo convenience stores of fuel stations, and 56 Ricker’s stores. 

Giant Eagle store count and locations:

  • 99 stores in Pennsylvania
  • 122 stores in Ohio
  • 2 stores in Morgantown, West Virginia
  • 2 stores in Frederick, Maryland
  • 1 store in Carmel, Indiana

Each store offers a wide range of products to its customers and carries between 22,000 and 60,000 items, approximately 5,000 of which are Giant Eagle branded products.

Giant Eagle offers more than two dozen departments across its stores. The range of services includes Redbox video terminals, dry cleaning, in-store daycare, and pharmacies.

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Giant Eagle history and expansion

Giant Eagle started off in western Pennsylvania and in the 1980s it acquired Ohio-based Valu-King, a supermarket chain prominent in the area at the time.

In 2006, Giant Eagle purchased 18 of the New York-based Tops stores and became a prominent supermarket chain in the Northeast Ohio area.

Capitalizing on the fall of the former Big Bear supermarket chain, Giant Eagle purchased a number of Big Bear stores allowing it to expand its footprint in the Greater Columbus area. 

In 2018, Giant Eagle announced it would purchase the Ricker’s convenience store chain in Indiana. The deal included the sale of 56 Ricker’s branded convenience stores along with the acquisition of Ricker Oil’s wholesale fuels distribution business that had approximately 80 branded supply accounts located in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. 

Giant Eagle gift cards

Giant Eagle sells a wide range of home-branded and specialty retailer gift cards. Gift cards are available in-store in physical card format or many gift cards are available online from the ‘Gift Cards Gallery’ found at

Giant Eagle gift cards

Giant Eagle gift cards are available in all of the Giant Eagle family of stores and are also available online.

Gift cards are offered in a range of colorful designs and can be loaded with any denomination between $5 and $500. 

All Giant Eagle gift cards are valid for use at any of the Giant Eagle, Giant Eagle Express® stores, Market District stores, or GetGo Cafe + Market stores. 

Giant Eagle eGift cards

Giant Eagle eGift cards are also available for purchase online through the Giant Eagle Gift Cards Gallery.

Customers can choose from a range of bright designs and these e-cards can be loaded with any amount between $5 and $500. 

Amazon gift cards

For a brief period between 2019 and 2020, it is reported that Giant Eagle stopped selling Amazon Gift cards.

A Giant Eagle spokesperson said that Amazon was behind the decision to discontinue its Amazon gift card sales in all of the Giant Eagle locations.

It was discovered that many customers were taking advantage of earning Fuelperks credit points when buying Amazon Gift cards and using them for their own purchases.

If you don’t know what Fuelperks is we have more on this soon.   

Giant Eagle reintroduces Amazon Gift cards

After a brief hiatus from sales, many Giant Eagle stores across the country now sell physical Amazon Gift Cards in-store. 

With the reintroduction of Amazon gift cards to Giant Eagle store shelves, there is one notable change.

Fuelperks! have been limited to half the amount of points earned compared to other gift vouchers available at Giant Eagle stores. 

How to buy Amazon gift cards

While Giant Eagle management has curbed the enthusiasm for redeeming fuel points with Amazon gift card purchases, it is still possible to buy a range of Amazon gift cards at many of their stores. 

Physical Amazon gift cards are available in-store only and the designs of gift cards available will vary from store to store.

Amazon gift cards can normally be purchased in amounts of $25, $30, $50, and $100. 

What is ‘Fuelperks!’ at Giant Eagle?

Fuelperks is an incentive program designed to entice and reward customers. ​​

The original ‘Fuelperks!’ program allowed customers to earn 10-20 cents off every gallon of petrol when they spent $50 dollars on valid items and purchases, which included the purchase of Amazon Gift Cards.

In 2017, Giant Eagle launched fuelperks+, which built upon the former Fuelperks program. With the new program, you can get one perk per dollar you spend at a Giant Eagle store, GetGo store, or at Market District-branded shops.

The perk includes the purchase of Amazon Gift Cards and other specialty gift cards. 

Once you have 50 perks, you can choose a reward scheme and either get a discount on groceries or on gas for your vehicle. 


Amazon gift cards are the perfect choice when you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply say thanks to a friend, loved one, or colleague.

They’re easy to purchase at many of the participating Giant Eagle stores and can be used to buy items across a range of millions of products on the website.

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