Does Food Lion Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (Best Tips Explained!)

Does Food Lion Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Have you ever asked yourself if Food Lion sells Amazon gift cards?

It’s inconvenient when you have to go from one store to the next to find everything you’re looking for while you’re out. Food Lion offers groceries, household items, beauty items, flowers and plants, and gift cards.

So, does Food Lion sell Amazon gift cards? Yes, Food Lion, like so many other retailers, sells Amazon gift cards in their stores. You can purchase a pre-loaded gift card that has from $15 to $100 on it. Some stores may also offer multi-packs that come with three $10 gift cards. Food Lion makes a percentage profit from each Amazon gift card sold in their stores.

The company strives to make shopping convenient for its customers. Read more to find out why Food Lion sells Amazon gift cards in their stores.

Why Does Food Lion Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Grocery stores that sell third-party gift cards do it because it’s good business. They strike a deal with those third parties that allows them a percentage profit for every gift card sold. Food Lion gives up some floor space to stock gift cards in return for a fee.

What’s great about selling gift cards for a third party is it doesn’t require sacrificing a lot of space. Food Lion can stock hundreds or thousands of gift cards while only devoting about 25 square feet of space to the rack. 

The other piece of this is to get shoppers in the door. Generally, customers at grocery stores come in to buy groceries.

However, if you offer other types of products, you may bring in a whole other customer base.

Once someone walks in the doors to buy a gift card, they’ll likely see more items they want to purchase. They’ll either buy them right then or come back on another trip.

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Does Food Lion Charge a Fee on Top of the Amazon Gift Card Amount?

Food Lion does not charge any additional fees to customers who purchase an Amazon gift card. If you come in to purchase a $50 Amazon gift card at Food Lion, they charge you $50. You don’t even pay tax on that amount. 

Gift cards are not taxable. This is because the purchases made with the gift cards are taxed. Taxing gift card sales and then taxing purchases made with those gift cards would be double taxation. 

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

You can buy an Amazon gift card and it won’t ever expire. There is no time frame they have to be used. There are no fees that reduce your balance.

You can use the gift card immediately after you receive it or years down the road. It will maintain its balance until you’re ready to spend it.

Can I Use an Amazon Gift Card to Purchase Items at Food Lion?

You cannot use an Amazon card to buy things from Food Lion. Food Lion accepts its own gift cards and any with the major credit card logos on them, however, Amazon gift cards are not an acceptable form of payment. 

Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards?

You can pay for your Amazon Prime membership with these gift cards. You can also purchase items from the website and app. 

Readers can use an Amazon gift card to pay for Kindle books. Streamers can pay for videos and movies on Prime. You can pay for your Amazon Music subscription, as well.

Amazon has a few brick-and-mortar location stores in limited cities, now. The gift cards are accepted in all of them. If you come across an Amazon 4-Star, Amazon Go, or Amazon Books, they all accept Amazon gift cards. 

There are a few online retailers you may not be aware of that accept Amazon’s cards, too. Some of them include:


Does Amazon Sell Food Lion Gift Cards?

Amazon offers a wide variety of gift cards for sale through its app. Food Lion gift cards are not available on Amazon, though. 

Food Lion gift cards are sold by the grocery chain in customized denominations for the customer to decide on. It wouldn’t make sense for Amazon to carry them.

What Other Brands of Gift Cards Does Food Lion Sell?

Food Lion locations sell a variety of third-party gift cards. They stock nearly 50 brands in some locations. Here’s a list of some of the most popular gift cards offered at Food Lion:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • The Home Depot
  • Domino’s
  • Lowes
  • Olive Garden
  • Old Navy
  • Roblox
  • Starbucks
  • Xbox

These are some of the most popular, but there are plenty more.

How Many Gift Cards Are Sold Each Year?

Gift card sales soar every year. In 2020, this industry reached a global market worth of almost $300 billion. In 2021, the United States gift card market reached close to $180 billion all on its own.

While there were decreases in the restaurant gift card sales over this same time period, the rest of the market generally saw increases.

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Are Amazon Gift Cards Good Gifts?

An Amazon gift card makes a great gift for many kinds of people. There are more than 12 million items sold on Amazon.

What’s more, those are just Amazon products. If you add in all the products sold by Marketplace sellers on Amazon, the number jumps to 350 million. 

Most people can find something they like with 350 million choices. Also, gift cards allow people to shop guilt-free. They can make purchases without spending cash or putting the cost on a credit card. 

Wrap Up

You can buy Amazon gift cards in various denominations at Food Lion stores. You won’t pay anything extra to purchase one from the grocery store and you can simply pick one up on your normal grocery run, too.

Amazon gift cards are versatile gifts you can give to almost anyone.

Recipients can purchase items on the Amazon app, visit an Amazon physical location to buy something, pay for Kindle books, or use them to stream all the videos and music they want. 

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