Does Big Lots Sell Cigarettes (All You Need To Know)

Does Big Lots Sell Cigarettes

Many major chain retailers sell cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other forms of tobacco. One retailer you may be interested in learning about is Big Lots.

So, does Big Lots sell cigarettes? No. Big Lots does not sell cigarettes or other tobacco products. You will need to visit another retailer or shop if you are in need of cigarettes, but Big Lots sells practically everything else you could need.

To learn more about why Big Lots does not sell cigarettes, what they do sell, and who does sell cigarettes, keep reading.

Does Big Lots Sell Cigarettes?

Big Lots sells a wide range of products, but one product that is notably absent from their lineup is cigarettes.

Big Lots does not sell any cigarettes, nor are they looking to do so in the future. Big Lots does not sell any tobacco products, including cigarettes, vapes, or chewing tobacco.

As such, you will have to visit a different retailer if you are looking for cigarettes. Big Lots simply does not carry these products in their lineup. Alongside Big Lots, CVS and Target do not sell cigarettes either.

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What Stores Sell Cigarettes?

Since Big Lots does not carry cigarettes, you will have to purchase the products elsewhere. Even though Big Lots does not sell cigarettes, many other large retailers do.

Here’s a list of the biggest stores that sell cigarettes in 2022.


Walmart is a popular destination for buying cigarettes. They sell a variety of cigarettes and tobacco products. Not all aisles carry cigarettes.

The aisles located in the middle of the store are normally where the cigarettes and tobacco products are sold.


Unlike CVS, Walgreens sells some cigarettes and chewing tobacco. You will purchase the tobacco products whenever you’re checking out at main registers at the front of the store.

The pharmacy, picture, and beauty counter’s do not store cigarettes.

Dollar General

Dollar General sells cigarettes and other tobacco products at their registers. Because Dollar General typically only has one register, you will be able to purchase the cigarettes at any of the open registers.


Costco sells a large collection of tobacco products, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and vape products. The tobacco products are not sold at their registers. Instead, you will have to go back to the tobacco section of the store in order to check out.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club sells tobacco much like Costco. The setup is similar as well. You will have to locate the tobacco section of the store and purchase the products there.

Rite Aid

The last store we’re going to focus on is Rite Aid. Rite Aid currently sells tobacco products, but Rite Aid is looking to merge with Walgreens soon.

At that point, the Rite Aid locations may turn into Walgreen locations.

Other Stores

Some other stores that sell cigarettes include:

What Does Big Lots Sell?

Even though Big Lots does not sell cigarettes, the store sells a variety of products that make it well worth your dollar. Here is a look at some of the most popular products Big Lots sells:


Big Lots is a favorite destination for furniture. They provide a number of great deals on sofas, sectionals, recliners, office items, bookcases, and more.

Many of these items are at a discount to allow individuals to get great furniture for a steal.

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Mattresses, Bed, and Bath  

In addition to traditional furniture, Big Lots also sells mattresses, bedding, and bathroom accessories. Practically anything you would need to décorate your bed and bathroom are provided at Big Lots.

Home Storage

You can even organize your home using products purchased at Big Lots. The store sells a variety of home storage options, including closet storage, wall storage, cube storage, cart storage, and more.

There are even storage options for individual rooms, such as kids’ storage, bathroom storage, or kitchen storage.

Home Décor

Don’t just organize your home, make it look cute and welcoming with Big Lots home décor. Big Lots offers practically everything you could want in the décor department.

There are many accessories, rugs, blankets, clocks, lamps, and anything else you could want for basic décor.

Garden Items

Big Lots doesn’t just provide options for the inside of your home. It also offers garden and patio items, such as outside furniture, lawn care tools, grilling accessories, and more.


Many people don’t realize that Big Lots offers some basic grocery items. Although Big Lots doesn’t have as many options as traditional grocery stores, they have many packaged items, including canned goods, baking essentials, desserts, and beverages.


You can keep your children entertained with products purchased from Big Lots. There are plenty of toys, and they are easily categorized by age and brand.

You can find dolls, action figures, electronics, stuffed animals, and practically all other popular toys at Big Lots.

Clothing and Accessories

Big Lots might not be the fashion company of the world, but it provides comfortable, basic clothing on a budget. You can find clothing for you, your spouse, and your children.

They also sell shoes and accessories to ensure you are dressed from head to toe.

Household Essentials

Lastly, Big Lots offers household essentials, such as cleaning items, laundry items, school supplies, household supplies, and small appliances.

These household essentials will keep your home running smoothly. Often, household essentials are sold at a discount so you can save some money on items you need daily.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Big Lots does not sell cigarettes. If you need to buy cigarettes, you will have to go to another store, such as Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, or local gas stations.

Avoid stores like Big Lots, Target, and CVS because they do not provide cigarettes or other tobacco products.

Even though Big Lots does not sell cigarettes, they offer many other products, ranging from outdoor décor to everyday household essentials.

In other words, Big Lots has practically everything you could need to keep your home running, with the exception of cigarettes.



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