Does Big Lots Sell Mattresses? (Are They Good? Types + More)

Does Big Lots Sell Mattresses

Do you know if Big Lots sells mattresses? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Big Lots sells a range of mattresses for a variety of prices and in a range of different types and styles. Currently, Big Lots offers mattresses from two popular mattress brands, Serta and Sealy. Big Lots mattresses retail for upwards of $95, with the store offering both budget-friendly options as well as more luxury purchases.

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about Big Lots’ mattresses, from quality and types to reviews and prices.

Does Big Lots sell mattresses?

Big Lots currently sells a range of mattresses. The store offers both budget-friendly, basic options and more high-end, specialist mattresses which retail upward of $100 and can be purchased both online for delivery and in store. At the higher end, Big Lots mattresses can retail for just under $2000.

Big Lots does not offer a wide range of mattress brands, selling only Serta and Sealy-branded mattresses.

Fortunately, these mattress brands are two well-known and popular options. Customers also have the choice to purchase a mattress alone or alongside a box spring.

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Are Big Lots mattresses good?

Big Lots mattresses are typically considered to be good mattresses, especially when considering how affordable they usually are.

Customers of Big Lots mattresses are generally pleased with their purchases, particularly the price they retail for and the comfort they provide.

One downside to mattresses from Big Lots was found to be durability, which many customers have found is not long-lasting.

After the first few months, Big Lots mattresses were found to be less comfortable and were quicker to sag than other mattresses. However, this is likely to depend on the specific mattress you purchase.

What types of mattresses do Big Lots sell?

Big Lots categorizes its mattresses by both type and size, meaning customers can shop for a mattress to suit both the type and size they need to meet their requirements.

Looking for the right type of mattress is something many people turn to when initially choosing a mattress. The mattress types currently sold by Big Lots are:

  • Memory foam,
  • Hybrid,
  • Inner spring,
  • Mattress in a box.

As well as choosing the type of mattress they are looking for, customers at Big Lots can also choose the right size mattress for their needs.

Currently, Big Lots offers a number of mattress sizes, ranging in both overall size and specific measurements.

The mattress sizes offered by Big Lots are:

  • Twin (39” x 75”),
  • Twin XL (39” x 80”),
  • Full (54” x 75”),
  • Queen (60” x 80”),
  • King (76” x 80”),
  • California King (72” x 84”).

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Do Big Lots mattresses get good reviews?

Big Lots mattresses typically get good reviews from customers. Many customers found that the options of mattresses offered by Big Lots was suitable to satisfy different needs and requirements, particularly when it came to comfort and affordability.

The selection of mattresses offered by Big Lots is often commented on in reviews.

Customers looking for the right mattress to purchase were found to be most concerned with initial comfort levels and the amount of support offered.

In many of the reviews of Big Lots’ mattresses, their selection was considered to offer a wide range of options suitable for providing the comfort and support customers were looking for.

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How much do Big Lots mattresses sell for?

Big Lots mattresses typically retail for between $95.00 and $2749.99. At the lower end of this price point, Big Lots offers basic, budget-friendly options which are usually smaller, twin frame mattresses.

At the more expensive end, you will find larger, more specialist mattresses which are typically King-sized. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, look out for the regular sales and deals Big Lots holds.

Do Big Lots offer shipping on mattresses?

Under their Big! Delivery scheme, Big Lots will ship your mattress to you, for a flat delivery rate of $149. This scheme is specifically used to ship big items like mattresses and furniture and can only be used online.

Although this option may seem expensive, it might be a suitable option for anyone who requires their mattress to be delivered to them.

Can you return a mattress to Big Lots?

Big Lots allows the return of mattresses at any point within thirty days of purchase, as long as the mattress is in its original condition and meets the terms of return.

Mattresses returned within thirty days can either be refunded or exchanged, depending on how you purchased the mattress and your reason for making the return.

Mattresses can either be returned to Big Lots by going in store and requesting to make your return.

You will need to provide some form of proof of purchase, so remember to take the receipt along with you when making your return. Alternatively, you can also arrange your return online and mail it back to Big Lots.

Do Big Lots offer a trial period on mattresses?

Big Lots does not offer a specific trial period for their mattresses, aside from the thirty days customers automatically get for Big Lots’ return policy.

It’s worth remembering that you are able to return a mattress that you don’t like or that doesn’t suit your needs, so long as it is in good condition when you make the return.

Can you get protection for your mattress?

When you purchase a mattress from Big Lots, you should be offered the chance to protect your purchase with an Allstate 5 Year Protection Plan.

The Plan costs an extra $49.99 on top of the cost of your mattress and features:

  • Cover for accidental stains,
  • No deductibles,
  • A cancellation policy means you can cancel at any point,
  • Mattress protector included. 

Below you can find 3 of the best Non Fiberglass mattresses out there:

Best Budget Option (Non Fiberglass)
Most Popular (Non Fiberglass)
Best Luxury (Non Fiberglass)
  • 100 Night sleep trial
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Best Budget Option (Non Fiberglass)
  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Breathable foam
  • Ecofriendly knit cover made from recyclable materials
Most Popular (Non Fiberglass)
  • Made in USA
  • Adaptive Foam Infused With Graphite And Memory Foam
  • Green Guard Gold & Certi-PUR US Certified
Best Luxury (Non Fiberglass)
  • Made in USA
  • 101 Night sleep trial
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Thoughtfully designed foams in every layer

Final Thoughts

Big Lots does sell mattresses, available for purchase both online and by going in store. Big Lots currently offers King, Queen, Full, and Twin-sized mattresses, available to buy alone or alongside box springs.

The store sells mattresses by two popular brands, Serta and Sealy, which are known for producing quality, budget-friendly mattresses.



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