Does Amazon Sell Itunes Gift Cards (Best Tips Explained!)

Does Amazon Sell Itunes Gift Cards

Have you ever asked yourself if Amazon sells Itunes gift cards? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

However, if you are looking to pick up an iTunes gift card specifically, we can provide you with other places to look. 

So, does Amazon sell iTunes gift cards? No, Amazon does not sell iTunes gift cards any longer, but they sell Apple gift cards that can be used to purchase iTunes from the Apple store. 

Does Amazon Sell Itunes Gift Cards

It seems as though Apple sells two different types of gift cards for Apple users. Both cards are good for purchasing iTunes; the difference is iTunes gift cards can only be used for iTunes services, whereas Apple gift cards can be used for anything Apple-related. 

This is good news for those who like buying everything on Amazon’s website. It makes picking up a gift card for your iTunes-loving family and friends without searching around for that specific gift card. 

You might see online in certain places that Amazon does or did carry iTunes, and that is because previously, this was an option.; unfortunately, Amazon stopped selling these cards, and their sites say they are unavailable, and they are not sure if or when they will be coming back in stock. 

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What Types of Payments Can be Used on Apple to Purchase Gift Cards?

If you choose to forego your iTunes card and decide it would be okay to grab an Apple one instead, you can checkout with various payment methods, including bank-issued debit/credit cards, Mastercard, Visa, Amazon Pay, and gift cards. 

Typically, gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards, but in this case, it is not a problem. If you have an Amazon gift card and are interested in purchasing an Apple card with it, you can do that. 

Where Can You Purchase iTunes Gift Cards?

If you are set on buying an iTunes gift card, and an Apple one won’t do, you can find an actual iTunes gift card from, eBay, Poshmark, or other online retailers, typically third-party sites.

If you want to grab a physical iTunes gift card, the best place to visit is an official Apple store, as the majority of other retailers have switched to selling only Apple gift cards. 

What Can You Spend Your iTunes Gift Card on?

As mentioned above, you can not use an iTunes gift card to buy all things Apple; these gift cards go directly to the purchase of virtual services, which include but are not limited to music, movies, videos, etc. These can be ideal gifts for someone who is looking to expand their music library or their e-reader library. 

iTunes gift cards come in an array of denominations and designs depending on where you purchase them, starting at $15 up to $100, with themes from Christmas to birthdays and more.

Can You Return an Unwanted Gift Card to Amazon?

Like most retailers, once you purchase a gift card, the sale is final, and there are no returns or exchanges allowed. The only way to get around this rule is if there is an issue with the card balance.

If you purchase a gift card on the Amazon website, but the code doesn’t work, or the amount does not match up to how much you paid, you can contact Amazon directly to have the issue resolved.

Can You Use an Apple Gift Card to Purchase Apple Products on Amazon?

Although Amazon does sell a long list of Apple products, you can not use an Apple gift card to purchase them. If you are using an Apple gift card for physical items sold by the company, you can only redeem them through the Apple website or at official Apple stores. 

How Do You Use an iTunes Gift Card?

An iTunes gift card will only work on iTunes, so the first step is logging into your iTunes account. Next, you have to select the account tab from the menu bar and enter the code on the physical card or e-gift card into the space provided.

Finally, you click the submit button for the funds to be added to your account.

When you find a digital service you are interested in purchasing, the money will already be in your Apple account and ready to be used on whatever you want. 

It is crucial you look at the card you are using to ensure it says iTunes and isn’t for Apple products and devices only. If your card has this written on it, it can not be used in your iTunes account.

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What Can You do With an Unwanted iTunes Card?

If you received an iTunes card from a friend or family member at some point but have no interest in using it, or you don’t have an iTunes account, there are easy ways to get rid of them while getting something back in return.

Now, we already said you cannot return or exchange an iTunes gift card or any gift cards for that matter; however, you can visit exchange websites, sell your gift card, or find a local gift card exchange Kiosk. 

One of the best ways to get rid of an iTunes gift card is by visiting an exchange website; here, you can find someone looking for an iTunes card that is willing to exchange it from a gift card they have to another retailer or vice versa. 

You can also sell your unwanted gift cards on sites like eBay or use a Kiosk that takes gift cards like cell phone kiosks. However, both of these options will not offer you the exact amount of money the car is worth. Typically, you will get about 80-90% of the balance. 

Summing Things Up

It seems like iTunes gift cards may no longer be as popular as they once were and are no longer available to be purchased on Amazon. However, if you are looking for a gift card to buy iTunes services with, you can easily grab an Apple gift card from the Amazon website, which will give you that option. 

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